The Lying Game

I'm Olivia. I lived with my mom and stepdad, but my mother is hardly ever home. Without my mom knowing, my stepdad, Andy, would hit me, kick me, and slap me if I didn't do things right. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away to my best friends house. And that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. I'm very embarrassed about what had happened, and it upsets me to talk about. But it's hard going back to normal after what happened. When I finally land on my feet in London, I follow Louis and live his life with him. I become very close friends with the rest of the lads. Maybe a little too close. But I don't want to tell them my story. How many secrets can I keep from everyone? I guess I'll just have to play The Lying Game.


25. Chapter 25

"OKAY BYE!!" I yell at Grayson as he lingers towards the door. I hear Harry chuckle. "You said you would leave after you meet Harry. It's been like an hour now." I say. Grayson slouches and groans. "Alright. I'll leave." Grayson says. I smile and he opens his arms. We do an awkward sibling hug, and I continue to push him out the door. Grayson was almost out the door when he suddenly turned around. "Oh, and Harriet, don't think just cause I apologized doesn't mean I still won't cut off your balls if you mess with Olivia." Grayson says. I roll my eyes. "GO!" I yell. Grayson laughs and walks out. I slam the door behind him. I turn around and Harry was standing there. I smile and put my hands on his shoulders and he put his on my waist. "Finally, alone." Harry says. He leans in and kisses my lips lightly. I smile into the kiss and move closer to him. I run my fingers through his hair and slowly rub his scalp. There was a very loud knock at the door and we pull away. I scoff and swing open the door. Sure enough, Grayson was standing there. "WHAT DO YOU EVER SO HELPLESSLY NEED." I yell. Grayson points his finger at me. "Okay, number one, that didn't even make sense." He says. I roll my eyes and start to close the door, but his arm catches it. I huff and stare and him. "And second...." He hesitated. "Okay, bye." I say. "WAIT!" He screams. "What then??" I ask. He stands there. "USE PROTECTION!" Grayson yells and slams the door shut. "What is wrong with you!!?" I yell. "BALLS." I hear him yell. I roll my eyes and turn back to Harry, who is holding in a laugh. "I get my weirdness from that." I say. He busts out laughing. Once he's finished he stands back up straight, puts on a straight face, and walks into the den. "Is he seriously gonna cut off my balls?" Harry asks, looking worried. "Heck no. He would probably cut his own off while he was yours." I say. "But that-" "Exactly." I say. Harry laughs and pats the spot on the couch beside him. I plop down next to him and he lays his head on my shoulder. I lay mine on top of his. "Are you staying tonight?" I ask. "Yes." Harry says. "Yay!" I say. He smiles. I reach over and grab the blanket off the floor and cover me and Harry both up. We snuggle up underneath it. "Are you scared of my brother?" I ask. Harry chuckles. "A little bit." He says. I laugh. "Don't be. That boy couldn't hurt a fly." I say. "But didn't he beat up William?" Harry asks. "Almost did." I say. "The only person that fought him was Matthew." I say. "Who's Matthew?" Harry asks. I gulp. "Oh, he's a friend of Louis's." I say. "Oh." Harry says. There was a long silence for a while, just the sound of the tv. "You know how you said that you where gonna protect me?" I ask. "Yeah, why?" "Do you really mean it?" I ask. Harry looks at me. "Of course I do. I would walk off the earth for you." He says. I smile and pull him into a kiss. "I love your kisses." Harry says when we pull away. "And I love your cuddles." I say. He smiles and lays down. "Come here." I lay down beside him on the small sofa. He scoots over and I nuzzle my self against him. He puts his protective arms around me and kisses the top of my head. It was probably about an hour that we laid there. Harry started to fall asleep but I woke him up and told him to get ready for bed. We got up and he went to his car to get his bag. He came back in and I already gotten my pajamas on. He got his on and we brushed our teeth together. I leaned up against the wall and closed my eyes. "What are you doing?" I hear Harry ask. I shrug my shoulders and sway back and forth. I open my eyes and Harry leaned over and picked me up and slung me over his shoulders. "Someone's tired." He says. I half giggle and feel myself being dropped on the bed. I roll over to my side and wait for Harry to get in. Harry slides in and gets comfy. I roll over to face him, but he rolls me back over and lays his head on my pillow. He wraps his arms around me and gently kisses my neck. "Night, Liv." He said and I smile. "Goodnight." I say. I close my eyes and fall asleep to Harry playing with my hair.
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