Secret Love-Harry Styles

You are going to a public school in the UK. Little do you know Harry Styles from One Direction is going to the same school. You and you BFF Jenna are total Directioners! Harry doesn't think you should keep you love with each other a secret but..... You'll have to read the story! Hope you like it! If you like it I'll continue the story.

Please Read....
I'm thinking about making a One Direction series for Secret Love. Think it's a good idea? Please comment on my Story and let me know? Thankyou!


5. Just a d-d-d......

Authors Note! HEY GUYS ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?! Haha you better be because I am not going to re-write this chappy!! lLOL hope you like it!!!



              All of a sudden you hear a loud 'BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP'. |Wahhh?? Wheres Harry??| The memories come flashing back to you... you told him you thought you loved him and he said the same also! |Wait?? Why am I sleeping? Wheres harry? What time is it? What day is it??| You Look at the clock to see that it is 5:30 AM and then to the calender to see that it is Friday morning...| WAIT ITS FRIDAY  MORNING?? WHAT.. This was all jusst... just... a.. d-d-dreamm??| You get up and get dressed in a floral dress that comes down knee-length. |So Harry didn't really tell me he loved me? I didn't tell him I loved him either?| You look over to find a note taped to the side of the bed. It read... 

Good Morning (Y/N),

    You fell asleep and it was late so I decided to finish the project on my that okay because I know how OCDDDDD you can get!  Here is my number  --- 847-537-****

TEXT ME! See you in school

,Sincerly, Cordelly Yours, From,  Love, By, Yours Trully....HAZZAHH!!

I laugh at him not knowing what to close with.  Weelll!!! Its time for another day of....DUN DUN DUNNN Public School!!!!!! You take out your phone... 

To Jenna-from (Y/N): Hey babe! Ride to school?! Thanxxx!!!!! <3 (Y/N) xx

To (Y/N)-From Jenna: Why would you even ask sweetems!!!??? LOL! Oh and BTW I heard you got partnered with Harry Styles!!! Like seriously are you not fan gurling righ now????!!! BTW What should I wear? <3 Jenna xx 

To Jenna-From (Y/N): Whatever Gurrllll!! And yeahh I did get pared with Harry!!! Like tots amaz! But...I really don't fan-gurl! Like thats so last yearr! LOL JK I do totes fangurl but I mostly do it in my mind!!! Like I don't want to be one of those crazy fans who go up and screem in his face!!! OH YEAH AND DID I FORGET.........READY.......READY??........WAIT FOR IT....WAIT FOR IT........HE.....GAVE.....ME....HIS......



N    U   M    B    E    R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Totes amaz!!! emma right??!! Yep Im right!!!! So You should totes wear that cute new Pink skirt and white long sleeve shirt! Oh and that new cute Kitty Cat belt! With those dangally heart earings and the love necklace and all the bracelets you have!! Ohhh...and those totes hot new black wedges we got at the mall! Ohh and wear your hair with your hair down and bangs pulled back over the middle of your head over your part.......ummmm......and do your makeup like cas! (casual) Oh yeah and Black nail pol (Polish) with those big glitter peaces in them....and.....youll be amazing!!!! <3 (Y/N) xx

To (Y/N)-From Jenna: OMG THATS TOTES PERF! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! And that is why I always askk you for fashion advice! Like your like the fashion goddess but be sure to not like ...remember to calm yourself before you make everyone as stylish as you and me! LOL! But thank you so much!! And Ill be at your house in 10. <3 Jenna xx



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