The Lying Game

I'm Olivia. I lived with my mom and stepdad, but my mother is hardly ever home. Without my mom knowing, my stepdad, Andy, would hit me, kick me, and slap me if I didn't do things right. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away to my best friends house. And that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. I'm very embarrassed about what had happened, and it upsets me to talk about. But it's hard going back to normal after what happened. When I finally land on my feet in London, I follow Louis and live his life with him. I become very close friends with the rest of the lads. Maybe a little too close. But I don't want to tell them my story. How many secrets can I keep from everyone? I guess I'll just have to play The Lying Game.


13. FLASHBACK-long:)

***FLASH BACK*** "Perfect." Sydney breathed as she stepped back to admire me. I turn around and look into the mirror. I looked pretty good, to be honest. "You look beautiful." Sydney said. I smile. "Thank you." I say. She smiles. "Those socks sure do make the outfit." She jokes. I look down at my socks. They are neon green and yellow zebra print. I laugh. "Well look at yours!" I say. She looks down. She has on the same kind I do, but hers is neon orange and pink. She laughs. "I'm gonna go get the curling iron. Stay here." She says and walks out. I look back to the mirror. I had on a short light turquoise sundress that had ruffles on the top, and around my waist was a chocolate brown ribbon that was tied in the back. A simple pearl necklace was around my neck, with matching earrings. "Ok, I have these shoes. They where Hannah's, but I think they'll fit." Sydney holds out a pair of brown wedges, the same color of my ribbon. I slip them on. "They're a little big, but I'll manage." I say. "Ok good. Let me tighten them up." She leans down and tightens the straps on the shoe. "Better?" She asks looking up. I nod. She does the other and stands up. "We'll do your hair and you'll be good to go." She says, smoothing down her Nike shorts. "Do you wanna do it?" I ask. "Of course I do. I don't do much girly stuff." Sydney says. I've never really been a "girly-girl", so all this stuff is new to me. Sydney was also. "Same. I remember in 11th grade everyone was freaking out about the homecoming dance, getting their dresses and hair ready. But me and you had to get ready for a football tournament." I say, walking over to the bathroom. We laugh. "Oh, I remember that!" She says. She turns on the curling iron and lays it on the counter. "And I remember in middle school, when there was a football game, Louis would get the ball and run it down the field and me, you, and Mae would scream "GET IT LOUIS GET IT BOY. GET IT." It would mess him him up so bad!" Sydney says. I laugh. "Then we got in trouble by Coach Hardin." I say. Sydney laughs and shakes her head. "God, there are so many memories from when we where kids." She says. She picks up the iron and starts curling my hair. She rolls my long hair up into the curler. She holds it for a few seconds, then lets go. It bounces against my shoulder. She does this for about 10 minutes. "Finally." She says. "I'm gonna go get the make up." She says. I open one of the drawers and pull out a white hair pin with a pearl on the end of it. I braid a piece of my hair and pin it back. "Does this look good?" I yell to Sydney. She pokes her head out. "Cute!" She yells. I walk back into her room. She pats her desk chair and I sit down. She picks up a make up brush. "My mommy never let me use one of these." She says in a super creepy voice. I laugh. She does my make up for a while. She pats my cheek. "DONE. You are now ready." She says. I laugh. I walk over to my mirror. "Dang, Sydney." I say, impressed. She did the face makeup really well, a little blush on my checks and bronzed on my cheekbones. My eyes had a caramel eyeshadow swepted on my eye lid. Eye liner was perfectly straight, and mascara brushed on my lashes. "And don't forget this." She says handing my a tube of lip gloss. I rub it in my lips, it's a very light pink color. "Thank you, master Sydney." I say. She laughs. I hear my phone vibrate. I turn it on. "He said he's almost here." I say. Sydney squeals. "Hey now." I say laughing. "It's going to be perfect." Sydney says. I smile. I walk into the den and wait by the door. Butterflies fill my stomach. "Livie, are you... Nervous?" Sydney says. "I've never seen you get nervous before." She adds. "A little." I say while holding up my fingers to show. "Olivia Harrison does not get nervous." Sydney says smirking. I roll my eyes. "What can I say. It looovvvee." I say while holding the o. She laughs. I hear a car door. I turn and look at Sydney. "I'll be here all night, so come back whenever. My mum said it was fine if you spent the night." Sydney says while walking back up the stairs. "Ok." I say. "Oh, by the way." Sydney says poking her head out her door. "Happy 2nd year anniversary." She says. I smile. I hear a knock and I open the door. "Hey, beautiful." He says. "Hey, handsome." I say. I close the door and we walk to his car. He opens the door for me. "Why thank you, Matthew." I say. He chuckles. He walks around the car and hops in. "I see your wearing the necklace I gave you." He says. I smile. "Of course I am." I say. He drives to the restaurant. "You like Italian. Right?" He says. "Yes." I say. "Good cause that's where we are going." "Yay!" I say. He laughs. He parks in the parking lot and we get out. We walk into the restaurant, hand in hand. I can now see him fully in the light. He was wearing a black blazer with a white V-neck shirt underneath, and black jeans. His brown hair was perfectly flipped over