Fighting For Love....

Sarah is just an ordinary directioner. She has to move to Holmes Chapel. she is very excited about this she jokes and says what if I run into one direction! to her friends back in her hometown.
Maybe she will
maybe 3 of the boys will fall for her and they all will fight for her.
who will she chose?
will she end up alone.


4. Shocked...

Sarah's POV

Was it him?

"Hello" He said.

I still couldn't make out his face but his voice sounded a little familiar.

"Hello?" I asked curiously.

He stepped in front of the sun.

I saw his face.

His hair.

His eyes.

It was him!

"Hi i'm Harry, I live next door. My mum told me i should try to talk to you."

"Oh uh hi I'm uh Sarah."

"Hi Sarah nice to meet you."

"You too." I said just staring.

"Uhm just wandering do you know who I am?"

"Oh yeah of course I do." I said smiling.

"Oh your just really calm. At first when my mum told me to come over here I was hesitant, But now i'm glad." He winked.

"Oh yeah me too." I had no idea what to say at all.

"So you wanna meet my mum?"

"Uhm sure but can i tell my mum real quick?"


"Actually do you wanna come meet her?" I asked smiling, putting my hand in front of the sun.

"Uhm sure I will." He said. "Okay come on." So I started walking and he followed behind me. I went in the front door. "Mum!"

I heard  A faint voice. "Yes?"

"Come here you need to meet someone!" I yelled. "Okay." She walked in seconds later.

She paused.

"Mum this is Harry, Harry Styles. You know." I said. "Oh yeah of course hi Harry i'm Julia." She said putting out a hand.

Harry smiled and nicely took her hand. "Well I guess i'm going to meet Harry's Mum okay?" I asked. "Okay."

So we walked out the door.

"Okay come on." He said Smiling.

Harry's POV

I was very hesitant to go to the neighbors when my Mum told me I should. Even though I'm used to a lot of girls I don't have security and one girl can do a lot.

But I went anyways. I'm actually really glad that I did. So when I went up to her she looked confused for a while but it seemed when I stepped out of the light she noticed me and then just stood there for a second.

She asked me to meet her mum after I asked her to do the same. So I met her mum she seemed surprised, but also nice.

So then we started walking to my house.

"Okay come on."

Sarah's POV

"Okay." I said back to Harry.

So went up to Harry's door. He led me in. his house was huge and very nice too. "Mum." He yelled. "Yeah." moments later she walked in she was beautiful. "Mum this is Sarah the girl you told me to go talk to." He smiled.

"Oh," she said smiling an winking in Harry's direction. He smiled back. "Hi i'm Ann." She said still smiling. "Hi i'm Sarah." I smiled.

"Okay i'm gonna walk her home." Harry said.

I was shocked I mean I think I could have just walked home alone but I guess he wanted to walk me.

He lightly put his hand on my back and said "Lets go."

I started walking. We walked out the door and to the street.

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