The Lying Game

I'm Olivia. I lived with my mom and stepdad, but my mother is hardly ever home. Without my mom knowing, my stepdad, Andy, would hit me, kick me, and slap me if I didn't do things right. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away to my best friends house. And that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. I'm very embarrassed about what had happened, and it upsets me to talk about. But it's hard going back to normal after what happened. When I finally land on my feet in London, I follow Louis and live his life with him. I become very close friends with the rest of the lads. Maybe a little too close. But I don't want to tell them my story. How many secrets can I keep from everyone? I guess I'll just have to play The Lying Game.


26. Chapter 26

It's been a few days now, me and Harry just hid away in my flat. I miss the rest of the boys, especially Louis. "You know what to day is?" Harry ask while laying his chin on the top of my head. I held his hands. "What?" I ask. "New Years Eve." He says. I had totally forgotten. "Oh yeah. What are we gonna dooo?" I asked. He let go and went into the fridge. "Well Louis is having a party, I think. But I don't really wanna go." He says. I shrug. "We can have our own little party. Just me and you." I suggests. He turns around. "Sounds lovely. We can go to the store and get some food." He says. He pulls me closer to him. "I'll go get dressed." I say and walk away from his arms. I see him smile from the corner of my eye as I walk back into my room. I pick out a causal tan sweater and some black jeans. I tie my wavy wait into a messy bun, and put on some hoop earrings. I dig out my lace up boots and put them on. I do my makeup, the usual. I walk back into the den and see that Harry has already gotten dressed. A dark green beanie laid on his head. "Are you ready?" I ask and he turns around. "Yeah I'm ready." He says. I smile and he pulls me into him. "You look pretty." He says. I smile and straighten out his beanie. "Thank you." He kisses my nose and pets my bun. "I think you should wear this." He says and takes off his beanie. He pulls the hair tie from my hair. My hair flops down over my shoulders. He fluffs it up and slides the beanie on my head. He sticks out his tongue a little while he works. I giggle. "There you go." He says. He stands back and kisses the tips of his fingers like a Italian chef. "Thank ya." I say. He smiles and we walk out of the flat. He opens the car door for me and I happily get in. He walks around the car and starts the engine. He drives down the busy streets. "It's pretty busy." I say. He nods. "I guess they are getting ready for tonight." Harry says. I pull down the visor and flip up the mirror. I fixed the beanie so it was more up on my head. Before I knew it, we where already at the grocery store. Me and Harry get out and start to walk in. Something catches my eye, I look over my shoulder. "What's wrong?" Harry asks. I turn back around. "Oh, I just thought someone was behind us." I say. Harry turns his head, and looks back at me confused. I shrug and we walk in. People stop and look at Harry, but we ignore it. We walk into the aisle with all the junk food in it. "I think we can just get like chips and stuff." Harry says while scanning the aisle. "Yeah, and we can get drinks and stuff like that. I'll pick out some cookies." I walk over to the cookie section and get a simple box of chocolate chip. I bring them back over to Harry and he puts it under his arm. "I'm gonna go to the restroom. Ill be right back." I say as I walk away. "Okay, I'll be in the drink section." Harry yells to me. I nod and continue my search for the restroom. I find a worker and tap her shoulder. She turns around and smiled. "Can you please point me to the restroom?" I say. She smiles and points towards the corner of the store. "It's right over there. Just go through those double doors and the ladies room is the last door on the right." She says. I smile and thank her. I walk in the direction she told me. I reach the double doors and sling them open. I didn't hear them close, but I keep walking. I reach the very end of the hall and step inside the room. I do my business and wash my hands. I fix my hair and open the door. I suddenly ran into somebody. "Oh, sorry." I say with my head down. I start to walk away but I feel a hand on my wrist and turn around. I gasp. "Hey, Olivia." He said. I free my hand of his strong grip. "What William?" I say. He deeply chuckles and puts his hands on my shoulders, slamming back into the wall. I try to remain calm, like Grayson always said for me to do if this ever happened. I never broke eye contact with William. "I just want a little something out of you." He says and lightly runs his long cold finger over my bottom lip. I still stand strong, and not breaking gaze. I can almost hear my heart beating. It's going so fast, it feels like it might explode out of my chest. William chuckles. "Where's Harry? Huh?" He says. I say nothing. "He can't stop me from doing this." He quickly dips his head down and presses his lips against mine. My eyes still open, I don't move. William hungry for movement, he pulls away and slaps my face. I turn my head from the powerfulness. But I remain looking like I'm unhurt, but my cheek stung and was probably red. I wanted to fall out on the spot and just cry. But that would make me seem weak, I needed to prove to him I was strong. "Not gonna do anything. I can change that." He slowly tries and puts a hand up my sweater. I gasp and throw my knee into his area. He stops and squeezes his eyes shut, but he doesn't loose a grip on me. It seemed not to even stop anything. "Oh, your gonna really get it now." He breathily said. Before he could raise his fist I quickly slid down and slipped through his legs. I stood up and tried to run, but he caught my ankle and I went falling at the hard tile floor. I landed on my shoulder, and I screamed out loudly in pain. I clutched my shoulder tightly and squeezed my eyes shut. Pain was shocking through my body, I even