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2. Titanic - The James Cameron Story

Hello World-

As of yesterday, I have discovered a new level of human stupidity. As you all know, I am a writer. And as a writer, my preferred genre is historical fiction.

I've written pieces since early in life based on Anne Boelyn's life, the Holocaust, and even the Titanic sinking. Recently I've decide to take a massive step forward and actually publish my work online for others to enjoy. This was not without criticism though.

Only days after I published my first chapters, I got a comment that read, "You really shouldn't use James Cameron's story. It was his first. You can come up with something just as original of your own."

At first, I simply nodded and went on with my day. A bit of criticism is bound to come to any author. But then it hit me. This person genuinely thought that I had stolen this idea from the Titanic film! Apparently the term HISTORICAL fiction was lost on this guy!

I desperately went through my story time and again, trying to see where I went wrong. Where could this have been misconstrued as an unfortunate copy of the film?

Yes, I used iconic historical figures - Bruce Ismay, John Jacob Astor, Molly Brown, and so on. But it would be impossible to tell the story of the Titanic without these crucial pieces! No good writer could even think of doing it, even if it was only to mention them in passing!

My story, Titanic: Beautiful Eyes, is based, not in the world of romance, having an upper class man/woman and a steerage man/woman somehow magically begin to fancy each other. No, it is actually about the lives of two of the employees of the White Star Line, Miss Cheyanne Darling, a maid, and Mister Albert Ervine, an engineer, who strike up a FRIENDSHIP - a CAMARADERIE! Never once does it mention them falling in love. In fact, in the third chapter, they kiss, and agree that there is "nothing there". From that point, the characters continue in a rather brother/sister fashion.

Moreover, this story does not end with the sinking! The plot thickens as Cheyanne deals with the loss of the people that were closest to her. In all actuality, this is a story of spiritual and emotional growth as the main character learns to overcome the horrible hand she has been dealt.

In short, feel free to criticize my writing. Hell, feel free to criticize me as a person, but never EVER accuse me of stealing somebody else's work. That is so far beneath me, it isn't even funny. Yes, I am partial to a Blaine/Sebastian Glee fic, but never in my life would I even consider taking a topic as sensitive as the RMS Titanic sinking and destroying it by belittling in the form of Fanfiction.

I have put limits on my historical writing. There are some things I just don't touch because the topics are too sensitive and can be easily misconstrued. I have determined that I will never write anything about:

-The Diary of Anne Frank
-Haiti (at any point in time)
-Wilhelm Gustloff (post World War)
-Anything about the American Civil War

So have I overstepped my bounds as a writer by taking on this incredibly heavy subject matter? Potentially. There is, in my opinion, potential for people to take it the wrong way. When in all actuality, my only hope was to be able to she'd light on the heroes of the Titanic who typically go unrecognized.

Consider this - men and women alike knew that they were going to die without question. Yes, the people above deck had a hope and prayer of making it aboard a lifeboat, even if it looked grim. The men who stayed below deck (the employees of White Star) along with others who were trying to herd patrons above deck, were hopeless cases. They pretty much signed their lives away by staying in the guts of the ship as it went down. It is the minds of these people I am concerned about. The unsung souls.

How many times have you heard a story or seen an article about the big names (Molly Brown, John Jacob Astor, Captain Smith)? Tons!

Now I ask, have you even heard the names of some of the men who fought to the last possible second to keep that ship afloat? Surely their spirits haven't been properly put to rest and their deaths were rather horrific and unsettling. All I want to do is to do these young (and old) men and women justice even in their passing.

So, yeah...

This has been YOUR Daily Dose of Common Sense! Has something been aggravating you lately? Email me at mollygrace1234@gmail dot com and I might just add it in! :)
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