Fighting For Love....

Sarah is just an ordinary directioner. She has to move to Holmes Chapel. she is very excited about this she jokes and says what if I run into one direction! to her friends back in her hometown.
Maybe she will
maybe 3 of the boys will fall for her and they all will fight for her.
who will she chose?
will she end up alone.


2. Catching our flight....

Sarah's POV

I got up this morning at 6. I straightened my hair and got ready to leave. I went downstairs to eat and all of our stuff was down there ready to go. I was kinda excited.

I sat at the bar and ate the pancakes my mum made. Then I got on twitter. Harry Styles just tweeted 'Glad to have a month off the boys are over for two weeks!!!' "Oh my gosh!" I yelled. "What what happened Sarah." My mom yelled back. "Oh sorry Harry is in Holmes Chapel right now!!!" I yelled. "Is he really?" She asked. "yeah When we get there can I walk around?" I asked. "uhm its A small town and as long as you keep your phone." She Said. "Yes.

Oh my gosh what if I meet the boys? I hope I do it would be freaking awesome. I guess I will find out.

"Time to go. Everything is packed." My mum said. "Okay mum let me check and see if I left anything." I went up stairs looked in my empty room. It was kinda sad. I looked in the bathroom. "Nope didn't leave anything." I Yelled. "Okay Lets Go." she yelled back.

Its was 6:45. We got in the car and drove to the airport.

We were at the airport its 6:50. I put my headphones in and listened to the Take Me Home Album.

"I'm gonna get something to eat mum." I said. "Okay hurry." I went to the food place and got a poptart and A sprite. I walked back over to her. "Okay our flight is leaving lets go!" She yelled. "okay." so we went over to where our flight was and got on. 

I was so excited.

The flight was gonna be 3 hours. So I just put the album on replay. I kept thinking about Harry being there. I was nervous. So when I get there I will get ready and then go walk around. Really I didn't think I would meet him. I shrugged it off and layed my head back.

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