felt it in my toes. My body was telling me to scream for Harry, but my mind said don't. I suddenly felt hands around my waist and I was being lifted off the ground. I thought it was Harry, but that suddenly changed when I was slammed back into the wall. "HARRY!!" I accidentally scream as I was thrown into the wall behind us. "SHUT UP!" William screams back at me. I begin to shake with fear and pain. This is something that I never wanted to be in. Where's Harry? Should I scream again? William notices I'm shaking and smirks. "That should teach you not to run away." He said. I try to struggle away but his grip just gets tighter on my arms. I can't take this anymore. I need my Harry. "HARRY! HELP!" I screamed. I see Williams anger build inside him, but he cools back down. He just chuckles and shakes his head. HARRY'S POV: I finally reached the drink aisle and scanned the different drinks. I picked out some drinks and walk back to the aisle I was in. Where's Olivia? It's been like 10 minutes now. I reached out to grab another bag of taco chips. I hum to myself and put the chips under my arm. I suddenly heard a loud scream. I looked up and everyone else did in the aisle. I stayed still. Eyes widened. That wasn't just a scream, that was Olivia. I put all the stuff down quickly and hear a muffled scream of my name. I began to run out of the aisle and look for the restroom. I see a worker who looked very confused and I ran to her. "Where's the restroom??" I say. She stood there speechless. I slump and grab her shoulders. "WHERE'S THE RESTROOM?" I say more forcefully she parted her lips and pointed. I look up and followed the finger. I grunted when I saw it was on the other side of the store. "Thank you!" I yelled and ran full speed down the store. I hear my name being called again. "I'm coming, Liv." I say to myself as I was running. OLIVIA'S POV: William put his cold hand on my stinging cheek. He felted better when he did this. He took his hand off and dipped his head down and began to kiss my neck. I kept my head straight up, trying to fight back the urge to moan. He began to bite down in the tender skin. I couldn't hold it in any longer. I let out a long moan. I feel William smirk. I closed my eyes shut and bit down on my lip. Just then the doors slammed open. William pulled back and his eyes widened a little. "Harry." I breathed. I couldn't move, I was so in shock. He didn't look at me, he kept his gaze on William. He walked toward William. My knees weak, I speed walked over to Harry and stayed behind him. William stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Olivia, go." Harry said still looking at William. "But-" "GO." Harry whipped his head around and have me a harsh look. He was mad, I could tell. I just nodded and hurried out. I closed the door behind me, but kneeled down so I could watch through the small window. I couldn't make out what they where saying. William suddenly reared back his fist and I gasped. Harry quickly punched William right in the stomach. He dropped his fist and leaned down, putting his hands on his knees. That didn't stop Harry though. Harry grabbed William by the shoulders and stood him up straight. Harry kicked William's feet put from under him. Harry quickly moved out of the way as William went crashing towards the ground, landing on his stomach. I heard him yell, but didn't understand what. Harry looked mad, and flipped William around on his back. Harry jerked William up by his shirt and slammed him into the wall. William said something, but he made Harry even more mad. Harry pushed William harder on the wall. "DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH OLIVIA AGAIN." I hear clearly. Harry threw back his fist. His fist smacked William right in the jaw. I jump and close my eyes. I open them back up and William somehow had gotten back up. He looked like he chuckled then out of nowhere William punches Harry in the jaw back. I gasp and cover my mouth. Harry covered his face with his hands and leaned over. William took advantage of this and punched Harry in the gut. "No!" I yelled. Harry got right back up. William's smirk changed into a gasp when Harry again slammed William into the wall. He slung him to the ground and Harry got on top of William. Harry threw a fast punch right in William's mouth. He punched him again in the jaw. Harry yelled something but I couldn't make it out. "YOU HEAR ME?!" Harry yelled. All I hear are the moans of William. I stand up straight and open the door. Harry looks up and runs over to me. He opens his arms and I'm engulfed in a hug. He hugs me tight and kisses the top of my head. "I'm so sorry." He kept saying. I dig my head into his chest. "Did he hurt you?" Harry asks. He pulls away and looks at me. He feels over my stinging cheek. He shakes his head and lefts up my head. He lightly runs his fingers over the probably purple bite William gave me. "Ow." I breath as he pushes on it. "Son of a-" "Harry stop." I say. "Just take me home." I say and wrap my arms around him. He rests his head over mine. "I will." He says. He rests his hand over my shoulder. I jump back. "Ow." I say. He lifts up the sleeve of my sweater to revel the multiple small bruises. He slumps his shoulders. "I'm sorry." He said. "It's not your fault." I say. I look up at him. I see his lip is busted and there is a big bruise on his cheek. I reach up to his lip and wipe away some of the blood. He smiles and I wipe the blood from my finger on my pants. "Thank you." I whisper. "For everything." Harry smiles. "Your welcome, gorgeous." He leans down and kisses my stinging cheek. He wipes his blood off my cheek with his thumb. I smile and he intertwines my had in his. "My hero." I say. "Like I told your brother. I'm gonna protect you like he did." He says. I smile at him. "Shall we?" He says. "We shall." We walk out of the long hallway and he opens the door. I look behind me and look at William who is laying hopelessly on the ground. "Where's Harry now? Huh?" I say at him and close the door.
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