Secret Love-Harry Styles

You are going to a public school in the UK. Little do you know Harry Styles from One Direction is going to the same school. You and you BFF Jenna are total Directioners! Harry doesn't think you should keep you love with each other a secret but..... You'll have to read the story! Hope you like it! If you like it I'll continue the story.

Please Read....
I'm thinking about making a One Direction series for Secret Love. Think it's a good idea? Please comment on my Story and let me know? Thankyou!


4. Love

       You wake up. "What time is it?" you quietly whisper to your self while looking at your alarm clock. You see Harry still laying on your floor. "HARRY!" You yell at him. He opens his eyes. "Whaaaattttt?" he asks whining, "Look at what time it is!" You shout. It was 6:20AM. He looks at the alarm clock. "soooooo?" he asks. "it is friday!" he adds. "and we have school Harry!" you yell. "come on (Y/N)! I don't want to go to school today!" he shouts. After a while of thinking you come to a conclusion. "Fine Harry. But I'm going to school!" you say. "No! (Y/N)! Please stay with me?" he asks.   "Fine!" you reply. You get up to get dressed. "(Y/N) I don't have any clothes." Harry says. "I guess you could wear my brothers... if you want." You reply. "Okay." Harry says. He gets up and stands right next to you. "What am I going to wear, What am I going to wear...." You ask yourself. "How about that!" Harry says while pointing at a purple t-shirt and blue skinny jeans. "Woah." You reply in amusement. You grab the clothes and go to the bathroom to change. You come out. "Woah! You see what happens when you let the Styles dress you!" Harry says. You blush and hide a smile. "Well it is the least I can expect when you have the word style in your name! Mr. Harry Styles!" You shout. "Mrs. (Y/N) Styles." Harry whispers quiet enough for you not to hear. Harry had put on the outfit you picked out of your brothers closet. "You don't look to bad yourself Harry." you say. "Well its the least I can expect. I mean I have the word style in my name for peets sake!" Harry says mocking you. "What ever Harry! What do you want to do?" you ask. "TRUTH OR DARE!" Harry shouts over excitedly. "Fine." You reply. "You go first." You add. "Okay! Truth or Dare (Y/N)?" He asks. "Truth!" You reply knowing you would have gotten a really crazy dare. "Grrr.. Fine! Hmmmm.... Do you like me? .... Like me like me?" he asks blushing. "hmmmm... I really have to think about that...." You reply teasing him. "ANSWER THE QUESTION!" he shouts. You pick up your pillow and hit him in the face with it. "Ahhhh!" he shouts. "Yeah I do!" You yell while he is yelling almost sure he couldn't hear you... but you were wrong. "Ohhhhwwww! You like the Styles!" Harry teases you. You can see a sparkle in his eyes that are almost erasistable. "Your turn!" You yell. "Truth or Dare?" you ask inching closer to him knowing he'll pick dare. "Dare!" He yells glaring at you. "Okay! Mwuahhaha!" You laugh. " I dare you to kiss me on the cheek!" You tell him. "Aww come on! Any thing but that!" He says knowing it'll annoy you. "A dare is a dare Harry! Your not chicken are you!?" You ask. " I'm not chicken!!" He yells. He leans in to kiss you on the cheek so you move your head to the side so he can only kiss your cheek. His hands still on the pillow. He hits it against your face. You both fall over. Your lips inches from each other. You lean in filling the gap. Your lips meet and you feel fire works. A complete tingling sensation flows over your body still kissing Harry. The kiss becomes more passionate and intense. After what seemed to be hours you both pull away from the kiss. "(Y/N) I think I love you." Harry says blushing. "I think I love you to Harry." you whisper. <3!! 

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