This is before One Direction is famous. Zayn Malik and Jackie Nilon are best friends. They both go to Tong High. Jackie is bullied and Zayn always sticks up for her but, when Zayn leaves to try out for X Factor what will happen?


6. Are you...

Jackie's POV

I got two White slices with pepperoni and Zayn got a plain slice.

Zayn: Why do you put a napkin on your pizza before you eat?

Me: Do you know how much grease is on pizza it's gross!!

Zayn: So know your on a diet?

Me: No!!!

I knew Zayn could tell something was wrong but, I know he wouldn't ask.

Zayn: Are you okay?

I shook my head.

Zayn: What is it?

Me: I'll tell you in your car.

He suprised me when he asked. He never did. Does he really actually like me? NO! I know he told me he did but I can't belive him.

We walked into the car.

Me: Do you really want to know what is bothering me?

He nodded his head.

Me: My dad has been drinking and abusing me. Last night he twisted my leg to the point where i thought it was going to break.

Zayn: Do you want to stay with me?

Me: But, what about my dad.

Zayn: A beautiful girl like you doesn't deserve to be hurt. Did I just say that out loud?

Me: Uh yea.

Zayn: So what do you say?

Me: Okay but, what about when you leave?

Zayn: Come with me?

Me: Is that allowed?

Zayn: Yea.

Me: What about clothes?

Zayn: Shopping spree!

He said it like a girl. I laughed for like ten minutes.

He pulled into the mall parking lot. We walked into all of the stores I likedd. Zayn picked out all the nice clothes while I went into the guys section and we met up near the dressing room.

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