This is before One Direction is famous. Zayn Malik and Jackie Nilon are best friends. They both go to Tong High. Jackie is bullied and Zayn always sticks up for her but, when Zayn leaves to try out for X Factor what will happen?


8. True Love

Zayn's POV

I reached out for her hand but as soon as i grabbed her hand she pushed mine away. "I'm so sorry." I said. She just looked at me with sad eyes and walked away. As soon as I payed for the clothes I found her crying in my car. I hopped in and tried to apologize again. Jackie started to open her mouth but she closed it again. I hugged her and she tried to push away so I let go. I knew it was stupid but I love her. She is gorgeous and i hate to see her this way so I made the stupidest move possible at that moment. I kissed her.

Jackie's POV

I felt fireworks between us. I have always loved him I just don't wanna loose someone else. I'm just that person everyone gets rid of after a while and I don't want that to happen again. I love him. But, at the same time I know I can't

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