The Lying Game

I'm Olivia. I lived with my mom and stepdad, but my mother is hardly ever home. Without my mom knowing, my stepdad, Andy, would hit me, kick me, and slap me if I didn't do things right. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away to my best friends house. And that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. I'm very embarrassed about what had happened, and it upsets me to talk about. But it's hard going back to normal after what happened. When I finally land on my feet in London, I follow Louis and live his life with him. I become very close friends with the rest of the lads. Maybe a little too close. But I don't want to tell them my story. How many secrets can I keep from everyone? I guess I'll just have to play The Lying Game.


16. Chapter 16(couldn't think of a name)

"Liv." I hear someone say. It pokes my check. "Liv." It says again. I flutter open my eyes. "There those eyes." Harry says. I smile. "Morning." I say. He tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear. "Good morning." He says. "Where's Lou?" I ask. He wasn't in his bed. "Oh, erm, he went with the rest if the boys somewhere." He says. "Oh ok." I say. He nods. I slowly get out of the bed. I brush my tangly hair and pull it into a bun. I feel around my wrist for a hair tie, but I didn't feel one. "Harry, can you get me a hair tie?" I ask. "Where are they?" He asks. "Bathroom." He nods and hurries into the bathroom. He brings one back for me. "Thank ya." I say, reaching for it. He pulls it away. "Wait, you gotta a strand of hair loose in the back. Let me get that for you." He says. I smile and let me do it. He puts his hand around my hair and I ket go. He reaches for the brush. He brushes the hair out smooth, and pulls it up. He twists my hair around and puts the band around it. "There." He says. He did a pretty good job, to be honest. "You did good, Harry." I say while slapping his chest. He laughs and rubs the area that I hit. We walk into the kitchen and I open the pantry. "I want bacon." Harry says. "I can make bacon without burning a single one. Not even the ends." I boast to him. He raises his eye brow. "Oh really?" He says. "Oh yes." I say. "Probe it then." "Get the bacon and I will." He gets the bacon out if the fridge and hands it to me. I get out the paper plates. I lay out the bacon strips on the plate. Harry watches my every move. I throw the bacon into the microwave and close the door of it. I put it in for 1:00. "It's gonna take longer than that." Harry says. "Sh. Don't question my process." I say. He holds his hands up. I wait for the timer to go off. I take it out. Then I rotate the plate, then put it back in for a minute. "Ahh, I see now." Harry says. "Sh!" I say. I do the same process four times. "And... It's done." I say as the timer goes off. I take out the bacon and dab the bacon with a paper towel. I put the bacon on a different plate. Harry picks up a piece and then examines it. He pokes out his bottom lip. I giggle. "It's perfect." He says. I smile. "What can I say. I've got the skills." I say laughing. He laughs. I pick a piece and bite into it. He divides up the pieces then halls the last one in half. We eat the bacon in matter of minutes. We clean it all up and go into the den. "We can watch a little tv. We need to go call the people we are inviting." Harry says. I groan. He laughs. We sit down on the sofa and I turn on the tv. We watch random shows, flipping back and forth. He turns off the tv. "You ready to call 150 people?" Harry asks. "Nope." I say. "Good. Then lets go." He says. I laugh. He helps me off the couch but I stay limp. This seems not to be a problem for him. He simply drags me by my wrists into the kitchen. "Harryyyyy." I say while he drags me. He laughs. When we reach the kitchen I lay there. "Liv." Harry says. I groan. "Liv." He says again. I groan again. He laughs. "I'll go by and get you doughnuts." He says. My head shoots up. "You swear?" I say. "I swear. I'll even buy you a dozen." He says. I get up and and sit at the table. "Shall we?" I say. He laughs. "We shall." He says and sits down by me. We decide that I call the people that I know, and he calls the people he knows. We write out the people we are assigned to call. "And here we go." Harry says. I dial the first number. *** "HOLY CRAP!" Harry yells out as he slams his phone down. I hold up my finger. "Oops." He says. "Alright! Can wait to see you!" I say and hang up. I look at him. "Ok go." I say. He groans some more. I laugh. I look at the clock. It's 3:30. "We where doing that for like 4 hours, Harry." I say. His eyes widen. "Whoaaa." He says. I laugh. We just sit there in silence, staring at each other. He breaks the contact. "Um, I think we need to pick out the cake. I was waiting to do this with you." He says smiling. I smile back. "Ok." He gets up and gets a stack oh paper and some colored pencils. "Lou said you can draw." He says sitting back down. "A little." I say. We brain storm ideas, and draw them on the paper. Nothing we drew we liked. I lean back in my chair. "How about a topsy turvey