The Lying Game

I'm Olivia. I lived with my mom and stepdad, but my mother is hardly ever home. Without my mom knowing, my stepdad, Andy, would hit me, kick me, and slap me if I didn't do things right. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away to my best friends house. And that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. I'm very embarrassed about what had happened, and it upsets me to talk about. But it's hard going back to normal after what happened. When I finally land on my feet in London, I follow Louis and live his life with him. I become very close friends with the rest of the lads. Maybe a little too close. But I don't want to tell them my story. How many secrets can I keep from everyone? I guess I'll just have to play The Lying Game.


22. The Date

"What about this one?" I ask as I slip the dress over my head. Sydney straightens it out and stands back. "Um... I think it's to dressy." She says. I nod in agreement and slip it back off. We've been trying on outfits and dresses for a while now. We occasionally stopped in between to have a snack or just play around with the stuff we found. Sydney hands me another dress to try on. It's a small short floral dress that came down to about mid thigh. It bunched together in the front area, and to the waist down it was a silky texture and had long layers of the fabric. The colors where a dark purple, red, and mostly blue. It was strapless, but had two strings that tied around the neck. "I love this one." Sydney says. I slip it on and she ties the string. "It looks just like you." She says. I smile. It does look like me. Sydney goes through my used to be neat closet and pulls out a short jean jacket. I smile and put it on. "Oh, yeah. This one is the one." I say. Sydney squeals with joy. She grabs my arm and pulls me into the bathroom. "Ok, I'm gonna do your hair now. I'm thinkin just leaving it down and straighten it. What do you think?" She says, playing with my hair. "I think that sounds fine. And we can pull it back with a bobby pin." I say. She smiles and says, "You and pulling your hair into a bobby pin." I laugh. She plunges in the straightening iron and we wait for it to heat up. She gasps and runs into my room. I follow her and see that she pulls out a phone dock. I give her a "really?" look. "What? I had to come prepared." She says and carries it into the bathroom. I smile and shake my head. Sydney plunges it into the wall and pushes her phone onto the small dock. She hits play and the music blasts through the small speakers. "No one can tell us to turn it down now!" She yells. "But the neighbors might!" I say. We both laugh and she gets started on my hair. While she straitens it, we sing and dance along to the music. When she's finally finished, she goes over to her phone. "It's 6:00. We better get moving if he's coming at 7." She says. My eyes widened and I hand her the makeup bag. "I'm just gonna do like a natural look. I don't want Harry to think you wear a lot of makeup." She laughs. I let her do her thing, me occasionally moving my head a little making her mess up. But knowing her she thinks everything is funny, so she just grunts and laughs. "Okay, your finished." She says and throws the makeup brush back in the bag. I look in the mirror and see that she did my makeup the same way she did for me when I was on that date with Matthew. I smile at her. "Thank you. For everything." I say. She smiles and hugs me. She hands me a pair of simple fake diamond earrings of hers and put them in. "Maybe tonight he'll give you real ones." She says and winks. I smile and push her shoulder. "Oh, I have something else for you to wear." She goes inside my room and digs through her bag. She pulls out a necklace. A pearl one. But that wasn't just any pearl necklace, that was the one Matthew gave me. And what I wore on the day of our last date. "Oh, Sydney." I say and take it out of her hand. I admire it. It had a few scratches on it and one of the pearls was missing, but it still was perfect. "One of the ambulance people found in the car, and gave it to me. I was waiting for a good time to give it to you..." She says. She pulls me into a hug. I pull away and slip on the beautiful necklace. I start to tear up. "Oh, honey don't cry. Your gonna smear the mascara." Sydney says. I smile. She and Mae always knew how to cheer me up and that's why I was best friends with them. She smiles back and goes into my closet again. "I think these would look good." She says handing me my boots with the lace up in the back. I nod and put them on. "They look fine." I say. We walk out of my room and into the den. "I wonder where he is taking you." Sydney says. I shrug. "I'm not sure." I say. We sit down on the sofa, staring at the blank tv screen. "So you wanna spend the night tonight?" I ask. "I can't. I gotta drive back to Doncaster to tonight. It's Christmas tomorrow, remember?" She says. My mouth gaped open. "Oh yeah... I guess I'll just stay here tomorrow.." I say. "Do you just wanna come with me?" She says. "Oh, no. It's fine." I say. She nods. I wonder what I'm gonna tell Harry. I can't just say that I'm not going home for Christmas, I already told him and the rest of the boys that I have a happy family and siblings that still live with us. And I haven't even told him about Matthew yet. "So I'll just leave when you leave." She says. "Ok." I say. I hear a car door and Sydney perks up. She squeals and helps me off the couch. "Ok, have fun!" She says and runs into the hallway. "Merry Christmas!" I yell to her. "Merry Christmas Liv!" She says back. I laugh and there was a knock at the door. I open it up and see a very smiley Harry. "You look nice." I say. He smiles. "Well you look beautiful." He says. I look at the ground and feel myself blush. I look back up and he gestures for me to walk out. "MAKE GOOD CHOICES!" I hear Sydney yell. "Who was that?" Harry asks, laughing. "No one." I say laughing. Harry shrugs and closes the door behind me. We got to his car and he opens the door for me. When he opens it, a large suitcase sat in the sit. "Oh, um, sorry. After I drop you off I was gonna go ahead and scoot back to Holmes Chapel." He says, moving the bag to the backseat. I smile and get in and he closes the door. He speed walks to the other side of the car. He starts the engine and we ride down the crowded rodes. It was quiet for a while. "So where are you taking me?" I ask. He looks at me then back to the rode. "Lou said you like Italian, so I'm taking you to this really nice Italian restaurant." He says. I smile and take a deep breath. I knew that Louis was going to tell Harry that. We arrive at the