What Is This? (1D)

Rin is an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. Heartbreaks, laughs, the whole package of being 17 years old. What will happen when Rin thinks she loves one person but another man unexpectedly grows in her heart? Will everything turn out right? Or will everything turn out wrong? Read on and find out.


2. Chapter One


Rin P.O.V

    My phone vibrated telling me I had a new text message:

        <3Shawn<3: Hey babe. I gotta tell you something.

        Me: Hey sweetie(: what's up?

        <3Shawn<3: I need a break..

        Me: ...what? Why?

        <3Shawn <3: I just need to catch up on school work. I've thought about you so much that I've fallen behind.

        Me: ......

        <3Shawn<3: I promise we'll still be together. Ok?

        Me: ...Ok...


By the end of that conversation, I was in tears. I mean, c'mon! Any other relationship is perfectly fine! But whatever. I love him and if he needs a break then it's ok with me. Besides, he said we would still be together, right? So I'm technically still with him.


*3 Days Later*

"Ugh! Why must it be Monday?!"

I shut my alarm off and saw that it was only 5:15 a.m. I still have an hour till I need to get to the bus stop. So I take a quick shower and step out to get dressed. Since my school has a dress code; all I have to wear is a collared shirt and pants, shorts, and skirts(all denim); I put on a blue and white striped (I hope Louis doesnât kill me haha) collared shirt and shorts that stop about mid-thigh. And I put some blue flip flops on. When Iâm dressed, I blow dry my hair and put it up in a messy but cute bun. Then I head to my living room and sit down and turn on the TV to catch the weather: 95° out and clear skies. Thank God I was wearing shorts to school.

By the time 6:15 came around, I was already half way to my bus stop. Yeah I know what youâre thinking and I hate the bus too. But my best friend rides the bus too so itâs much better. I get on the bus and sit next to Amber, my best friend since we were really little. She has red hair and green eyes and is about 5'6". And she is CRAZY! Maybe that's why we're best friends haha.

"AHHH! Rin!!! OMG!" She screamed right in my ear.

"Chill Amber, I'm right here' I said and chuckled.

"You will NEVER guess who is going to come here!" She screamed once again.

Just then, the bus jerked to a stop and everyone got off. As we were walking into school a bunch of girls start screaming and running outside and swarming around a black SUV with tinted windows.

"Oh gosh," I said, "Better go to class before we get trampled" so we went to class.

As soon as we got to class, the bell rang and we sat down waiting for the teacher. Just then, someone walked in, so I looked to see if it was the teacher. It wasn't though. It was a very familiar guy. He had curly brown hair and... I think green eyes but I can't really tell. He was about 5'10. He had a Jack Wills hoodie on. Why does he look so familiar...?












AH! Who could it be????? OMG!!! Haha. Cliff hanger! Do you like it? I hope lol. Comment or something! :D!!

Twitter: @Always_1D_Love

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