This is before One Direction is famous. Zayn Malik and Jackie Nilon are best friends. They both go to Tong High. Jackie is bullied and Zayn always sticks up for her but, when Zayn leaves to try out for X Factor what will happen?


4. Bored :/

Zayn's POV

Me: Wanna go to the diner around the corner?
Jackie: That place is expensive!
Me: True.
Jackie: Guess what?
Me: What?
Jackie: I passed my drivers test.
Me: It sucks that your older.
Jackie: Too bad!
Me: Ugh!
Jackie: I'm bored!
Me: You always are!
Jackie: True.
Me: Wanna go to the arcade?
Jackie: You read my mind.
Me: That was always your favorite thing to do.
Jackie: Still is.
Me: Or go-karting?
Jackie: Go-Karting!
Me: Good choice!
Jackie: Warning! I got mad skills!
Me: Well we will have to see about that.

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