The Lying Game

I'm Olivia. I lived with my mom and stepdad, but my mother is hardly ever home. Without my mom knowing, my stepdad, Andy, would hit me, kick me, and slap me if I didn't do things right. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away to my best friends house. And that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. I'm very embarrassed about what had happened, and it upsets me to talk about. But it's hard going back to normal after what happened. When I finally land on my feet in London, I follow Louis and live his life with him. I become very close friends with the rest of the lads. Maybe a little too close. But I don't want to tell them my story. How many secrets can I keep from everyone? I guess I'll just have to play The Lying Game.


33. Chapter 33

I wake with a jump to the sound of my phone ringing. I quickly slide out of the bed and walk over to Harry's dresser where my phone was. I pick it up and answer the call. "Hello?" I whisper. "Hey it's Grayson. Did you make the team?" He says. "Hell yeah." I say. He chuckles. "I'm so proud of you." He says. I giggle and make sure Harry is still asleep. "It's Zayn's birthday today." I say and dig through my bag. I pull out my jeans and a hoodie. "Oh, tell him I said happy birthday then." Grayson says. "I will." I say and slip off my shorts and quickly put on my jeans. "Do you have football practice today?" He asks. I take off my shirt and put on the hoodie. "Yes. I have a game in a couple of days I think." I say and sit back down on the bed. "I need to make sure I go." "Yeah." I say. It was quiet for a while. "I wonder is mum or Andy will see the game." Grayson says. "Why would they?" I ask. "Cause the game is on television, duh." He says. "Oh, I don't want Andy to find me..." I say. "He probably won't be at the game. He'll just know that you live in London." "And you too." "Maybe not." He says. I roll my eyes. "Just when the game is done, come find me. I don't want you to be alone." He says. "Grayson I can do things alone. I don't need my brother to walk me out." I say. "Harry doesn't know about Andy so he can't protect you." He says. "Louis knows. Why can't he do it?" I say. "For gods sake Olivia! I just wanna keep my little sister safe!" He yells into the phone. I look down at the ground and Harry starts to shift in his sleep and his eyes start to look like they are gonna open. "I gotta go Grayson. I'll see you tomorrow I guess." I say and hang up. I lean over the kiss Harry's head. "Morning." I say as his eyes open. He smiles. "Morning, gorgeous." He says. I giggle and he presses his lips against my forehead. "I gotta go to football practice. I'll be back in a bit." I say and walk out. I hear him get up and he speed walks to catch up with me. "Have fun." He says and I grab a water bottle from the fridge. "Oh, I will." I say and he pulls me into him. He gently kisses me and smoothes out my ponytail. "Bye." I say and walk out from his arms. I pick up my football bag and head out. 
As we practiced, cameras and news reporters filmed us and interviewed some of us. "Harrison." I looked up from the ball and saw that one of the reporters was waving his over to him. I smiled and walked up to him. He interviewed me, asking me different questions. "Is this going to be on tv?" I ask the man when we where done. "Yes." He said. I smiled then they took the whole team back to a photo shoot. They gave us out jerseys and our uniforms. I was number 3, my favorite number. HARRISON was written on the back of the jersey and the front of my shorts. Even the bottom of my cleats had my name on them. I put on the uniform and they did my makeup. After that, the lady stood me in front of a black back drop and stuck a football in my hands. She told me as they where filming, to switch sides with the football and move around a bit. I did as she said, with a look that Louis calls a "hunger games look". He said it made me look powerful, but yet innocent. After everyone was finished, we went back to practicing. "You looked pretty while we where in the photo shoot, Olivia." A girl on my team named Lee said. I smiled at her. "Do you do any modeling?" She asks. I was about to speak but Cat walked up. I scoffed. "Of course she hasn't done any modeling. Have you looked at her?" Cat said. I looked at the ground. "I've fed my dog things that looked better than her." She said under her breath. Lee gasped and I gave Cat a long hard look. I smiled at her. "Let me get you something to drink." I said and walked over to the drinks. I picked up a can of Pepsi, and quickly shook it up. I turned around and handed it to her. She smiled sarcastically at me and snatched it out of my hand. "Your Welcome," I said. I grab Lee's arm and stood her back. I smirked at her and she gave me a confused look. Cat began to open the can and it started to make a sizzling sound, then a explosion sound. The Pepsi exploded all over her, and some even got on me. Me and Lee busted out laughing. "UGH!" Cat screamed. I just laughed harder. I bowed and walk away with Lee to finish up with practice. 
"Harry I'm going to Mae's house tonight." I said to Harry as I packed my bag. "No your not. I want you here with me." He says. I slump. "But-" "No." He says. I roll my eyes. "Fine." I say. "Good. Now it's late. We should get to bed. You have a game tomorrow." He said. I nodded and walked into the bathroom. I texted Mae and Garett and told them what Harry said. We worked out a plan where they come by and pick me up, so I would just sneak out. I didn't like the plan but I agreed to it anyway. "Liv?" Harry says threw the door. I quickly took off my clothes and put on my pajamas. I opens the door and walked out. Confused, Harry followed me into my room. I sat on the bed and took down my hair. I heard Harry climb into the bed and lay down. He tugged on my shirt and I turned around. "Livvv." He said. I half smiled and laid down beside him and he wrapped me in the covers. His arms tightly wrapped around my waist and his legs where laying on mine. "I'm sorry." He says. "For what?" I ask. "For not letting you go to that party tonight. I just don't think it's safe." He says. I rub his arm. "It's okay." I say. He lightly kisses my ear lobe and down by my jaw. "Goodnight." I say. 
It was about 30 minutes before Harry was fully asleep and snoring. I quietly tried to free myself from his arms, but his grip was so tight. I had to quickly pry his arms away and I slipped away and out of the bed. He still laid limp on the bed. I hurried out of my room to the outfit I had laid out earlier for me to wear. I put on the white skinny jeans and a white fresh top with a white tank top underneath. I did my makeup, and curled my hair. I thought a minute for what shoes to wear. I didn't have any that would match my outfit. I walked out of the bathroom but stumbled over something. I looked down and it was Harry's white converses. I smiled and picked them up. I went back into the bathroom and stuffed the inside with toilet paper until they fit me. They looked pretty cute with the outfit. I heard my phone vibrate so I quickly went inside my room to get it. It was a text from Sydney. It read, 'we are here:)' I smiled and slide my phone I to my pocket. I walked over to Harry and smoother out the Harry from his forehead and eyes. "I'm sorry." I whispered and kissed his forehead. 

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