Expect The Unexpected

I used to be Harry Styles bestfriend we used to do everything together until he left me. Now im in London on vacation with my two best friend and i manage to catch the eye of Mr Niall Horan and i got to meet Harry again but I found out he is still inlove with me. My life is Hell.



4. The Next Day .


Nialls POV

I got home to see Louis and Harry still up.

"So how was it ?" Harry said laughing.

"Do you know what time it is" Louis sighed.

"It was great Harry what time do we finish rehearsing at tomorrow" I said getting a drink.

"We finish at 4 and then we have the rest of the day off" Louis said as he got up.

"Can one of you's go get Bethany after rehearsals tomorrow" I said smiling at her name.

"Sure ill go get her and are you bringing her back here " Harry said raising an eyebrow "yeah why not" I said looking at harry.

"Great Louis Bethany's coming over tomorrow worst behaviour" Harry grinned cheekily.  I quickly text Bethany

'Thats me home beautiful :) wanna come over tomorrow after rehearsals ? Nialler xo'  

"I can think of about 50 bad jokes" Louis said playfully. My phone buzzed and i picked it up to see it was from Bethany .

'Ofcourse i would love too :)~ Bethany <3'

"I can also think of about 100 ways to embarrass you Niall" Harry joined in laughing. I quickly text back

'I'll get Harry to pick you up at your hotel at 5 x - Nialler xo'

 and i put my phone down to deal with the two idiots. "If either one of you's embarrass me Ill hack your twitter and tweet that Larry is real" I said smirking. 

"Fine we wont embarrass you , but we will embarrass ourself's" Harry said laughing.

"What no"Louis laughing .

"I'm gonna go to bed I'm really tired" I said yawning.

"Yes because kissing makes you so very tired" Harry said laughing.

"What ?" Louis said joining in laughing.

"When I went to get them I found them kissing" Harry said winking at me.

"Okay I'm going to bed Night" I said quickly as I made my escape.  I couldn't wait to see Bethany again.


Bethany's POV (NEXT DAY)

I woke up and looked at my phone I was 8.30 I had half an hour till I had to wake up Emily and Chloe. I remembered everything from last night , the kiss, him saying it was the best date he had ever been on and me promising to go to his house. I got myself something to eat and then jumped in the shower. I got dressed (http://www.polyvore.com/expect_unexpected_part_bethany/set?id=47521032) and went to wake emily up when my phone vibrated.

'Morning beautiful remember Harry will get you at 5 at your hotel :) x~ Nialler x'  

I grinned and quickly text back

"Morning :) and how could i forget - Bethany xox"

I didn't notice how flirty it sounded until i sent it.

"Emily wakey wakey we are going to look at the apartment soon" I said poking my head round her door.

"Go Away" She through a pillow at the door

"Don't make me get the water gun" I laughed.

"Fine Fine Ill get up" She said getting up.

"You and Chloe are so stupid there is no water gun" I laughed.


"No you got up because we are going to see about an appartment today" I said still laughing.

"Oh i forgot about that arent you going to wake Chloe up" Emily said brushing her hair.

"Shes up and ready when are we leaving " I said walking towards the door.

"As soon as Im ready so leave" Emily grinned slamming the door.

"Love you too" I shouted




It was about 10 before Emily was ready and ready to leave. It was a 10 minute drive to the apartment  It looked amazing from the outside. It was a modern building it looked like something a rich person would live in. We pressed the buzzer and went to the 4th floor. There a blonde haired woman was standing waiting for us.

"Hi I'm Anne Styles.This is the Windsor building there are two more but the flats in this one" She said laughing. Her laugh sounded familiar.

"Its this one here"She said walking down the hallway and at the end of the corridor was a pine door. She opened the door to reveal a teenage paradise.

"I hope you's like it. Liz said she will cover the rent till your 18th and then you's are on your own. This way and I'll show you around. All 3 bedrooms are roughly the same size and 2 have en-suites . The one that doesn't is right next to the bathroom though. They all have huge closets and the whole flat is hooked up to wireless" She said walking us though the apartment  Everything we always wanted.

"How much is the rent ?" Emily asked.

"£1300 a month"Anne said turning and smiling. 

"We'll take it" Emily squealed.

"You's can move in next week" Anne said. We all squealed then calmed down again as we saw Anne looking at us weird. I cleared my throat and pulled down the hem of my dress.

"Thanks Anne" I said shaking her hand.

"My son lives in this building too with his friend" Anne said 

"Awesome what's his name ?" Emily said linking her arm through mine.

"Harry Styles. Do you remember him Bethany ? you's used to play together when you's were little" Anne smiled at me "Kinda i remember he had really curly hair. You must be so proud that he is One Direction and he is so talented" I said smiling. I remembered everything playing in the garden and he was my first best friend but id never tell Niall that i chose to forget it. It was 12 years ago.

"Guys that's two what to go get coffee and something to eat . I'm starving" Chloe said looking at her watch.  

"Yeah lets go to Starbucks I need a caramel latte" Emily said linking my arm again.

"I'll see you later Anne I'll drop by Friday to pick up the keys" I said as I was dragged off by my best friends and now flat mates.

We reached Starbucks and we got our orders. Chloe drinks a grande no-fat mocha she doesn't even like coffee she just seen Kurt on Glee order one and now she's addicted.  Emily got my order as well but this time I paid for both. "Guys I'm going out tonight" I said taking a sip of coffee.

"With Niall i guess" Chloe said pulling a face at her Mocha.

"I really don't understand why you buy it if you don't like it Chloe" I laughed.

"Kurt drinks it and so will i" She pouted.

"Go buy a Hot Chocolate or an Ice-Tea" I handed her money and she skipped up to the counter.

"So what happened last night"Emily leaned in. "Me and Niall went out and we both had an amazing time what else is there too tell" I sat and played with my necklace.

"Well did you's kiss hold hands make out or all three" She nudged me.

"It doesn't matter we need to hurry up Harry is getting me at 5" "Thank for the Hot Chocolate Bethany even though its not as nice as yours" Chloe said sitting down.

"We need to leave soon I need to get some boxes and we can start packing. We have been here for ages and we have bought too many clothes for our suitcases" I said laughing.

"Well if you would have packed all your clothes we wouldn't have a shopping problem" Emily said laughing.

"Coming from the girl who almost bought the whole of Hollister  Chloe chimed in.

"Okay Okay I give in" Emily said waving her napkin.

"Hey Bethany" a husky voice said. I turned around to see Harry.

"Hi Curly" I said waving.

"Oh so now you remember me ?" He said laughing.

"I forgot you until I saw your mom and you do look different you know" I said shrugging. Harry sat down in-between Me and Emily.

"Shouldn't you be rehearsing ?" I raised an eyebrow.

"We finished 10 minutes ago I needed coffee so I came here. What are you doing on this side of Hyde Park anyway" Harry said poking my arm.

"Buying apartment's and drinking coffee" I sipped my coffee .

"So your the girls moving into Windsor. And I thought we were going to get some normal people this time" He smirked.

"Is Niall back yet ?" I asked ignoring his wind up.

"He should be all the boys are over at mine . Wanna go surprise Niall"

"Sure Girls i'm away start packing ill be home before 11" I said picking up my coat and walking out the coffee shop with Harry by my side.

"Its like a 2 minute drive" He said shrugging. He was right it took two minutes and them we were outside the Windsor building again. "Ready to meet everyone" Harry said holding open the door.


"Not Really"... 

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