Expect The Unexpected

I used to be Harry Styles bestfriend we used to do everything together until he left me. Now im in London on vacation with my two best friend and i manage to catch the eye of Mr Niall Horan and i got to meet Harry again but I found out he is still inlove with me. My life is Hell.



3. The Date (Part 2)

Bethany's POV 

The drive was pretty quiet and Niall held my hand the whole time. I saw Harry look up at us a few times and smiled at us. The drive was about twenty minutes but it felt like forever. As we got out the car Niall and Harry talked but i wasnt really paying attention. I took this opportunity to check my phone. 2 Texts from Emily ,3 from Chloe and 1 from an unknown number. I looked to the one from the unknown number. 
I didn't know who it was from but I wasn't going to bother about it. I locked my phone and put it into my bag. I looked up to Niall holding out his hand for me to take it. I took his hand and looked back at Harry who was now driving off . 

"Ready" Niall said leading me towards the park entrance.

"Trust me its worth the wait" He said as we walked further and further into the abandoned park. We walked and walked for about 5 minutes until i saw light in the distance. As we got closer i saw they were fairy lights and saw they were wrapped around a bandstand. It was so beautiful I gasped. 

"Its nice isn't it " He said grinning at my expression.

"Its amazing" I whispered. We reached the bandstand to see there was a blanket and a basket on the floor of the bandstand. 

"You didn't have to do this for me " I said smiling as we sat down. 

"I think your worth it" Niall smiled back at me and took my hand. I blushed slightly. 

"Do you know Harry from somewhere babe ?" Niall asked. I got butterflies when he called me that. 

"No why do you ask ?" I said curiously. 

"He said you sounded familiar" Niall said pouring a drink and handing me it. 

"The only way i know him is because he's in One Direction" I said smiling reassuringly as i squeezed his hand. 

"Its okay babe , I believe you "He smiled and i got butterflies again.
The date was amazing . We talked for hours and i found out that he wanted to get married before the age of 30 and he wants to have children but not until he's settled down. We talked about the band and the tour coming up in america and we talked about Scotland and his home town of Mullingar. I told his about how from a young age i wanted to move to Ireland when i got older and how i still do. "Come on its getting cold now" Niall said standing up and brushing himself off. 

"Here" He said holding out a hand to help me up. We began to walk back to the entrance when he put his arm around me. 

"Did you have fun ?" He asked nervously. 

"The best date i have even been on ever" I said the last part exaggeratedly. 

"How many dates have you been on" He asked looking at me. "Like 4" I said laughing. 

"How has a beautiful girl like you managed to only ever go on 4 dates" He said laughing as well. 

"Not many people think I'm pretty never mind beautiful" I said looking down. He stopped and stood in front of me.

"Bethany look at me" He said taking my head in his hands. "You are the most beautiful girl i have ever met but don't tell my fans they will get jealous. People that say your not are just jealous and mean and not worth your time." I looked up into his eyes I had forgot how amazing they were. 

"You are the first person that has ever called me beautiful" I said smiling. 

"Beautiful is an understatement  Niall said leaning in towards me. Before i knew it his lips were on mine. He cupped my face in his hand and then slowly pulled back. "Sorry I've been wanting to do that all night" he said smiling . 

"Its perfectly fine"I said smiling widely. 

"I'll phone Harry to pick us up babe" Niall said talking out his phone. I was still in my own little world. NIALL KISSED ME!!! 

"He will be a few minutes hes not far away from here" Niall said putting an arm round my waist. 

"Glad you had fun" Niall said as we reached the entrance. "It has been one of the best nights of my life" I smiled.

"Really ?" He said blushing slightly. 

"Yeah it was amazing" I said smiling back. Niall leaned in again and kissed me- Butterflies were an understatement  and pulled back as we heard a horn beeping. 

"Don't take all night its almost 11 you know" Harry shouted from the car. 

"Eleven !" I said jumping. 

"I know how time flies. Lets go" Niall said leading me to the car. Emily and Chloe were going to kill me. 
The ride back was much better that the ride there. Niall had his arm around my shoulders and with the other hand he was holding mine. 

