Secret Love-Harry Styles

You are going to a public school in the UK. Little do you know Harry Styles from One Direction is going to the same school. You and you BFF Jenna are total Directioners! Harry doesn't think you should keep you love with each other a secret but..... You'll have to read the story! Hope you like it! If you like it I'll continue the story.

Please Read....
I'm thinking about making a One Direction series for Secret Love. Think it's a good idea? Please comment on my Story and let me know? Thankyou!


1. Public School

You just started going to public school along with your best friend named Jenna. You are nervous because you have only been to a private girls school all your life.

                    Tomorrow is the first day of ....  public school. "Moooooommm!?" You call from your upstairs room  "yes sweety?" Mom calls back "do you know where my new blue dress I got at the mall is?" you ask "look in your closet, then to the right, then up a little bit and there is the blue dress!" she replies in a jokingly way "thanks mom!" You shout hurrying to get ready so you wont be late for the first day of school. You hurriedly run down stairs to the kitchen to get a quick breakfast before the buss comes. You grab a fiber bar and sing the slogan on the bar while you are walking out the door. You manage to say "bye mom" while singing. You get onto the buss and look desperately to find Jenna. "___(your name goes there) over here!" you here Jenna shout. You sit with her. "hey Jenna" You say. "ready for public school?" Jenna replies "as ready as I could be." You manage to say as someone tries to cram into your seat because they are all full.   

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