The Lying Game

I'm Olivia. I lived with my mom and stepdad, but my mother is hardly ever home. Without my mom knowing, my stepdad, Andy, would hit me, kick me, and slap me if I didn't do things right. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away to my best friends house. And that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. I'm very embarrassed about what had happened, and it upsets me to talk about. But it's hard going back to normal after what happened. When I finally land on my feet in London, I follow Louis and live his life with him. I become very close friends with the rest of the lads. Maybe a little too close. But I don't want to tell them my story. How many secrets can I keep from everyone? I guess I'll just have to play The Lying Game.


11. What Just Happened...?

I flutter my eyes open. I roll over and see that Louis isn't there. I figured he was already up so I looked at the clock and it's only 9:20. I don't usually wake up this early. I roll out of the bed and brush out my hair. I pull it into a bun and walk out of the room. Harry's door is closed, so he is probably still asleep. I walk around the house to try and find Louis, but I don't see him. I shrug and plop on the couch. I turn on the tv and watch a little. It's 9:45 and I start to get lonely. I decide to go wake up Harry. I get up and I strides towards his room. I open the door slowly and walk in. I close it back and walk up to his bed and smile a little. He looks like a little boy when he's asleep. His lips pucker out a little and his hair is flopped on his face a little. I lean over and move the hair from his eyes. "Harry." I whisper. I poke his check. "Harryyy." I say again. "Mmmm" he mumbles. I giggle. I move a strand of hair away from his face. "Come in there with me. I got lonely." I say. He opens his eyes. "Where's Louis?" Harry asks. His morning voice was deep, making me get a shiver. "I'm not sure. When I woke up he was gone." I say. "Oh." Harry says. I nod. "So you got lonely?" Harry asks with a small smirk. "Yeah. I need some company. So get uppp." I say walking out. "Wait." He says. I turn around. "Come here." He says. Confused, I walk back over to him. "What?" I say. "Come here." He repeats. He slides over and pats the bed with his hand. I hesitate, but I climb in with him. The bed was warm, and it smelled like Harry. "You lonely now?" Harry asks. "No." I say smiling a little. "Good." Harry says while scooting closer to me. It was quiet for a while. We just stared at each other. His arms start to wrap around my waist when the door opens. With both jump up. "Harry have you seen- oh. Never mind." Louis says. I sit up. "Where were you? I woke up and you weren't here." I say getting out if the bed. "Me and Liam went to go get your car. What where you doing?" Louis says. Harry gets out of the bed also. "She was lonely. I though I'd keep her company." Harry says. Louis looks at me. I nod my head. "Yeah, we where just about to go eat breakfast." I say. I slip past Louis and walk to the kitchen. Harry walks in also. I turn around and look at him. "What do you want." I ask him. He fixes his hair and digs through the pantry. "Cereal is fine." He says. I nod and go into the fridge to find the milk. Harry gets out the bowls and puts in on the counter. "What kind of cereal do you want?" He asks. "What kind do you have?" I ask. "Uhh... Lucky charms." "Then I'll have Lucky Charms." I laugh. He laughs and pours the cereal in. I pour in the milk and he grabs two spoons out if the drawer. I walk into the den and sit down on the couch, I prop my feet up on the coffee table and begin to eat. Harry follows and sits down beside me. I start to think, "I wonder why Harry did that this morning... Does he like me? I know we only meet yesterday, but I feel like I know him. Like he's my best friend or so something.." I was sapped out of thought when Harry asked, "So you like coming in my room in the morning?" "I guess so." I say. He smirks a little. "Good." He says. I turn back to the Tv. "Cause it won't be the last." He mumbles under his breath. "What?" I say. He looks at me. "What?" "Did you say something?" I ask. "No." He says. In disbelief, I get up and go into the kitchen. I clean out my bowl and walk into Louis's room. He is laying on his bed playing on his phone. I get my phone and go back into the den. Harry is in the kitchen, so I decide to go in there instead. I turn on my phone and see that today is December 17, a week before Louis birthday. "GUESS WHO'S BIRTHDAY IS IN A WEEK?!" I yell. "MINE!!" I hear Louis yell. Me and Harry laugh. "I can't believe that idiot is turning 21." Harry says. "I know. It was like a few months ago we where still kids." I say laughing. Louis walks in. "So whatcha gonna do for your birthday?" I ask smiling. "I'm not sure. Maybe my lovely friends would throw me a party?" Louis says while giving me and Harry the puppy dog