The Lying Game

I'm Olivia. I lived with my mom and stepdad, but my mother is hardly ever home. Without my mom knowing, my stepdad, Andy, would hit me, kick me, and slap me if I didn't do things right. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away to my best friends house. And that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. I'm very embarrassed about what had happened, and it upsets me to talk about. But it's hard going back to normal after what happened. When I finally land on my feet in London, I follow Louis and live his life with him. I become very close friends with the rest of the lads. Maybe a little too close. But I don't want to tell them my story. How many secrets can I keep from everyone? I guess I'll just have to play The Lying Game.


8. Here Come The Rumors

Liam, Zayn, and Niall gave me tours of their flats. Niall's was right above Louis's, and Liam and Zayn's was beside Louis. We sat and all told stories of what we did when they where home. Me and Louis told them about the party that one of our good friends threw for his coming home. "She was too scared to drink anything. Even though she has at the past parties." Louis says while smirking and laughing. I give him a playful look. "ONLY cause I didn't want to come home smelling like alcohol." I say. The rest of the boys nod in agreement. "So, Olivia, you mind if I call you Livie?" Liam asks. "Yea. Same with me." Zayn says. "Sure I don't mind. My friends would call me that. Lou calls me Liv." I say. "Well, hellooo Livie." Liam says smiling. "Hellooo Liam." I say in the same tone. They laugh. I giggle a little. I made One Direction laugh. "Whoa it's getting late!" Niall says looking at his watch. Everyone looks down at their phones. I get my phone out of my pocket and turn it on. 5:45. Well dang. We've been talking for almost 4 hours! "Holy crap!" Louis says. I laugh. "Any one hungry?" I ask. "I am." Niall says. "We know you are." Zayn jokes. "What do you all want?" Harry asks. "Pizza?" I suggest. "Pizza sounds good. Anyone else?" Louis says. They all nod in agreement. "I'll go run and get it." I say standing up. "Someone wanna come with me?" I ask. "Sure." Niall says getting up. I glance at Harry and he roll his head back and raises his eyebrows. "Alright so what kind." "Lets just get 3 large cheese pizzas. Make it easy." I say. "That's fine with me. What about you, mate?" Louis says while throwing one of the couch pillows at him. "Pizza sounds fine." Harry laughs. "Then leggo!" Niall says. I laugh. "You wanna drive?" He asks while we walk outside. The night air making me shiver. "Uh..sure." He tosses me his keys and I walk over to the drivers side. I hop in and close the door behind me. Niall gets in and I look around. It's a nice car and pretty clean. "You gonna start it?" Niall says. "Oh, yeah." I say and start the engine. I back out and pull onto the busy road. "Why don't you go ahead and order it so it will be ready when we get there." I say. Niall nods his head and gets his phone. He dials the number. "You know it by heart?" I ask laughing. "I love pizza." Niall says. I laugh and go back to focusing on the road. Niall calls the order in and then hangs up. "They say it should be ready in about 15 minutes." He says. I nod. A few minutes pass and the traffic started to get bad. "London traffic is a pain." I mutter under my breath. "Tell me about it." Niall says. Niall looks out his window and smiles. "Look." He laughs I look over and see two girls jumping up and down and taking pictures. Niall waves and taps on the glass with his finger. I laugh and return to driving. I turn the car and pull into the pizza shoppe. I park and we get out. "It's cold." I say while holding my arms. "Here." Niall says while opening the back door of his car and pulling out a hoodie. He throws it to me. "Thanks." I say. I pull it over my head and look in my reflection on the car. It's a little big around the shoulders and arms, and it comes down just below my butt. But it does look cute. "Looks good on you." Niall states. I look at him and roll my eyes playfully. He just laughs and we walk in the restaurant. No one really realized it until we walked by some tables. A few people dropped their forks and some let out a gasp. Most of the people where looking at me, probably wondering 'who's that chick with Niall? What is she doing here?' But I could care less what people thought of me. I got a little hate from hanging out with Louis, but it wasn't much at all. It would be like 'Olivia, you need to stay way from Louis he has a girlfriend' or stuff like 'Olivia is stealing Louis away from Eleanor." It didn't really bother me. "Horan." Niall says when the person asked what the order name was. The girl nodded quickly and hurried off. Niall gestures me to sit down on one of the benches. I sat down beside him. "This sweatshirt is comfortable." I say. He laughs "I wear it a lot." He says, his light blue eyes staring into mine. "HORAN!" The man calls. I walk up and get the pizzas. "Thank you!" I say. The man smiles at me and we walk out into the chilling night air. When we reach the car, I tries to open the door with one had and the other holding the pizzas. When I couldn't do it, I tried opening the door with my foot. "Let me help you." Niall laughs. He takes