This is before One Direction is famous. Zayn Malik and Jackie Nilon are best friends. They both go to Tong High. Jackie is bullied and Zayn always sticks up for her but, when Zayn leaves to try out for X Factor what will happen?


7. Beautiful Girl

Zayn's POV

She looked beautiful in everything she tried on. Except the guys clothes. I don't know why she likes guys clothes so much. They only look good on guys. She is such a beautiful girl she should be wearing beautiful clothing. Wait a minute am I falling in love with my best friend? After I got that thought out of my mind she came out with piles of clothes in her arms. I took it from her and paid for it all since she had only like 10 bucks. I was happy with paying for it though.

Jackie: Thank you Zayn.

Me: No problem. I had fun.

Jackie: When do we leave?

Me: Tomorrow at 4:00 in the morning.

Jackie: UGH!!

Me: I know right.

Jackie: Yea.

When we got back to my parents house they were wondering why Jackie was with me. I told them bits and pieces of the story. I could tell they knew I was holding back but, they didn't push me to tell. As soon as I got upstairs Jackie was knocked out in the guest room. I closed the door and left her alone for the rest of the night.

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