Fighting For Love....

Sarah is just an ordinary directioner. She has to move to Holmes Chapel. she is very excited about this she jokes and says what if I run into one direction! to her friends back in her hometown.
Maybe she will
maybe 3 of the boys will fall for her and they all will fight for her.
who will she chose?
will she end up alone.


5. Wait Where Are We Going?

Sarah's POV

We walked out to the street. We walked passed my house.

"uhm my house was right there."

"I know."

"Then where are we going?" I asked him.

"I don't know where ever our feet take us." he winked. I just smiled and kept following him.

"So Sarah tell me about yourself."

"What do you want to know?"


"uhm I don't know what to tell you."

"Well what do you like to do?"

"Uhm when i'm bored I just mess around on the piano and listen to music sometimes sing."

"oh well pretty much what I like to do."

"So where are the boys at?"

"We have almost two months off they should be here anytime soon they are stay at my house for a couple of weeks."

"Oh cool."

"Do you want to meet them?"


We were just walking around the block."

"So is this getting boring just walking in circles around the block?"

"Eh it's pretty fun i guess." I smiled.


So we walked around a while.

"So do you wanna head back?"

"Sure my mum probobly is wandering where i am." I said.

"Okay lets go then."

We walked back to our corner.

"Nice meeting you Sarah i hope to see you around more often."

"okay. You probobly will. You know I just live right here." I winked.

"Okay well maybe when the boys get here you can meet them."

"Okay. bye Harry nice meeting you!"

He went to his house and I went inside.

"Mum i'm home!" I yelled.

"Okay what did you do."

"Harry and I walked around the block.""


"Mum he's amazing."

She just smiled.

It was 7:30 Jet Lag sucks.

"mum i'm going to bed im so tired i hate jet lag"


So I went upstairs and went to bed.

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