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This is more or less everything that is wrong with society with a humorous twist! I will probably post once or twice a day with my Daily Doses, but I'd like to hear yours as well! If you have something you've been itching to get off your chest, leave it in the comments! I might write an article about it! This is meant to be interactive, so I appreciate all responses!


1. Breaking Dawn, Part 2

CorinthianScoreThe movie started and it wasn't too terrible. I've never really been a fan of the series, but I've always been intrigued by the Volturi. Where did they come from? Why were they deemed royalty?

That being said, I come now with a review of the final movie. Like I said, the plot wasn't bad. It was the writing that fell a little flat. And yes, I have read the books, but I still think they could've done something to jazz it up a bit.

For example, Garrett's introductory line went something like this:

Rosalie: "Carlisle needs you."
Garrett: "Sounds interesting. But first let me finish my meal."

Now, just let me say, I'm sure I couldn't do any better, but it sounded just a little hokey. And the entire look and idea of Garrett was supposed to be, 'Hi. I'm a badass.' Or at least that's what I assumed. But the actor's lines just didn't match the badass-ery he was supposed to be portraying.

And don't even get me started on Kristen Stewart's performance. I kept on holding out hope because she was absolutely magical in, "The Runaways" and "Cake Eaters", but her performance in Twilight only continued to get worse. The "epic finale" was no exception. Her performance fell flat at best. There were moments when, I daresay, she sounded like a seventy-year-old smoker. Not to mention the awkward sex scene. That was just....ick. No. Chemistry.

Also, Michael Sheen's laugh continued to get more and more domentend throughout the series. In this movie, though, it went a bit beyond the "creepy" place ad actually became a bit comical. And I found myself laughing at times when I wasn't sure it was appropriate. Again, I can assume some of this can be accredited to the poor writing.

Noel Fisher playing Vladimir was an excellent choice in my opinion. And he probably got to speak more than anybody else in the whole movie, other than Bella of course. But THE ACCENT! It was just SOOOOO fake! I know they'd have trouble finding somebody with an accent similar to what they were looking for, but why not hire somebody with SOME kind of a real accent instead of settling for turning an American 'dude' into a pseudo-Romanian.

Finally, though, I'd like to say that the fight sequence was good. Until they started tearing off each toger's heads. There had to have been some way for them to get better CGI. I've seen better special effects on Daytime TV. When they ripped Caius' (Jamie Campbell Bower) head off, it looked like something out of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I actually laughed a bit while watching that scene.

All in all, I'd probably give it about a 6.5. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't spectacular, either. There wasn't really anything that particularly blew my skirt up. Although I do have to say, this was probably the best of the series, save for the first. I've always been a sucker for Catherine Hardwicke's work. I'm sure if they would've kept her on for the whole series, I would've been much for fond. Either way, good job. The actors are fantastic and talented. Hopefully now they can continue to do work where they can reach their full potential. For most of them, Twilight will only be the beginning.
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