the pizzas out of my hand and opens the door for me. I get in and he closes the door back. I smile a little. Niall Horan just opened the door for me, I'm wearing his hoodie, and I'm in the same car with him. I hear the door open and it makes me jump. He gets in. "Oh, did you want to drive?" He asks. "No, it's fine. I'll make sure the food doesn't spill." I say. He nods and starts the car. The way home we where making each other laugh, but other than that it was a quiet ride home. He pulls into the driveway of the flat. We get out and Niall got the pizzas. Before we got to the door, I pulled off the hoodie. I figured Harry wouldn't like that I was wearing it. I hung it over my arm as we walk in. "Pizza pizza!" I yelled in a some what Italian accent. "Yum!! It took forever!" Louis yelled while he ran into the kitchen with us. I searched the cabinets for plates. I finally found them and I counted out six. "Olivia, get the jar of pickles out of the fridge" Louis says. He always likes to have pickles with his pizza. I laugh and get out the pickles. "It's a new jar. You want me to open it for you?" Zayn asks. "Nah, she's got this." Louis says while gives me a nudge. I smile. I easily pop open the jar. I look at Zayn and his mouth gaped open. "Well...dang." He says. I smile. "Told you." Louis said laughing. It reminded me of when I was in middle school. My best friend, Mae, could never open the pickle jar. She would always call me to come over to her house to open the jar. Luckily she only lived to houses down from me. When I would be at her house, she would yell, "OLIVIA. I NEED YOUR MUSCULAR STRENGTH." I laugh at the thought. I miss her. She moved away and went to a different school in 9th grade and haven't seem her since. I was snapped out of thoughts when I hear Liam yell "WE COMING UP ON E! NEWS!" I quickly get my plate and head into the den. I sit down beside Harry. "Coming up on E! News, we will give you an update on the British boy band, One direction." The lady says on the screen. "I wonder if you'll be in the story." Harry says, looking at me. "She probably will." Liam says. The rest if the boys nod. "I just hope they don't start any rumors." I say. I few minutes go by and it's back on. "Everyone, ssh!!" Zayn says. Everyone's attention is on the small tv screen. "I'm sure a lot of you have been wondering who the girl is hanging with One direction. Pictures flood twitter of Olivia harrison and the boys. By the looks of things, she's pretty close with the bandmate, Louis Tomlinson. She was seen last night with him at the McDonalds in Doncaster." The lady says as a picture of me and Louis that night appears on the screen. "Then he tweeted a picture of her saying 'The beautiful Olivia harrison watching tv. This won't be the last you will see of her'." A picture of the tweet appeared on the screen as she read it. "Olivia was also seen with another band mate, Harry Styles, at a Starbucks in London." A picture of me and Harry at Starbucks appears in the screen. It was the one of me handing my phone to him. Then another comes on, but this one is of me and Harry walking in the Starbucks. "Not only that, but she was also seen with Niall Horan, ANOTHER band member. He also tweeted a picture of him and Olivia drinking their Starbucks. But this picture shows that we think they are a little more than friends." A picture of Niall handing me his hoodie came on, and then one with him opening the door for me followed. "Mhm, E! News thinks Olivia is becoming very close with the boys. Olivia, you better watch what you do. Or more rumors will spread. This is Amanda Stone, and you are watching E! News." The show goes to a commercial. It was silent for a while. Just the sound of everyone chewing their food. Liam finally broke the silence. "They can take just a simple picture like that and turn it in to something. I mean, that could've been Olivia's hoodie for all they know." He says. "Liam is right. Don't sweat it. They do this all the time with people. They see two people together and instantly think there is something between them. It makes me sick." Louis says. I smile weakly and look over at Harry. His face is a little redish, and is staring at the wall. I look at Niall and he is just eating his food awkwardly. "I'm finished." I say. "Me too." Harry says. He followed me into the kitchen and I clean my plate. "Was all that true? Are you and Niall falling for each other." Harry asks. "Oh, no! They just made it look like it. I SWEAR." I say. "I trust you." Harry says. "Why do you even care?" I ask. He looks at the ground. "It's... It's nothing. I just want him to... To... Never mind." Harry says. Him to what? Rape me? Kill me? What can sweet Niall do to me? I leave it alone and we walk out Liam and Zayn walk in the kitchen passing us. "I'm gonna go ahead and go." Niall says. "Oh ok. I'll see you tomorrow." I say. I take the plate out of his hands and he nods. "Thank you." He says. I walk into the kitchen and clean it. I walk back in. "Yeah, I think we are gonna spilt too." Zayn says. "Ok. Bye, I'll see you tomorrow." I say while giving each of them a hug. Louis walks them to the door. "I'm gonna go take my shower." Harry yells. "Ok!" I yell back. I still wonder what meant...
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