cake." I say. "Yeah! And it can be a....." "Vegas theme cake!" I yell. "Yes!!" Harry yells. I grab a pencil and sketch it out. It's a red, black, and white cake, with the Vegas sign, but instead of saying "welcome too Vegas" it says "happy birthday Louis." On it. In the middle is a big silver 21. Harry added in some playing cards on it, and little gambling coins. "It's perfect!" I yell. "He's gonna love it." Harry says. He gets up and gets another magazine. "This is the company that makes some of the best cakes I've tasted." He says and sits back down. I take the magazine and flip through it. "The best flavors are strawberry, chocolate and lemon." He says. I think. "Why don't we make one tear chocolate, the middle strawberry, and the top lemon." I suggest. He perks up. "Your good at this, Liv." He says. He grabs his phone and I call out the number to him. He orders the cake, and describes the picture we drew to the person. I look at the clock again. It's 5:00. Where are the boys? When Harry gets off the phone I ask him. "Oh, um they should be back soon." He says. "But where did they go." I say. He shrugs. "When I woke up they where gone. It was just me and you." He says. I can tell he was lying, but I leave it alone. "So where's the party gonna be." I ask. "Well it's at 7:30, and it's at the Grand London hotel." He says. "Fancy." I say while holding up my finger. He laughs. "So what can we get Louis?" Harry asks. "Every year, I always give him a real present, but then a joke one." I say. He nods. "Why don't we get one together, but then get the stupid one on our own." He says. "Ok. Sounds good." I say. We walk into the den and I grab their lap top. I open it up and get on the Internet. I google 'stupid gifts'. I sit on the couch by Harry. I look at all the pictures of the gifts. I start to laugh at them. "What?" Harry says. "Look." I say scooting closer to him. He leans into the computer ache starts laughing. "Which one do you wanna get him?" He asks. I scroll through them. I lean back on the couch and Harry's shoulder lays on mine. "Oh, this one!" I say. I click on the picture. It's a bobble head of Barack Obama, and on his head it has little holes in it. You water it everyday and the grass inside it grows inside it and it looks like hair. Harry busts out laughing. "He'll love it!" He says. I laugh. "Let me see what I can get him." He says while he takes the computer off my lap and puts it on his. I turn myself so I can see the screen. Almost half of my body is under his back, but I like it. He likes out the Potty Putter. We laugh for a while. We both look at each other at the same time. Our smiles fade away. I link my arm into his. We both lean in. I close my eyes. I stop and lay my head down on his shoulder. He lays his on mine. I hear him close the laptop and put it on the ground. It was a while like this, and I liked it, a lot. "I'm back!" I hear Louis shout. Me and Harry both jump up. Harry grunts. I sigh. "Where you?" I ask. "Shopping." "For what?" Harry asks. "Christmas." He says. I turn my attention back to the tv. It's 7:30 now. "I'm gonna go take my shower." Louis says. He goes into the shower. I hear my phone buzz. I reach over Harry and grab it off the side table. He giggles. I roll my eyes and smile at him. The text is from Mae. "I'm excited bout the partay!" She says. "Me to! It's gonna be beeeast." I say back. We text for a while, Harry is secretly looking. I scoot back near him. He smiles. I smile back and continue texting Mae. I look at Harry. "You still owe me doughnuts." I say. "I know. We can get them while we go and get Louis's presents." He says. Louis comes back in. "Ok, I've been dying to see Paranormal Activity 3." He says sitting down on the recliner. "Then lets watch it." I say. Louis gets the remote and scrolls through the movies you can buy. "Here it is." He says and clicks it. It wasn't scary in the beginning, but it started to get really scary. I clutch Harry's arm at times, and I could feel him tense up at times. When the girls start doing bloody marry, I turn my head away. "Nope. Nope can't do this." Harry says, probably shielding his face also. When the movie was over we all walk to our bedrooms. "Well sleep tight." I say. "I'll try" Harry says. I run to my bed and pull the sheets over my head. Every noise I hear I tense up. I look over at Louis who is sound asleep. I slowly get up and them speed walk to Harry's room. I go in and close the door. I panic and try and find Harry's bed. Hopefully he's still asleep so I can just slip in and then get comfortable. I get in the bed and wrap myself in the sheets. I can't believe I'm doing this, but I had to. I was about to pee myself I was so scared. I feel safe with Harry. I feel Harry roll over and giggle. "I figured you would come in here." He whispers. Dang it. "Yeah well." I say. It was quiet for a while. I was just about to fall asleep. An arm was snaked around my stomach. I smile a little. I put my cold hand over his. With his free hand he stroked my hair. "Night, Liv." Harry says.
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