The Lying Game

I'm Olivia. I lived with my mom and stepdad, but my mother is hardly ever home. Without my mom knowing, my stepdad, Andy, would hit me, kick me, and slap me if I didn't do things right. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away to my best friends house. And that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. I'm very embarrassed about what had happened, and it upsets me to talk about. But it's hard going back to normal after what happened. When I finally land on my feet in London, I follow Louis and live his life with him. I become very close friends with the rest of the lads. Maybe a little too close. But I don't want to tell them my story. How many secrets can I keep from everyone? I guess I'll just have to play The Lying Game.


27. Chapter 27

Me and Harry bought the food we picked out, and drove back home. I couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened. When I got home, I went into the bathroom to see what mess I was. I gasped when I saw the reflection. There where very visible outlines of fingers around my eye area. You could see the palm print on my cheek. It was bright red. I lifted up my head, scared to look at the mark William had made. It want as bad as it felt, but it was still very noticeable. It was about the size of a quarter and was a dark purple color with little specks of blue. "You ok?" Harry says as he pokes his head in. "Yeah." I say flatly. He shakes his head and moves over to me. I look back into the mirror and just stare at my face. I move my gaze to Harry, who was now standing close behind me. I look at the bruise on his cheek and the busted lip he had. I slump. "You know you didn't have to beat him up like that." I say. "Of course I had to. I don't want him doing messing with you anymore." Harry said and rested his chin on my head. "What did he do?" He asked quietly. I sigh. "Well, he slammed me up onto a wall. I tried to slip under his legs but when I started to run he grabbed my ankle and I fell." I say. "Anything else?" I didn't want to tell him about him kissing me. "Did he touch you.... Anywhere?" He asked. "Harry." I say and turn around. I gave him a "really?" look. "What?" He asks. I roll my eyes and grab my toothbrush and turn on the sink. "Your brushing your teeth?" Harry asks laughing. I shrug and stick the toothbrush into my mouth. He laughs and walks out. I continue to brush my teeth. Harry walks back in with his toothbrush. I smile and he runs the water over the small brush. He swipes the toothpaste onto it and puts it into his mouth. I giggle. I spit and he follows. I rinse my mouth out with water and dab my mouth with the towel. I wait for Harry to do the same. "Now I have nice breath." I say. "Mmhm. Let me be the judge of that." Harry says and pulls me into him. I giggle and put my hands behind his neck. "Are you sure Mr. Styles?" I say giggly. "It would be my pleasure." He says. He leans in and kisses my lips. I giggle as he licks my bottom lip. I let him and his hands rub my back. We pull away and Harry smacks his lips. "Minty." He says. I giggle and rub his arm. "Well I'm glad." I say. We walk back into the den and Harry turns on the tv. "Let's watch the New York City ball drop." I say. He nods and finds the channel. I walk into the kitchen and lay out all the food we bought. I start to work on getting it all plated and set up. I hear Harry singing along to Justin Bieber who is performing. I giggle and sing along with him. Harry walks in smiling as usual. "Help meh." I say. He laughs and comes over to help. He lays out all the chips and I do the cookies. "Liv." I turn and look at Harry. He squirts whipped cream on my nose. "When did you get that?" I ask laughing. I wipe off some of the whipped cream and lick it off. "Just then." He says squirting it in his mouth. "I didn't even hear you." I say. When we finally get finished with the setting up, we bring it into the den. We sit on the couch and eat like pigs while we watch the tv. Harry laughs. "What?" I ask. He looks at me and smiles. "You." He says. I give him a confused look. "Your just so... Adorable." He says and smiles. I smile and little. "What made you think that?" I ask. He points at my feet and I look there. I'm sprawled out and half my body is hanging off the edge of the sofa. I giggle and reposition myself so I'm right by Harry. About an hour goes by and it's almost midnight. During a commercial, I