The Lying Game

I'm Olivia. I lived with my mom and stepdad, but my mother is hardly ever home. Without my mom knowing, my stepdad, Andy, would hit me, kick me, and slap me if I didn't do things right. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away to my best friends house. And that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. I'm very embarrassed about what had happened, and it upsets me to talk about. But it's hard going back to normal after what happened. When I finally land on my feet in London, I follow Louis and live his life with him. I become very close friends with the rest of the lads. Maybe a little too close. But I don't want to tell them my story. How many secrets can I keep from everyone? I guess I'll just have to play The Lying Game.


41. Chapter 41 (last chapter)

A/N: okay, this is the last chapter but there is a squeal to The lying game but I'm not sure when I will publish it though. I may during summer but I'm gonna be very busy so just bear with me. Thank you so much for favoriting and reading! I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to kik me at rebecca_hester0825 :) 


I slowly open my eyes and roll over. I glance at the clock and gasp. I quickly tug myself out of the bed and run over to my bag. "What are you doing?" Harry asks sleepily as he sits up. "I didn't call and say that I wasn't gonna be at my classes today. I'm gonna be late." I say and take off my shirt. I put on a striped tank top and some jean shorts. "Oh." He says and lays back down. I put my hair into a messy bun and quickly do my makeup. I hear my phone vibrate and pick it up. It was a text from Garett. "Do you need a ride to school?" It read. "Yes! Thank you." I replied back. I yanked my back pack up and walked to the front door. I waited until Garett got here. 


Once we finally got to the huge building, me and Garett both walked in together. "Thanks," I said. "No problem. Do you want to ride home too?" He asked. "I gotta leave early so I'll just get Grayson to come by. But thanks anyways." I said as we both walked into the large hallway. We walked the halls until we reached the right room. Me and Garett both walked inside and found our seats. "Where are you going?" Garett says while taking the seat beside me. "Oh, today Louis and the rest of the boys leave for take me home. I'm going to the airport with them to say goodbye." I tell him. He makes an "o" shape with his mouth. "Where is he going?" He asked. "America." I said. "Dang." He says. I nodded in agreement. "Olivia! Garett! Class has begun!" The professor yells at us. I sit up straight and nod my head. "Sorry." Garett says. The professor shakes his head and turns around. Me and Garett smile at each other. "Middle school all over again." He whispers. I smile at him and he rubs my shoulder. 


"Grayson, come by and pick me up. And hurry." I say to Grayson on the phone as I'm walking out of the large building. "Okay, I'm on my way. I'm gonna take you straight to the airport. I told the boys we would meet them there." Grayson says. "Okay. See you in a little bit." I said and we hang up. I walk outside into the hot summer air. I sat down at one of the benches and waited for Grayson to come. After a while of playing angry birds on my phone, I look up and see a truck coming in my direction. "Come on. We gotta hustle." Grayson says as he rolls down the window. I quickly get up and get in the truck. I close the door and Grayson begins to drive. "I don't want Harry to go." I say. "I know you don't. But he'll be back soon." Grayson says. "April," I say, "that's not soon. What am I gonna do? I don't have football to keep my mind off of it." "You have college to keep up with. And me. I'm always here if you get lonely. I'm like the boyfriend you've never had and have." He says. I smile. "I'm like dad." Grayson adds. My smile drops and I look at my shoes. 