"I take it it went well" Harry grinned. 

"It was amazing" I said smiling. How did i sound familiar I was about to ask when niall spoke. 

"You can drop us off next to the park. Ill walk Bethany home and then get a taxi home" Niall said squeezing my hand and slightly smiling. I was almost melting because of his accent. 

"Are you sure dude? I could wait at the park for you I don't mind" Harry said raising his eyebrow. 

"Yep it's fine really" Niall grinned. We reached Hyde Park and me and Niall got out the car. 

"See you later Bethany and Niall dont be too late remember we have rehearsals in the morning" Harry winked at me.

"Bye Harry" I said rolling my eyes and laughing. 

"Come on lets walk you home" Niall said taking my hand. 

"Wow the stars are pretty tonight " I said looking up at sky. There was no clouds tonight so we could see the stars perfectly. We reached the hotel after about 10 minutes of walking. 

"Want to come inside for a bit and get a home-made hot chocolate even though its summer they are still amazing" I said turning to face him. 

"Sure i could stay for a while lead the way" Niall said laughing. "Before we go beware of angry room-mates I didnt tell them that i was going on a date with you so they might freak" I said laughing. We reached the door and i opened it to see two very annoyed room-mates on the couch staring at the tv.

" Hi im back and i brought Niall with me" I called. Emily turned around and ran towards me as i put my bag on the side. 

"Did your phone break ?" She said. No hi or how was it just is my phone broke.

"No why?" I said laughing. 

"Look at it and you will see"she said returning to the tv. I looked at my phone to see 18 Missed Calls. 

"Why did yous call me 18 times" I asked melting chocolate.

"Are you making your amazing Hot-Chocolate ?" Chloe asked coming over to the counter where Niall was standing. 

"Why yes i am would you's like one too?" I said laughing.

"Yes they are amazing with a capital A and we called you because your mum called the main phone she said if you would like she has a friend who lives here in London and she said that she could get us an apartment because we are enjoying ourself so much " Chloe said taking some of the melted chocolate.

"Way to go with the we-arent-talking thing" Emily laughed and joined us. She turned to Niall

"Your in for a treat these are amazing" She and Niall laughed. I gave they there hot-chocolate and they returned to there couch and we joined them. 

"If we move to London does that mean you will go permanent mumsy on us?" Chloe asked. 

"What ?" Niall asked looking confused. 

"Beth here is our fake mother. She takes care of us and helps keep this place clean and makes sure we are safe." Emily said carelessly. 

"She even made my bed this morning" Chloe said laughing. "Its half 11 already im off to bed "Chloe yawned. 

"Beth wake me up about 9 tomorrow I need to go meet your mums friend to look at the flat" Emily said also getting up.

"Night" They said in unison. 

"Night" I said waving at them. 

"The boys are going to kill me when i get home" Niall said moving closer. 

"Half 11 isnt that late" I said laughing. 

"For a boy that needs to be up at 7 for rehearsals it is" He laughed. 

"Want me to call you a taxi" I said reaching for my phone. "Sure".

"I called the taxi and they said about 10 minutes" I said putting my phone down on his shoulder. 

"What are you rehearsing for tomorrow ?" I asked putting my head on his shoulder. 

"For the next tour Its really not that bad rehearsing. Its just the getting up early bit i don't like" Niall said laughing. My phone bleeped. I sat up and reached for my phone 

"The taxi is on its way . I'll walk you downstairs" I said getting up. I held out my hand for Niall to get up. When we got to the lobby the taxi was waiting outside. Niall leaned in and kissed me again before whispering in my ear

"Best Date Ever" he then walked to the taxi and got in. He waved as it drove away and i went back upstairs and climbed into bed when my phone bleeped again 

'that's me home beautiful :) wanna come over tomorrow after rehearsals ?~ Niallerxx 

I began to grin like a crazy person. I quickly text back 
'Of course i would love too :)' before lying down again. My phone bleeped again

I'll get Harry to pick you up at your hotel at 5~ Niallerxx'.

Before long i fell asleep remembering the whole date

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