get up and go into my room. I dig out a white tank top and some gray sweatpants. I take off my pants and slide on the sweatpants. "What the heck?" I say as I look at the pants. They are to long and are very Baggie. Oh, they're Harry's. "they look cute on you." I hear Harry say. I turn around and smile at him. "Do you mind if I wear them?" "Not at all." He says. I smile and he walks out. I slip off my shirt and pull over the tank top. I tie my hair into a ponytail and walk back out. Harry had on his sweatpants also. "20 minutes till midnight." Harry says and squirts whipped cream into his mouth. I giggle and walk into the kitchen with him. Harry pops open a bottle of beer and hands it to me. "Whipped cream and beer. Nice combination." I say and take the bottle. He smiles and nods. He opens himself a bottle also. "Promise me you won't get drunk tonight." I say as I take a sip of the bubbly liquid. "I won't. You don't either." He says and points a finger at me. I laugh. I walk back into the den an Harry follows. We stand in front of the tv, staring up at it. When they start counting down the seconds, we both put out bottles down on the coffee table behind us. "Will you be my New Years kiss?" Harry asks. I smile and look at him. "Of course you can." I say. "5-4-3-2-1!" The people on the tv scream. Harry grabs my shoulder and crashes his lips onto mine. I smile into the kiss. "Happy new year, Liv." He says in the kiss. I giggle and feel his hands move to under my bum, and feel myself being lifted up. I hold on to Harry's neck as I wrap my legs around his waist. I move my hands to his hair and pull him closer to me. "Stop being so perfect." Harry mumbles. I giggle and we pull away. I hug him around the neck and he strokes my back. I let go and look at Harry. He smiles and looks at what I think was my neck. "Does that hurt?" He says referring to the bite that William had given me. "A little." I say. He leans into me and lightly kisses the bruise. I smile and run my fingers through his soft hair. "Much better." I say. I feel him smile. He lets me down, but still kisses the stop on my neck. I pull up my sweatpants and pull Harry away from me. "That's enough." I say laughing. "Don't wanna make it worse." I joke and he rolls his eyes and grabs his beer off the table and takes a sip of it. "I think I'm gonna go take my shower." He says. "Okay." I say. He walks into the hallway and I make my way towards the kitchen. I see that Harry's laptop on the table. "Hey Harry, can I check my email on your computer?" I can to him. "Sure," he says. I get the laptop and take it back to the den and drop on the couch. I turn it on and wait for it to turn on. HARRY'S POV: I gather all my stuff together and walk I into the bathroom. I turn on the shower and undress myself. I step into the shower and let the warm water run through my hair. I reached for the shampoo but suddenly drop it as I heard Olivia's scream. My eyes get wide and one thing pops in my head. William. I quickly turn off the shower and get out. I grab my boxers and try to slip them on, but my wet skin to stick to it. "Forget it." I say and throw the boxers on the ground and slam open the door. I run in, but only to find Olivia standing with my Baggie sweatpants and white tank top, holding my white laptop in her hands and mouth hanging open. "Olivia?" I say. She looks up and covers her eyes with her free hand. "Harry your naked." She says. "What's wrong?? Why'd you scream?" I say. She hands me the laptop and I read the email. I my mouth opened and I also screamed. "HOLY CRAP LIV. YOU CAN TRY OUT FOR ALABASTER." I yell. She smiles big and I open my arms but she puts a hand on my chest. "Put some pants on, then I'll hug you." She says laughing. I smile and walk back into the bathroom and put on my boxers and walk back out. "Better?" I say. She nods and slams her body into mine. I smile and wrap my arms around her small body. "When are tryouts?" I ask. "Next week." She says excitedly. I pick her up bridal style and carry her into her room. I drop her on her bed and she laughs. I smile and turn off the light. I climb into the bed beside her. She giggles and I slide her body that fit perfectly in mine. "This is what I love." I whisper. "Me too." She whispers back. I lean down and kiss the bite on her neck and lay my lips there. "Night, Liv." I say. "Night Harry." She says.
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