We finally arrive at the airport. Fans where crowding the small entrance. We get out and quickly walk through the heavy crowd, with Grayson in front of me. "Olivia!" People yell. I try to wave at all of them, but Grayson was pulling me by my arm. When we finally reach inside, Grayson let go of me but then grabbed me again and I walked with him to find the boys. "Where are they?" I asked. "I don't know." Grayson said like I was dumb. I rolled my eyes and looked around. "Oh! There they are." Grayson says and points. I follow his finger and see familiar figures standing by the plane boarding door. Me and Grayson both walk towards them. "Hey! I didn't think you would come." Louis says walking over to us. I smile and hug him. "Hey, gorgeous." I turn around and see Harry. Louis lightly pushes me over to Harry. I smile at Louis and turn back to Harry. I throw my arms around his neck and hug him tightly. "I don't want you to go." I say into his ear. "I don't want to go either." Harry says. I feel a tap on my shoulder and let go of Harry. I turn around and see Niall standing there. I smile and hug him tightly. We pull away and walk over to the rest of the boys. "How much longer until we leave?" Louis asked. "Um... About 15 minutes." Liam says looking at his watch. "I'm gonna go use the restroom." I say and turn around. I walk away and look around for the bathroom. "Need some help?" I turn around and see Niall speed walking to catch up with me. "Um, yeah." I laugh. He smiles and points. "I'll show you. It's over there." He says and begins to walk. I follow him into what looks like a hallway. "Are the bathrooms down here?" I asked. "I think so." Niall says. I nod. "I'm gonna miss you." I say walking. Niall stops and looks at me. "I'm gonna miss you too." He says. I smile. "You know... I haven't forgotten about that kiss we shared." Niall says more lower. I smile a little. "It didn't really mean anything.. Right?" I say softly. Niall shrugs. "It meant something to me." He says and puts his hand around my waist. I smiled at him and put my hand in his hair. "And I would like it again." Niall whispers just loud enough for me to hear. I look up at him and he puts his forehead against mine. I cup both my hands around Niall's cheeks. He tilted his head up and our lips touched. I smiled and kissed him back. We pulled away and Niall took my hand in his, but let go soon after. "I'm really going to miss you." Niall says. I smiled at him and we began to walk back to the rest of the boys. Once we reached them, everything was put inside the plane. "We are all ready." Louis says. Liam walks up to me and hugs me. I hug him back. "Bye, Livie." He says. "Bye." I say back and we let go. Zayn walked up to me and we hugged. "I'll see you in April." He says and pulls away. I smile. "Bye, Zayn." I say. He smiles and walks into the plane. I turn around and see a teary Louis. "Oh, Louis." I say and he attacks me with a hug. "I'm gonna miss you so much." Louis says and tightens the hug. "I'm gonna miss you too." I say. He pulls away and kisses my forehead. "Love you." He says and hugs me again. "Make sure you text me everyday." I say. "Don't worry." He says and gives me one last hug then walks into the plane. Someone from behind grabs me and turns me around. I was attacked by a hug. "I'm gonna miss you." I say and dig my face into Harry's neck. "I love you." Harry says and kisses my head. We pull away and he kisses me on the lips. We pull away again and hug tightly. We pull away and Harry puts his hands on my shoulders. "Don't cry." He says and wipes a tear away. "Don't miss me too much." He says. "No promises." I say. He smiles and leans down and kisses me. He walks into the plane and waves at me. I feel my heart break. "Don't forget about me." I turn around and see Niall standing there. "Of course not." I say and was pulled into a huge hug. "I miss you already." Niall says. I smile and pull away. "Niall!" I look away and see Paul standing by the door of the plane. "Hurry." He mouths. Niall rolls his eyes and looks back at me. "Goodbye, Niall." I say and kiss his cheek. He smiles and hugs me again. He pulls away and kisses my forehead. He walks over to the door and walks inside the plane. I feel tears spring in my eyes. "It's okay." Grayson says and puts an arm around me. We walk over to the large window that looked over all the planes taking off. I find Harry's plane and watch the small plane fly into the air. As I'm watching it take off, all these things start to flood my brain... Niall kissing me, not once but twice. Niall wanting to say goodbye to me last. Niall taking me back into that hallway, just so he could be alone with me. When me, him and Harry first all meet, Niall and Harry where being weird about something..... It was me. That night at Louis's birthday party, Niall almost fought Harry for me. This whole time Niall just wanted my attention. I put my hand on my head and my legs starting going numb. Suddenly my heart skips a beat and my eyes widen. I tensed up hard. Niall said that kissed meant something to him, and I knew exactly what is was. Niall Horan is in love with me. 

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