to the side. I alwas thought he looked like the old Justin Bieber. He had the same hair flip, same Eye color. "You look great." I say. He pecks me on the cheek. "No, you look beautiful." He says. I smile. We walk up the the greeter. "Smith." He says. The lady nods and shows us to a table. It was a small round table with two chairs. I little vase with a single rose in it. It had a sign on it that said "smith" on it. Matthew pulls the chair out for me. "Thank you." I say. He smiles. He sits on the other side of me. He grabs my hand under the table. "Happy 2nd anniversary." He says, smiling his cheesy grin. "Happy 2nd anniversary." I say back to him. The waitress comes and gives us our menus. "What would you like to drink?" She asked. "Tea." I say. "Tea is fine." Matthew says. She nods and hurries off. "So how was your game? Sorry I wasn't able to come." I say. "Oh it went great. We won 12-5." "Great!" I say. "So when are you gonna start doing football again." He asks, his hazel eyes staring into mine. "When I get on a team." I sigh. "Hey, you'll make that Alabaster team." He says. "I sent the email last week. They haven't replied." I say. "They will." He said. They lady comes back with our drinks. She takes our order and hurries off again. "It's so sweet of you to take me here. It's very pricey." I say. "Anything for my Liv." He says. I can't help but smile. "I have something for you." I say while digging in my purse to fund the small box. "You didn't have to do that, Olivia" "Yes I did! It's our 2nd anniversary. And your so sweet." I say. I finally get the box out. I hand it to him. He opens it. His face lights up. "Aw Olivia. I love it!" He says. I smile. It was a silver Nixon watch, I saved up for a while for it. He gets up and gives me a kiss. "Your so welcome, Matthew." I say. "I got something for too." He says. I smile. "Here's your food." The waitress says. Had to ruin the moment. We both eat. I couldn't stop staring into his eyes. I think I was in love. We finish eating and the lady comes to get our plates. Matthew pays for it all. "As I was saying, I also have a gift for you." Matthew says. I smile. He pulls out a small box with a red ribbon tied around it. I smile and take the box. I untie the ribbon and open it up. It's a ring. A promise ring. "Oh my god, Matthew. It's gorgeous!" I say. "And always remember, I will always be here for you. No matter WHAT. I wanted to give you this promise ring for two reasons. One, is that I want to always have you. You mean the world to me. I honestly don't know what I would do if you weren't in my life. Second, well, I'm in love with you." He says. I feel tears in my eyes. I stand up and he does also. I kiss him, and he wraps his arms around me. I start to her huffs from other people around us. I pull away and we both giggle a little. "Here." He takes the box from the table and slides the ring up my finger. It really was one of the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. It wasn't big, it was simple. That's the way I like it. I look at it. It had a silver band, a small square diamond in the middle with little diamonds around it. "It's gorgeous." I say. "A gorgeous girl deserves a gorgeous ring." He says with that cheesy grin that I loved. "I love you, Matthew." I say. "I love you too, Olivia." He says. We walk out of the restaurant, holding hands. I hope I never have to let go. He was perfect. We get in the car and drive back to Sydney's house. "I had fun tonight." I say. "I did too. We need to do it again." He says. I laugh. We stop at a red light. Matthew reaches over and gives me a kiss on the cheek. The light turns green. He hits the gas and we ride down the intersection. I look out his window. I see a car coming our way. I didn't have time to say anything. I was smashed up against the door hitting my head on the window, cracking it. I feel really dizzy. My vision is really blurry. "Matthew?? Matthew?!" I yell. No answer. Right after I say that, something crashes into my window, hitting me in the face. I scream out in pain. Just as that something hard and fast hits my side of the car. Everything was in slow motion. The car flipped, I think. My eyes wide open, I tried to turn my head to see Matthew. He face was turned in the other direction of me. I start to see white stars and my vision gets darker and darker. I blacked out. *** I gasp and sit up. I look around. I'm in a hospital bed. A lady wearing a white lab coat had her back turned toward me. "What happened? Where's Matthew?" I ask. She turns around. "Oh good your awake!" She says and runs out. I look down and I have an IV hooked into me. I look at my hands. They have a few scratches and cuts on them. My arms have bruises on them. I feel my head. There was a cut right above my right brow, and when I pressed on my eye, it hurt really bad. So I guess I had a black eye. Doctors walk in. "Olivia, sweetie, are you alright?" He man asks. "I'm fine. Just my head hurts." I say. He writes down stuff on his paper. "Where's Matthew?" I ask. He looks up. So do the nurses. My stomach drops. "No." I say. "No." I say again. "One of the cars that hit was on his side. The impact of the car killed him immediately. I'm so sorry, mrs. Harrison." He doctor says. I lean back. I feel sick. I look at my hand. The ring is still there. I take it off and clutch it in my hand. "You will be able to go home tonight." The doctor says. I just stare. I stare at the wall. "Olivia? Olivia?" I hear a familiar voice say. It's Louis. My vision does that weird thing again where I see hits stars and it gets darker and darker. "Liv?" That's the last I heard. *****END OF FLASHBACK*****
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