Expect The Unexpected

I used to be Harry Styles bestfriend we used to do everything together until he left me. Now im in London on vacation with my two best friend and i manage to catch the eye of Mr Niall Horan and i got to meet Harry again but I found out he is still inlove with me. My life is Hell.



2. The Date.


Bethany's POV

Shopping wasn't as bad as I expected. I got a simple summer dress with the help of Emily and Chloe. I must admit i was very nervous when we got to the 6th shop and hadn't found anything we all liked. A summer dress was simple and perfect for casual dates. We got a taxi back to the hotel and it was already four pm . I quickly went for a shower and washed my hair. The best thing about having shortish hair is that it will dry quicker. I crimped my hair so it was like the way it was before at Milkshake City .I knew Niall didn't like much make-up on girls. Was it weird that i knew that I asked myself so I put on some mascara lightly and some lip gloss and that was it. The girls were very helpful and didn't ask any questions. I wish i could tell them but it was for the best. I got dressed and put some light jewellery on. And when i knew i was finally alone i screamed and jumped about my room in happiness.


Niall's POV

"You cant just ask out random people Niall . Do you even know her name ?" Louis said shaking his head.

"Her Name is Bethany . She isn't random we were talking for almost half an hour. I know her favourite drink , band and restaurant. Trust me Lou. You know i don't usually talk to strangers but she's different  She's beautiful and funny and I like her. It was like love at first sight" I pouted.

"Trust me"I pleaded.

"Fine but don't break her heart and watch cause the newspapers know we are back" Louis said as Harry walked in.

"What is this I hear about you chatting up a girl without my help" He said cheekily.

"Well Done Nialler" He said as he patted my back.

"How did you hear that?" I said panicking. "I've been standing at that door for about 5 minutes" He grinned.

"I also heard that her name is Bethany . What is her second name and where is she from?" He said talking a seat on the couch beside me. I looked at the clock its only 5 ill get ready soon.

"By the sound of it she's from Glasgow and i think her second name is Lyon. That's what it said on the back of her phone." I said smiling. I could still hear her accent. She seemed very well spoken and her accent was like music to my ears.

"Bethany Lyon. She sounds familiar but i don't know how"Harry said as he got up.

"Don't you need to get ready for your date" He said grinning as he walked though the door. I got up and decided to start getting ready.


Bethany's POV

Its almost seven and I was getting really nervous. I've never got this nervous before a date before. Even though ive only ever been on about 3 dates. And 2 were with the same boy so technically only 2. I checked my hair in the mirror again and redone my lip-gloss  I then decided to leave my room and go sit with Emily and Chloe as they watched an interview. Seeing Niall on TV made my stomach tie into knots and i got butterflies when ever he spoke.

"Harry is my favourite. He's just so charming and cheeky"Emily said giggling at something he said.

"Mines is Liam. He's such a good singer and he's super cute." Chloe said staring at Liam on the TV. I couldn't even bring myself to say Niall's name. As soon as i was about to say something my phone bleeped.

'What room are you in? Im outside ~ Nialler'

I squealed and took a deep breath.

"Promise to act cool when he comes up" I said scowling.

"Promise" They replied in unison.

'Second Floor room 234 its right across from the elevator~Bethany'

I texted back. I then turned to Emily and Chloe .

"Rooms now before I get the water gun . Its ice water today" I grinned playfully shooing them.

"Okay Okay we can take the hint" Emily said .

"Lets go spy on the boys from downstairs . You get a perfect view from my room" Chloe said getting up off the couch and they both ran to her room. As their door slammed there was a knock at the door. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Hey Bethany" Niall said leaning against the door frame. He took my breath away.

"Hi Niall" I said breathlessly.

"You look amazing and here i got you these. I hope you like them." Then he handed me some yellow roses.

"Thanks there my favourite" I said grinning.

"Really" His face lit up. " I just guessed and they were the prettiest in the shop"

"They are beautiful. Thank you" I said while putting them in a vase.

"You ready to go" He was still smiling. "Yeah just let me grab my phone and we can go" I went over to the couch and picked up my phone. I looked down at it. 3 New Texts from Emily and Chloe. I decided just to ignore them.

"Lets go" I said walking towards the door. As we got to the elevator my phone bleeped again. I looked down to see i had a text from Niall even though he was standing right next to me.

'You look beautiful tonight x~Nialler'

I smiled as I read it and then blushed when i looked up to find him smiling right at me.

"Thanks" I said shyly. "Any time" He winked at me as we stepped out of the elevator. Which made me blush even more. I probably looked as red as a tomato but i didn't care.

"I can't drive" Niall said laughing as we got outside

"But I managed to talk Harry into driving us" He said as we got to the car .

"Awesome" I said as Niall opened the door.

"After you." He said gesturing to the car.

"Thanks" I climbed in and tried to put on my seatbelt. I looked up to find Niall already in the car with his seatbelt done.

"Here I'll help"He said as he smoothly fastened the seatbelt. "So where are you's going" Harry grinned as he turned around to look at us.

"That park i told you about" Niall said smoothly.I smiled at Niall who looked a bit insecure. I squeezed his hand and he looked up and smiled at me. I love his eyes . They were the most amazing shade of blue and he looked good in his white polo shirt ,his purple hoodie and grey chinos. My phone bleeped again.

"Sorry i should probably put that on silent" I said blushing. It was a text from Emily again.


She can wait a few hours.I was out with Niall she is the least of my worries. I put my phone on silent and into my bag.

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