eyes. "We'll see" Harry says, walking out of the kitchen. "So you got my car?" I ask Louis. He nods. "Yeah, me and Liam went and got it." "Thank you." I say. "So was Andy there?" I ask. "Didn't see his car, but I saw your moms." My stomachs drops. My mother. I bet she is devastated. I mean, this would be her 3rd kid that ran away. My older sister, Hannah, ran away just like I did when I was 16. I'm not sure where she is now. I text and call her, but she doesn't text back. My older brother, Grayson, literally picked up and left last year. I still talk to him, rarely. Hannah is I think about 20 now and Grayson is 22. "Crap." I mumble. Tears start to form in my eyes. I feel a lump in the back of my throat. "Hey, it's ok. You can see her again." Louis says while pulling me into a hug. "I just miss her.... A lot." I say. He tightens the hug. "I know you do." He says. I hear the front door open. "LOUIS LOUIS LOUIS LOUIS." I hear Niall say. We pull away and walk into the den. "WHAT?" Louis yells. "YOUR BIRTHDAY IS IN A WEEK." Niall yells back. I laugh. I hear my phone ring and pick it up off the table. It's from Mae. "Hey, something came up. I can't hang out today... Stupid school. But anyways, I can tomorrow during my lunch break which is an hour and a half." It says. I drop my shoulders. I text back, "oh, that's fine! I'll be here for a while so any times good!" I wanted to spend more time with her, not just for and hour. But as long as I get to see her I'm good. *** We spent most of the day just looking at flats for me. There was one I liked, and it was close the college I'm going to. "I like this one." I whisper to Louis as the nervous lady showed us around. "Me too." He said. "It's a nice size. Perfect just for me." I say smiling. "But I'm gonna miss you not staying with me." Louis says, batting his eyes. I laugh. "So are you finished looking? Or do you want to look for more?" The lady says. "No, I think we are good today." Louis says. She nods and we walk out. "I think I saved up enough money to buy it." I tell Louis as we get in the car. He nods. I can tell he was up to something. But I just shrug it off. We drive back to his flat. It's already 5:00. We decide to go ahead and run by Taco Bell and get dinner. "Healthy choice." Louis jokes as we pull up to the drive through. "Gotta love Taco Bell." I say. He laughs. Louis orders the food and we drive around to pick it up. We drive back to the flat and walk in. No one was there, so Louis told me to go see if they where in Niall's or Liam's and Zayn's flat while he changes into something else. I walk to Liam and zayn's, but no one was there. I go to Niall's. I open the door and find all the boys sitting on the couch watching tv. Liam looks up. "Hey, Livie." He says. The rest of the boys turn around and greet me. "Did you find one you liked?" Harry asked. "Sure did." I say. "Oh, and uh we got Taco Bell so...come get sommme." I say while whipping around and striding out. I hear a few laughs and they get up and walk out. We get everything situated, and start eating. It was quiet for a while. Liam finally speaks. "So, tell us about yourself." He says. I look up. "Well.. Uh... I'm going to college in July." I say. "That's great! Where?" Niall asks. "East London University." I say. They all nod in impression. "I got a full scholarship from high school" "for what?" Zayn asks. "Football. I'm probably going to try out for the Alabaster team." I say. "Whoa." They all say. I look at Louis he gives me a thumbs up. I smile. "So your an athlete, you are going to college, and what about your family? Tell me about them." Liam says. I gulp. Family? I don't really have one.... But I can't let them know I had a stepdad who abused me and my siblings, I ran away, and I haven't seen my brother or sister in years. They'll think I'm a freak. I look at Louis. He shakes his head. I turn my attention back to Liam. "Uh, I have a brother and a sister. There names are Hannah and Grayson." I say. "Please don't say anything about parents" I say over and over in my head. "What about parents?" Zayn asks. Dang it. "Oh, um, well my dad works for the.. Um.. Police department. And my mom goes around the world for her job. So right now she's in New York City." I lie. I look at Louis and his eyes are closed and is looking down. "So what made you want to move here? In London?" Niall asks. "College. And football." I say. I changed the subject. "Anyone want anymore drinks?" I ask. Niall, Harry and Liam nod their heads. "Louis, come help me." I say. We walk into the kitchen. "What the hell just happened." I say. "I- I don't know." Louis says. "I can't let them now about my real life, Louis. They will think I'm a FREAK!" I whisper yell. "I'm not sure how your gonna keep it up though." Louis says. "I know.." I say. Louis says. "I guess you'll just have to play-" "The lying game."
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