The Lying Game

I'm Olivia. I lived with my mom and stepdad, but my mother is hardly ever home. Without my mom knowing, my stepdad, Andy, would hit me, kick me, and slap me if I didn't do things right. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away to my best friends house. And that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. I'm very embarrassed about what had happened, and it upsets me to talk about. But it's hard going back to normal after what happened. When I finally land on my feet in London, I follow Louis and live his life with him. I become very close friends with the rest of the lads. Maybe a little too close. But I don't want to tell them my story. How many secrets can I keep from everyone? I guess I'll just have to play The Lying Game.


19. Louis's party PART 2

**PART 2** "Which room?" Harry asks as we walk down the long hallway. "Somewhere that no drunk person would find." I say. We both laugh. "Yeah, people can be so snoopy." He says. "I know. Who would go through our bags?" I say. "Drunk people." Harry says. I laugh. I swing open the double doors to a random room I found. I walk inside and look around. It's a large room that looks sort of like a movie theater, it has about 5 rows of seats and a stage on the front of the room. There was a grand piano in the middle of the stage. "Look." I call out to Harry. I adjusted the strap of my bag on my shoulder. Harry walks in a drops his stuff down by the door. He looks around. I smile and walk up to the piano. I sit down and begin to press on the keys, making a some what if a melody. "Do you play?" Harry asks, walking up the steps and sitting beside me. "A little. I only know one song." I say. I smile. "Louis taught me." I say. "Play it for me." He says. I look at him. "I don't usually sing... Especially in front of people..." I say. "It's just me." He says. I turn back to the piano, take a breath, and begin the song. I lightly the press the keys and tap my foot on the peddle. "Hey there Delilah What's it like in New York City? I'm a thousand miles away But girl, tonight you look so pretty." I quietly sing. I see Harry smile in the corner of my eye. "Yes you do." I sing and he joins me for that verse. I smile at him. I continue to play the song, feeling a little more relaxed. "Times Square can't shine as bright as you I swear it's true. Hey there Delilah. Don't you worry about the distance I'm right there if you get lonely Give this song another listen Close your eyes Listen to my voice, it's my disguise. I'm by your side." I happily sing, a little louder. "Oh it's what you do to me." I sing and Harry sings with me. "Oh it's what you do to me, Oh it's what you do to me, Oh it's what you do to me." We both sing. Our voices harmonizing perfectly. We stop and he tips my chin up to face him. "What you do to me." He lightly sings. I smile. "You have a lovely voice." He says. "Thank you. You don't have a bad voice either." I say. He laughs and lets go of my chin. I begin to play a string of random notes. "Teach me how you play that song." Harry says. I look at him. "Not the whole song, just the beginning." He says. I giggle and then position his hands on the piano. "Well first you start like this." I say. He nods and puts his hands on the keys. "Now, play these one after the other, but with one hand." I show him which keys to press. I press his fingers on the keys, making them play. "Then with your other hand, press this key. You count one second after each time you play it." I say. I point towards the key. He presses it like I said. "Good. Now play it." I say. Harry smiles and plays. Some of the beat was off, but I giggle. "Was that wrong?" Harry asks, smiling. "A little." I say, also smiling. He giggles. I get up and walk over behind Harry. "I'll help you." I say. I position his hands on the right keys again, but this time I do the work. I press his fingers down to play the melody. I play the chorus and sing the lyrics just loud enough for him to hear in his ear. When I'm finished, before I could pull my hands away, Harry takes my hand and lightly pulling me closer to him. He kisses my cheek and whispers, "I can't wait for Monday." He lets go of me and I smile. He smiles back at me. We stare at each other for a while. "Ahem." I hear a voice say. Me and Harry both turn around to find Niall standing in the doorway, arms crossed. "What?" I say. He uncrossed them. "Louis wants you for something." He says. I look back at Harry and hurry down the steps of the stage and walk out. I walk down the long hallways and back into the crowded room. I push through the heavy crowd and finally find Louis. "What do you need?" I ask him. "What? I don't." He says. "But, Niall said that you needed me for something." I say. He gives me a confused look. "I never said that." He said. I part my lips. "But why would Niall tell me that..." I Mumble. "What?" Louis yells. I ignore him. I think it through. Was Niall jealous of me and Harry's moment? He always seemed annoyed when we where