The Lying Game

I'm Olivia. I lived with my mom and stepdad, but my mother is hardly ever home. Without my mom knowing, my stepdad, Andy, would hit me, kick me, and slap me if I didn't do things right. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away to my best friends house. And that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. I'm very embarrassed about what had happened, and it upsets me to talk about. But it's hard going back to normal after what happened. When I finally land on my feet in London, I follow Louis and live his life with him. I become very close friends with the rest of the lads. Maybe a little too close. But I don't want to tell them my story. How many secrets can I keep from everyone? I guess I'll just have to play The Lying Game.


15. Fun Fun

"Hey, I'm here:)" I text here as I'm walking up the steps to the door. "Great:). Doors open" she replies. I stand at the door. I open the door. It smelled like Christmas in her house. "Mae?" I call. "Wait! Don't go any further. Close your eyes. I wanna be surprised when I see you." I hear her say. I giggle and close my eyes. "Are yours closed?" I ask. "Yup." Her voice is much closer now. "Ok, 1....2....3!" She calls out. I open them. She's stands there, smiling. I'm shocked. She had grown up so much since the last time I saw her. Her long blonde hair was curled a little on the ends, and her dark blue eyes where sparkling in the sunlight. "Olivia!" She squeals. I smile. "I missed you!" I say. "Well come here!" She says and opens her arms. I walk over to her and hug her, tight. "Your beautiful, Mae." I say while pulling away. She smiles. "Thank you. You are too, you've always been so pretty." She says. I smile and hug her again. "So, where do you work?" I ask, while I follow her into the kitchen. "I'm a photographer. I take pictures of things and people." She says. "You always loved taking pictures." I laugh. "Yeah, I'm going to school for that. I even bought my own camera. It took me like a year to save up for it." She says while going into a room and brings out a bag. "And here she is." She says. She pulls out a Canon, it's the big kind. "Wow. I bet it takes awesome pictures." I say while picking it up. "It really does. I was thinking, we can go take some, if you want. Like of me and you. I'll post them on my site." She says. I smile. "Sounds fun." I say. "Lets go to eat first. I'm starving." She says. "Leggo!" I say. *** HARRY'S POV- "forget it." I say and throw the list down. I rest my head on the table and sigh. Planning a party was hard. I needed Olivia to help me. All I could really think about was what happened this morning. We almost kissed, but Niall had to bust up in there. I wanted to shove him into the wall, but I didn't want to upset Olivia. I shake my head and get up from the table and go into the den. "What where you doing?" Louis asks. "Planning your party. I need some help on who to invite. I need some people that you've known since you where is high school." I say. He nods. "Ok." He laughs. "I'll think of some of my best mates that aren't physco." He says. I laugh. "Alright then." I say. He smiles and gets up. He walks into the kitchen. I look at Niall who is staring blankly at the tv. It was quiet for a while. "So are you like dating Olivia now?" Niall says. I roll my eyes. "Nope." I say, annoyed. "Well what happened this morning seemed like it." He says in a matter if fact voice. "Nothing's happening between us." I say still looking the tv. "Glad I walked in when I did." Niall mumbles. I whip my head around to face him. "Excuse me?" I ask rather harshly. He looks at me. I glare at him. His facial expression changed immediately. "Excuse me?!" I repeat with a harsher and louder tone. Niall opened his mouth to say something, but Louis walked in. "Do you want a sandwich. I'm making me one." Louis says. I shrug. "Sure." I say. Niall just nods his head. I get up and go into the kitchen with Louis. "I'll help you." I say. Louis nods and pulls out turkey, mustard and cheese from the fridge. I get the bread out of the pantry. We make them in silence, not making a word. I bring Niall's into the den. I hand it to him. "Thanks." He says. "Yeah." I say. I walk back into the kitchen and sit down with Louis. He is looking at the invitation lists. "Alright, lets see who we can invite." He says. OLIVIA'S POV- We drive up to a park. It has a few trees, some rusted old benches, and a pond. "Is this where you take pictures at?" I ask while getting out of the car. "Mostly." Mae answers. She pulls out her camera bag. "I'll show you my favorite spot. It's not to far." She says. The cold air blows against my face, making me shiver. "It's sunny but cold." I say. She laughs. "Well it is December." She says. I nod in agreement. We walk for a little while longer, until we reach a rusted park bench with some trees around it. "This is my favorite spot to take pictures." She says. "It's beautiful." I say looking around me. She sets up her camera on a little tripod. "I'm putting this on the timer, so we need to be quick. I'm setting it to 10 seconds." Mae says. I nod and sit on the bench. Mae gets it focused and looks at me. "Take your hair down." She says. I obey her order and