Secret Love-Harry Styles

You are going to a public school in the UK. Little do you know Harry Styles from One Direction is going to the same school. You and you BFF Jenna are total Directioners! Harry doesn't think you should keep you love with each other a secret but..... You'll have to read the story! Hope you like it! If you like it I'll continue the story.

Please Read....
I'm thinking about making a One Direction series for Secret Love. Think it's a good idea? Please comment on my Story and let me know? Thankyou!


3. Harry Styles is my Partner!!!

Your sitting on your bed thinking about your project and how your partner is one of the most famous people in the world right now. The suddenly you hear a knock on your window and you almost jumped out of your skin.

       "eekk!" You shriek . You walk up to your window and to your surprise it is Harry Styles! OMG OMG OMG Harry Styles is at my window!! OMG OMG Jenna is going to freak! 

It suddenly accurs to your that you haven't opened the window yet. You open the window and Harry comes into your room. "What are you doing here Harry!?" You shout, "I thought we could work on our project." He replies "why didn't you just come in through the door?!" you yell in amusement, "well if I did that wouldn't make me much of a bad boy would it?" he replies "I never thought of you as the "bad boy" type" you say "well are we going to work on the project or not?" he asks "only if next time you use the door!" You yell annoyed   

.    .    .  

Later on when your working on the project " (Y/N) I think we should put the information on the right side of the poster." Harry says as he smirks, he knows you are controlling and are a little O.C.D "NoNoNo! If that goes there then we will have no room to put the picture!!!" You almost scream "alright love, calm down." he says in a calming tone. "gees Harry who made you a psychiatrist?" you ask in sarcasm " actually I got my PHD in 1943 when I was in Jerrles Collage of Psychiatric Problems..." he says hiding a laugh 

You both laugh for a while. You look at the clock it is 10:03 PM "Oh My God, Look at the time!" you look at Harry and he is very deep into sleep on your bed. Oh god Harry, why do you have to be so perfect. You tell him to get out of your bed and he rolls right of the edge as you scoot in. You feel the warmth of the bed where his body was and smirk. 



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