restaurant, and people start to get out of their cars and take pictures of Harry. I was about to get out of the car when he grabbed my shoulder. "Just try to ignore them. If it gets to be too much, just look at me and I'll do something. It's funny cause I think they are scared of me." He says and winks. I smile and nod, then get out. I wait for Harry to catch up with me and we begin to walk together. He slips his hand on my back, then slowly moves to my waist. He leans over to my ear. "Is it alright if I do this?" He asks. "It's fine. I like it." I whisper back to him. He smiles and stands up straight. We walk into the restaurant and people don't really seem to mind Harry Styles in the same room as them. As Harry talks to the waiter, I look around. I see a bunch of elder couples siting at the tables. One of the older men smiles and waves at me. I smile back and wave at him. "Olivia." Harry says. I snap back into life and follow him to a table. He pulls out the chair for me and I gladly sit down. He sits down at the chair across from me. "Well merry Christmas Eve." Harry says. I smile and say it back to him. We pick up the menus and look through them. "I told the man in the front that if any paps come to ask the to leave." Harry says. I look up from the menu. "Thank you." I say. A waitress comes and takes our orders and hurries back into the kitchen. "After this I want to show you a small little park I found." Harry says. "That sounds lovely." I say and we both smile. We make more small talk and get to know each other better. When the food comes, we eat and try to make each other laugh. "Thanks." Harry says to the man as we walk out of the restaurant. "That was.... Nice." Harry says. "Yes it was. Thanks a bunch." I say. He smiles. "Oh look." Harry says and points. I follow his finger and see that a man with a large camera is "hidden" in the bushes. "Nice hiding place." I mumble. Harry laughs. We get to the car and I roll down the window. I start making faces at the man as we drive by. The man gives me a look and I laugh and roll up the window. Harry drives us to that park he was talking about. He pulls into the small parking lot of the park. It's dark out, the dimmed street lights only lighting the park up. We get out and I look around. We are the only ones here, but it nice. "It's a lot prettier in the day time." Harry says. "Follow me." He says. I nod and I stand beside him as he walks into the park. I take the time to admire the gorgeous boy standing next to me. He stops and I quickly look away. I look in front of me and see a large tree, with a big blanket underneath of it and a few let candles. I smile up at Harry and he takes my hand and leads me toward the blanket. I sit down cross legged on the blanket and he follows. "It's a beautiful night." I say and look up. "The sky is so clear." Harry says and lays down. I look all round the sky. "You know, my shoulder is getting kinda lonely down here." Harry says. I turn and and see he is smiling. I smile and roll my eyes. I lay down next to him and rest my head on his chest. "Is it anymore?" I ask. "Nope." Harry laughs. I snuggle up my body next to his. He holds the backside of my hips and I lay my palm on his chest by my head. The cold winter air blows against my body and I shiver. "Are you cold?" Harry asks. "A little." I say back. He raises up and slides off his blazer. He lays it over my shoulders. "But you have on a short sleeve shirt." I say. "I'll be fine. I'd rather freeze to death out here." He says. I smile at him. "Thank you." I say. He smiles and puts and arm around me, laying down and me coming down with him. I lay my head in the crock of his neck and he lays his on the top of mine. He kisses the top of my head and runs his hands through my long hair. This night could not get anymore perfect. I rub his arm and feel the goose bumps on it. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. "Look, Liv." I open my eyes and look into the sky. I see a quick streak of light fly across the sky. "Shooting star." I say. "Make a wish." Harry says. I close my eyes and mentally make a wish. It was about five minutes when I asked, "What did you wish for?" I ask. He pushes me closer to him. "For you to be my girlfriend." Harry says. I smile big. "Well your wish just came true." I say. I can almost hear him smile. He moves his head so I could look up at him. He puts a hand on my cheek and slowly strokes my cheek with his thumb. We look each other straight in the eyes and start to lean in. Our lips only centimeters apart, I could feel his hot breath against my lips. My eyes closed and lips parted, and I brought my hand up to his hair running my fingers through the soft curls. Our lips finally meet, Harry pulling me in closer. Our noses brush against each others. "Finally." Harry mumbles on my lips. I smile and tug on his hair. We both pull away and we look each other in the eye. "Hey, gorgeous." He says. I smile and pull him into another passionate kiss. *** As the night goes on, the temperature starts to drop. Me and Harry where both shaking and we decided to go ahead and leave. We helped each other up and packed everything up. He blew out the candles and I folded up the blanket. I handed him his jacket back and helped him put it back on. His kissed my forehead and hand in hand we walked back to the car. As we ride back to my flat, he reaches over and grabs my hand. I smile at him. It was a quiet ride back. We didn't really say much, because we knew what each other was thinking. We arrive back at my flat and I see that Sydney's car is gone. We both get out and he walks me to the door. I unlock the door and I stand in the door frame, Harry in front of me. He puts his hands on my upper waist. "Don't miss me too much." He says and winks. "No promises." I say. He smiles and pulls me into a short but sweet kiss. We pull away and I throw my arms around his neck and hug him tight. "Do you want me to drive you back to Doncaster?" Harry asks, still holding on to me. "It's alright." I say. "Tell your parents and siblings that I said hi." Harry says. "I will." I said. I pull away. I pull the front part of his jacket and pull him closer to me. I slowly peck a kiss on his cheek. "Night, Liv." Harry says. I smile and he turns around and walks back to his car. I closed my door and stroll towards my room. I change into a long sleeve shirt and sweatpants. I climb into my bed. I miss Harry being right beside me, and him stroking my hair. I shake the thoughts away and close my eyes. I whisper, "Don't worry Matthew, I still have a special place in my heart for you."
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