pull the hair tie from my hair. I undo the braid and let my wavy hair flop on my shoulders. She smiles. "Perfect." She hits the button and runs over to me. "What do I do??" I ask. "Just pose!" Mae says. I shrug and grab her hand. She scrunches up her face against mine. "Now do like a....laughing smile. Don't look at the camera." She exclaims. I follow the orders and look away from the camera. I hear the click and she gets to go look at it. She gasps. "Look!" She says. I get up and run to it. The picture was perfect. The sun glare was behind us, leaving little streaks of light. Both of our eyes are completely visible, but our faces are both aren't looking toward the camera. Our intertwined fingers and linked legs was a good touch to it too. "And to think this was the first one." She says. I smile. "More!!" I squeal. We take a few more in that scenery, with different poses and faces. Mae then looks around trying to find a better spot. She walks over to a tree and sets up her camera there. I've gotten the hand of this now, so when she hits that button we adamatically get into a pose. We take so many pictures. They all turned out great. We sat in the middle of a field looking at them. "Oh I like that one." I would say to almost all of them. It starts to get dark out. "What time is it?" I ask. She checks her watch. "Almost 5." She says. I raise my eyebrows. "Well...dang." I say laughing. She giggles. "I guess we should go back to home then." She says. I nod and we help each other up and walk back to the car. I drop her off at her flat. "I had a lot of fun." I say. "I did too." She says. I smile and she gets out of the car and walks to the her door. I drive back to Louis's house. I'm so tired, so I turned up the music and tried to stay awake. I finally pull into the driveway and get out. I walk into the flat and sling my stuff on the table. I walk into the den. Louis, Harry, and Liam are sitting on the couch. "Hey, Liv." Harry says. "How was it?" Louis asks. "Fun. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. I'm so tried." I say yawning. "Then go to bed." Liam says. "No it's almost 5:30." I say. "I'm taking my shower." I say. I go in Louis's room and get my pajamas, then I walk into the bathroom. I turn on the water and take off my cloths. I step into the shower and wash. When I'm finished, I get out and dry off. I put on my cloths. I open the door and walk into the kitchen. Harry is sitting at the table, probably working on that party. "Hey." I say. "Hey." He says without looking up. "Can I help?" I ask. "Yes! I need you." He says. I pull out the chair by him and sit down. "He hands me a catalogue with different refreshments. "Pick out some you think Louis would like, and people would like." He says. I nod and flip through the magazine. I find some fruity drinks, and sweet ones. I write them down. "Hey, I was wondering if you are booked this week. I want to have a party." Harry says. I look at him. "Yeah... Ok...." He says. I turn back to my work. I turn out Harry and hum to myself. After I'm finished with the drinks, I find another magazine and it has decorations in it. I flip through it. Harry is calling different places and orders the food and drinks I picked out. I continue to hum to myself. It's been about an hour and Harry is finished calling people. I'm still flipping through the decoration magazine, spacing out sometimes so it makes it longer to read. Harry leans back in his chair. "I'm hungry." He says and gets up. "Me too." I say. "What do you want?" He asks, opening the pantry. "Doesn't matter." I say. I yawn loudly. "Come see what you want then." He says. I grown and get up. I search through the pantry. "I guess I'll have cereal." I say. We get out the milk and bowls. I pour his and mine cereal and he pours the milk. I giggle. "What?" He asks. "Oh, nothing." I say, still giggling. "Tell me." Harry says, starting to giggle himself. I shake my head playfully. "Tell meeee." He pleads. I giggle more. "Is it this?" He asks. He reaches to me and starts tickling my stomach. I bust out laughing. "Harry!" I yell. He laughs. I try to shoo him away. "Alright I'll stop." He says. He rests his large hands on my waist. I grab on his wrists. He is doing that smolder that melts me. His gorgeous eyes are staring into mine. I smile at him. "When is the party?" I ask. "Friday." He says. I widened my eyes. "Friday? But tomorrow is Thursday!" I say. He shrugs. "We can't have on Christmas Eve." He exclaims. "Oh yea." I say. He laughs. His hands pull me closer to him. Our eyes are not breaking contact. "I'm going to bed!" Louis yells. It startled me and I back away on accident. "Ok!" Harry yells back. "Oh, sorry." I say. Walking closer to him. "It's fine." He says. I look at the clock. It's 10:30. I guess it was longer than an hour. I yawn. "I think I'm going to bed also." I say. "Yeah, I think I am too." Harry says. We eat our cereal fast and clean up. It now 11:00. We walk to our rooms. "Night Harry." I say starting to open the door. "If you want..... You can come in here.....only if you want to." He says. I turn around and half smile. I turn back around and go in the room. "Night Liv." Harry laughs.
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