My Brothers in a boy band?

what happens when 17 year old Sophie Horan finds out she was adopted and is now going off to live with her brother who she has never met?


1. WHAT!!1!!


Hi I am Sophie, I am seventeen and have been home schooled since kindergarten. I live in america with my adoption parents because  my parents couldn't take care of me and my twin brother who i still haven't met. My new parents are great though they treat me like one of their own, i even have an older sister named Cameron she is 18 and is my best friend. since I am home schooled i don't meet a lot of people so she has always been my best friend.

Sophie's POV

"Sophie, Cammy get down stairs we have some news." my mom shouted from down stairs. I quickly got my books together asuming she wanted to teach us something new. I ran down stairs and stopped when i reached the bottom realizing some one else was in the kitchen talking to my parents. I quickly put my books down and did my best to stay quiet and listen. "do you think she will like it on tour" I heard my mom say. I wonder who is going on tour. "oh she will love it" a deep british voice said  "Are you sure Paul? i mean there will be five boys and no girls" who is paul? I started to get closer so I could hear the conversation better, when I tripped on my sisters jacket that she left on the flour. I looked up to see a large man who must be Paul looking at me withe a smile while my parents looked at me wierdly knowing that I was eavesdropping. "Hello" i mumbled while i got up. "so who is going on this tour i hear of with these boys?" i ask wile walking over to where my parents are. "you are Soph" my dad said "WHAT! what tour?" i yelled "you are going on tour with your twin brother Niall, he is in a famous band and you get to go on tour with him cause he wants to meet you" my mom said. i sat there in shock that i was actully going to meet my brother and his friends. "when do i leave" i asked eagerly "tonight so you better get packing" paul said i quickly ran up the stairs throwing things in my suitcase. Tons of questions were going through my mind. Will he like me? is he nice? does he look like me? 

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