The Lying Game

I'm Olivia. I lived with my mom and stepdad, but my mother is hardly ever home. Without my mom knowing, my stepdad, Andy, would hit me, kick me, and slap me if I didn't do things right. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away to my best friends house. And that best friend was Louis Tomlinson. I'm very embarrassed about what had happened, and it upsets me to talk about. But it's hard going back to normal after what happened. When I finally land on my feet in London, I follow Louis and live his life with him. I become very close friends with the rest of the lads. Maybe a little too close. But I don't want to tell them my story. How many secrets can I keep from everyone? I guess I'll just have to play The Lying Game.


10. Chapter 10 (couldn't think of a name:))

OLIVIA'S POV- I step out of the shower and wrap the towel around myself. I open the door slightly and peek out. No ones there so I speed walk into Louis's room. I close the door behind me and lock it. I turn around and get my phone off his dresser. I look at it and see that I had a missed called by an unknown number. I listen to the voicemail. My eyes get huge. It's Mae. My best friend. Excitingly, I call her back immediately. It rings twice and she picks up. "Hey Olivia!!" Mae says. I smile. "Oh my god, Mae! You have no idea how much I've missed you!" I screech. "I know me to! I saw you on E news, and I found your number in my desk and decided to give you a call!" "I'm so glad you did! Yea, I'm with Louis now. It's a long story...." I tell Mae the whole story, about me running away to Louis and how I got here and who I'm going to live here in London. We talked for what seemed like hours. "So maybe we can see each other." Mae says. "We really need to. Where do you live now?" I ask while pressing the phone against my face with my shoulder. "Oh, I live in a flat here in London." Mae says. I smile. "Are you in college?" I ask. I dig through my bag and pull out a pair of Nike shorts and a t-shirt. "Yeah, at East London University actually." Mae says. "Wow we've been dreaming to go there." I say. I slip on my Nike shorts and shirt. "I know! It's wonderful. I love it. You should come here to, if you want to." "I really want to go to college, but you know, Andy wouldn't let me." I say signing. "He doesn't control you anymore, Liv. Your an adult now. Your 18 you can do what you want." Mae says. I start to think. "Yeah. Your right Mae. I just may do it." I say. "What do you wanna do when you get older? You still wanna be a nurse?" "Yup" I say laughing. She laughs to. "The 2nd semester starts in July. You can start then." "But it's not that easy applying for a college. I mean you gotta pay, sign crap, get ready. And I don't really have the money anyways." I say. It's quiet for a minute. "Well.... OH!!! You got a scholarship! For football! Oh my god yes! You can use that!" I can hear the excitement in her voice. I smile huge. I got a full scholarship to that university and I totally forgot about it. I begin to shake with excitement. "Oh my god Mae! I'm going to college!!" I yell. She screams and I jump up and down like a 4 year old winning a prize. My excitement was interrupted when I hear a knock at the door. "Hey Liv? You ok? You've been in there for like an hour." I hear Louis say. "Oh, yeah I'm fine Louis. I'll be out in a minute." I yell to him. "K." He says. "Was that Louis?" Mae asks. "Yea!" I laugh. "Tell him I said hello and that I miss him!" Mae says. "I will! Ok I gotta go!" I say. "Ok! Bye, love!" Mae says. "Bye!" I say and hang up. I walk back into the den. Harry is half asleep on the couch and Louis is in the kitchen. "Hey." I say. Louis looks up. "Hey. What where you doing in there? You know it's 11:00." Louis says. "Whoa 11?" I say. Louis nods. Dang. "Anyways, I was talking to Mae." I say. "Seriously??" Louis says excitingly. "Yeah! And it looks like I'm going to college to." I say. His eyes widened. "That's great Liv!" He says while giving me a side hug. I smile. "And at East London University too." I say. "That's wonderful! Now all we gotta do is get you on that Alabaster football team." Louis says while walking into the den. (A/N- I made up that team btw I didn't want any confusion haha) I follow him into the den. Harry is asleep on the couch. "Didn't you send a physical to them?" Louis asks. I secretly did without Andy knowing because if he did know, I would get in trouble and I wouldn't be able to go. But being on the alabaster football team, has been a dream of mine since I was 5. Alabaster was one of the best teams in London, or actually England. I knew I would never be as good as the girls on the team. "Yeah, but I'll never make it." I say laying down on the couch. "You don't know that. Your one of the best players I've seen. And that's saying a lot." Louis says while sitting down on my feet. He raises up and I slide me feet from underneath him. He sits back down and I lay my feet back down on his lap. "Yeah, but those girls on the team, are like amazing. I would never be as good as them." I say. "You are amazing. You've been playing since you where 5 and you are a great team player. And you know that." Louis says. "But I sent that form in like a mouth ago. They probably get 100s a day." I say. Louis rolls his eyes. "Stop saying stuff so negative. Look, I'll take you to go work out and practice a little before the tryouts. I wanna make sure you stand out to them also. So, you need to build some more muscle." Louis says. "But what if-" "If you don't get the email back saying you can tryout, then you'll tryout for another." Louis interrupts. I decide not argue anymore, and just nosed my head. "Yes?" Louis says. "I'll do it." I say. He smiles. "Awesome." He breaths. I smile and I turn to watch tv. I turn and look at Harry. He is sprawled out on the couch and dead asleep. I laugh a little. He looks so cute when he's asleep. Like he has no worry in the world. Peaceful. Me and Louis watch tv for a while. I look at the clock and it's 12:45. My eyes start to get heavy. "I think I'm going to bed " Louis says. "Me too." I say. "Where can I sleep?" I ask while we get up. "You can just sleep in there with me. One my other bed." Louis says. I nod. I walk over to Harry. "Go to bed." I say while poking his cheek. "Mmm" he says. I poke it again. "Harrrryyyy." I say. "Whaaaat?" Harry says. His eyes flutter open. "It's almost 1:00. Get in your bed." I say. He slowly gets up and strides to his room. I follow him into the hallway. "Night Lou. And Liv." Harry says. "Night." I say. He half smiles and closes his door. I walk in Louis's room and get in the left bed. I cuddle up underneath the covers. I hear Louis walk in and shut the door. "Night Liv." "Night Lou." He crawls in his bed and gets comfortable. I lay there for a few minutes. Thinking about all that happened today. I could've bearly hold open my eyes. I close them and drift off to sleep.
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