Fighting For Love....

Sarah is just an ordinary directioner. She has to move to Holmes Chapel. she is very excited about this she jokes and says what if I run into one direction! to her friends back in her hometown.
Maybe she will
maybe 3 of the boys will fall for her and they all will fight for her.
who will she chose?
will she end up alone.


3. Holmes Chapel!!!!

Sarah's POV

We were almost there! I was excited to see Holmes Chapel! We were about 30 minutes away!

"We are almost there!" My mum said. I smiled. "Yeah I can't wait!"

After 30 minutes we landed. We were at the airport which was 20 minutes away From Holmes Chapel.

We got off the plane. The airport had A rental car for us. "Come on." My mum said.

"Okay mum." I said.

So we found our car we got the key from the airport people. We got in the range rover and we had to use A GPS, because we wouldn't get there without one. So we finally got there!

I was excited. "Okay the house is on this street." She said. "Oh here it is."

The house was freakin' huge!

"Wow!" I said pretty loud. "What?" My mum asked. "It's just huge." She just laughed.

We had A pretty big yard our neighbors house was on the corner kinda. It was A nice house too.

"Well come on." My mum smiled. "Okay." So we went to the front door and went in it was huge!

The stairs were to the right. So I went up them. I went and looked at the bathroom it was pretty big. Then a couple of feet away. there was A door I opened it. It was slightly small but I imagined that it was going to be the music room. So I went acrossed the hall and there was A big room I guess it was gonna be mine.

So after I went and looked at all of the rooms upstairs I went downstairs. When you went down the stairs to the left was the kitchen it had a bar and was really nice. Then to the left was the living room. it had A fireplace it was pretty big.

Then I went to the back door through the kitchen. The back yard was huge!

"okay we have to get everything out of the car. The rest of our stuff will be here tomorrow." My mum told me. "Okay." So we went out to the car. We got the suitcases we brought.

Then we went back inside.

"So mum my room is the one acrossed from the one by the bathroom." I said. "okay mine is down here." She led me to A big room with A bathroom in it. "Off Limits!" She smiled

I took my two suitcases up stairs. One had my clothes and shoes the other my bathroom stuff.

I yelled down the stairs "I'm taking A shower!" "Okay!" She Yelled back.

Jet lag! I was so tired. It was only 2:30!

So I got in the shower. I put Take Me Home on on my phone. So I sang alond while I washed my hair. When I was done I got out and got my blowdryer.

I blowdryed my hair then brushed and straightened it. I brushed my teeth and then put make up on.

Then went to my room and got in my bag. I got out A grey V-neck shirt and short shorts.

I got dressed put my red Toms on and then went downstairs. "Mum can I go walk?"

"Sure just answer your phone!"

"Okay I will bye!" I walked out the front door.

I went down the road. I walked then I went downtown. I got A drink from this one place.

Then I walked around and saw some stores I thought I would come back tomorrow when I wasn't so tired.

So I decided I saw enough of Holmes Chapel for the day so I walked back to the house. Surprisingly I didn't get lost. When I got to our road. I saw this big black Range Rover sitting there. it was kinda wierd but I just shrugged it off.

So when I got back down the road to the house I looked at the neighbors house that was on the corner.

I saw someone outside with brown hair and was slightly tall, and there was A woman. I looked and he leaned over and whispered to her she whispered back. I just went inside.

I went in the door. "I'm back!" I yelled.


"I'm going to get my skateboard out of the car and hanging out outside!" I told my mum.


So I went outside and got my skateboard.

I got it and then put The 'Take Me Home' album on on my phone and put it in my backpocket.

I went out into the street which was pretty smooth. Then just messed around. Then 'Summer Love' came on so I sang it.

Then I saw that one guy I saw earlier he was walking up to me I couldn't make out A face because of the sun. Then He said "Hello."

Was it Him!?

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