Secret Love-Harry Styles

You are going to a public school in the UK. Little do you know Harry Styles from One Direction is going to the same school. You and you BFF Jenna are total Directioners! Harry doesn't think you should keep you love with each other a secret but..... You'll have to read the story! Hope you like it! If you like it I'll continue the story.

Please Read....
I'm thinking about making a One Direction series for Secret Love. Think it's a good idea? Please comment on my Story and let me know? Thankyou!


2. Harry Styles at my school!?



                   You are walking to your first class when you see what looks like the whole school crowding around someone. You manage to lock eyes with them.

"Oh my god..." You whisper "what ___?" "Harry Styles?" you tell Jenna in a questioning and informing tone. Harry sees you staring at him, you quickly look away. "Time to go to class" you say to yourself. You look at your schedule my next class is english. You go to the English room. You see Harry Styles sitting in the back row with an empty seat next to him. That is the only empty seat left.  You realize your just standing in the door way to English with everybody staring at you. "____ are you going to take a seat?" Mr. Sighner asks. "Yeah" You reply with a little trace of fan girling in your voice. You sit next to Harry. "whats up babe?" Harry whispers to you knowing it would make you fan girl but you resist knowing it would bug him "nothing babe, whats up with you?" You reply in a sarcastic tone. He smirks liking the fact that you don't fan girl around him. "okay class so this is the first day so I am having everyone partner up for a project so I can see who works good to gether." Mr. Sighner says to the class. The class replies in a low moan followed by Mr. Sighner "and I will be picking the partners." Most of the class sighs used to the teachers form of cruelty. He starts to call of partners "Garet and Bethonie, Jessica and Robert, ____ (your full name) and Harold." I hope you will work well with your partners" He adds.  

Later at home

Your sitting on your bed thinking about your project and how your partner is one of the most famous people in the world right now.  Then suddenly ......

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