together. My eyes widened and my heart skips a beat. I knew exactly what he was going to do. I whip around and run back into the crowd. "OLIVIA!" I hear someone say. I ignore them and continue to panicky push through the crowd. My heart going a million miles an hour. "Oh god. Oh god." I say to myself. NIALL'S POV: I was furious. Does Harry not realize? He knew I liked Olivia, why was he doing this. He was still at the piano. "What, Niall?" Harry says, getting up. "Why. You know I have feelings for her." I say. Walking closer to him. "Maybe I do too. And she likes me too." Harry says. I grit my teeth. "Where going on a date Monday." He says while trying to push by me. I step in front of him, making him run into my shoulder. He scoffs. "What's your problem?" He says, he brow furrowing. "You. Your just trying make me jealous aren't you, Styles." I say. "No, I'm not, Horan." He says saying Horan in a mocking tone. I can feel the anger in me. "You just can't take the fact that Olivia likes me. And not you." He says while poking my chest. I grab his finger. He faces changes into a smirk. He shakes his finger out from my grasped."Oh, I see. You wanna fight don't cha?" He says with a sly smile. "Then come at me. See what Olivia says. She'll defiantly not like you." He says. I clench my fists. "Well, she'll actually hate you." He says. That's it. I rear my fist back. "NIALL!!" I hear someone scream. I whip around and find that Olivia was standing there, eyes filled with tears. "Olivia, I, um.." I say. She shakes her head and runs over to Harry. "Are you ok?" I hear her whisper. Harry nods and turns her around. He puts and arm around her shoulder and rubs it. "I'm fine." He whispers to her. "I though I could trust you, Niall." Olivia says. My shoulders drop. "But that obviously was a mistake." She says and walk out from Harry's arms. She slings open the doors and storms out. "What did I tell you." Harry says and follows her out. "Are you sure your alright? He didn't touch you?" I hear Olivia say from the outside. I close my eyes and exit from the other door on the other side. I never wanted to see or talk to her again. I feel awful. I decided to go ahead and go home. I just snuck out and drove myself back home. When I got there, I didn't even change. I went straight to my bed and laid on top of it. I started crying and it didn't stop. I cried myself to sleep. OLIVIA'S POV: I sit at the bar with Harry and Mae. I can't believe Niall almost did that. Mae rubs my back. "It's alright." She mouths. I shake my head. The bar tender hands me and Harry a drink. I take a sip of it and it's very fruity. I take another sip. It was just silence for a few minutes. I finish my drink and the tender hands me another one. I hesitate, but take another sip. "How much did you see." Harry says. "I walked in right as he brought up his fist." I say. He nodded and takes a sip of his drink. It was quiet again and I finished that drink to. I felt sorta dizzy, and my vision was a little blurry. I decided that it was probably time for me to stop drinking. I look at Harry and he looks like he's had enough to. He was about to take another sip of his drink but I take it out of his hand. "I think that's enough." I say laughing. He smiles. "Probably." He says, rubbing his arm. "Lets go dance!" Mae says, grabbing my arm. She was obviously a little drunk. I roll my eyes and laugh, following her to the dance floor. We dance and laugh. It was probably about 15 minutes we danced. I feel a hand on my waist and turn around. It's Harry. I smile and turn back around. He puts his arms around my neck and sways back and forth. "Oh c'mon Harry. You can do better than that." I yell to him. "Alright then." He says. He moves his hands to my waist. I smile and press my back to his chest. I can feel him breathing on my face, his breath smelling a little of alcohol. As a few more songs go on, we get a little more into it, so does everyone else. It didn't really seem to bother me much, having him up against me like this. If Niall would've done this, or someone else, I probably would feel uncomfortable. I felt comfortable around Harry. And I trusted him.*** As the night goes on, people start to leave. Mae says goodbye to us and leaves, she had to go to work the next day. When everyone was gone. Me, Harry and the rest of the boys help clean up. Niall wasn't there. He must've left already. After we where done cleaning, Harry went and got our bags and I waited in the car. I saw William walk by, so I ducked my head so he wouldn't see me. Harry finally comes back and drives us home. "I had fun tonight." He said. I smile. "I did to." I say. He smiles back and it was quiet the rest of the way. When we finally reach the house. I get out and go inside. I change cloths, take off my makeup, and get in bed. I hear the door open. "Night Liv." Harry says. I smile. "Night." I say. He walks over to me. He gives me a kiss on the cheek. I smile and fall happily asleep.
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