Expect The Unexpected

I used to be Harry Styles bestfriend we used to do everything together until he left me. Now im in London on vacation with my two best friend and i manage to catch the eye of Mr Niall Horan and i got to meet Harry again but I found out he is still inlove with me. My life is Hell.



1. The Beginning



Chapter 1


"Want to go out today" I yelled from the living room of the hotel. My friend Emily appeared out of her room with sweatpants and a tee-shirt on.

"If it involves me getting dressed then no" She said plopping down on the couch.

"But it’s 29 Degrees and Hyde Park isn't far from here and there will be loads of cute boys too look at" I said batting my eyes and standing with my hands on my hips. I was already dressed shorts and a tank top.

"Get dressed and I’ll let you borrow my expensive makeup" I said smiling at her tempted look.

"Okay but I have to go to a park then I will sunbathe. I desperately need a tan" She groaned as she got up.

"Hannah come here” I yelled picking up my phone. 2 Missed Calls and 4 Texts from my mum. I cursed under my breath as I quickly redialled and went to get Hannah.

"Yes mum sorry I didn't pick up I’ve only been up for 20 minutes “I said rolling my eyes. I am so glad I'm talking to her on the phone so she wouldn't see that.

"Okay I suppose. Call me sometimes I let you go to

London all by yourself and I miss you" My mum said I swear I could hear her crying.

"I miss you too mum. Look I got to go I’m going to the park with the girls. I'll call soon I promise"

"Ok love you Bethany".

"Love you too mum and its Beth not Bethany" I said quickly and hung up before she could answer.

"Hannah get up NOW or I will pour cold water over you and trust me it will be cold" I said opening her door.

"I'm up no need to turn all mumsy on me" She laughed as she brushed her hair.

"We are leaving in 5 minutes for Hyde Park to sunbathe" I said moving to make her bed.

"Wow we are in full mum mode today" She laughed as I finished her bed.

"You will thank me one day" I smiled.

"Ok I'm gonna go get Emily before she goes without us" I said as I left the room.





"I think it has got to be the hottest day of the year" Hannah said as we walked down the main road to get to Hyde Park. It was 29 Degrees outside and we weren't gonna waste it staying inside all day.

 "I'm so glad that you said the idea of going to Hyde Park Beth" Hannah said.

“Remember I want to go to Milkshake City before we leave to go back to Scotland. They have to official One Direction milkshake and yous know we must try it" Emily said.

"I know what kind of fans would we be if we went to London without getting an official One Direction milkshake." I said dramatically.

"Remember we have to see wicked as well you know it’s my favourite musical" I said as I skipped ahead of them.

"It is too warm to stay in the heat" Emily said fanning herself.

"And I really need a drink “Hannah joined in.

"A milkshake sounds good at a time like this then doesn't it" I laughed.

"Let’s go get us a 1D milkshake" Hannah linked her arms around mine and Emily's and we skipped down the road.

"Okay let’s act normal now “I laughed unlocking my arms.

"To Milkshake City" Emily Called.












The walk wasn't that far and it wasn't as busy as we expected. We got our milkshakes and sat down.

"Oh My Gosh. This is the best milkshake I have ever tasted in the history of milkshakes" Emily laughed taking another drink.

"I’ve heard that the boys like to hang out here in their spare time" Hannah said playing with her straw.

"Before you two get any ideas we are not staying here all day for boys who are probably too busy. We are going to the park it’s the hottest day of the year and we are not spending it here." I scowled.

"What if we stay for an hour? It’s only 1pm we will leave here at 2 and then go to the park?" Emily pleaded and Hannah pouted.

"One hour but that's it" I laughed taking another sip from my drink.

"But one of yous is buying me another milkshake" I said pointing to my nearly empty cup. They groaned and nodded.

"I wonder if One Direction is even in the country" I asked.

"I think they are and if they are they will be in London and we are in London too" Emily squealed.

"Stating the obvious much" I said rolling my eyes taking another sip.

"OUCH" Emily hit me across the back of the head.

“That's it Emily your buying my milkshake" I laughed rubbing my head.

"My milkshakes done" Emily said shaking her cup.

"So has mine" Hannah laughed.

"Give me a minute" I drank mine quickly.

"Done" I said handing her the cup breathing heavily.

"Okay we will go get more are you okay here yourself" Emily said standing up .

"Of course" I laughed as I took out my phone.

"I have twitter to keep me company" I waved my

phone at her. They waved at me from over at the counter and then turned to talk to some girls standing there. I looked through twitter and there was nothing interesting, I must have been quite focused because I didn't see the boy now sitting across from me until he spoke. He has bleached blonde hair and was quite skinny. He had a green sweatshirt on and tanned trousers. He looked mysterious.

"Why a beautiful girl like you sitting alone" He said in a familiar voice but it couldn't quite figure out who's it was. He has a beautiful Irish accent.

"Waiting on her friends to buy her a milkshake" I said looking up. He had sunglasses on so I couldn't see his eyes but he looked almost familiar. I raided my mind trying to think who he was.

 "What milkshake are you drinking?" He asked looking right at me or I thought he was. I couldn’t tell because of the stupid shades.

"The One Direction one" I smiled looking over at Emily and Hannah.

"So you like One Direction then?" He asked now looking at his hands.

"Yeah they are amazing. I went to their tour in Glasgow a few months ago" I said as I looked at my phone again.

"Who's your favourite?" He asked. I began to get suspicious.

"My favourite is Niall Horan" I said looking up and I saw a smile appear on his face. Then I knew who he was. He was Niall

Horan! I could tell by his smile I knew he looked familiar and I just told that to him he was my favourite. I smiled brightly at him.

"So what brings you to Milkshake City?" I asked. I couldn’t believe I was talking to Niall.

"I like to hang about. It’s nice and quiet and i get to drink all the milkshakes i want" He smiled again I could hear his Irish accent.. My stomach had butterflies when he smiled.  I felt almost stupid for not getting it before now.

"Awesome" I said trying to play cool.

"What’s your favorite restaurant?" He asked still smiling. This was the most random question yet. I could faintly see his white braces.

"So do you always randomly chat to girls in the middle of Milkshake shops" I giggled.

"Nope" He said popping the 'p'.

"So anyways what is your favorite restaurant?" He smiled.

"McDonald’s I could eat it every day if I was allowed" I said blushing a little at the fact i just said I could eat it every day.

"I know it’s a bit sudden but you seem really cool and I think we would have fun so. Would you like to go out ....tonight ... with me" He said blushing slightly.

"Sure I’d love too but I don't even know your name" I said laughing. I knew who he was i was just wanting to see if he would tell me.

"I know you know I would take the sunglasses off but there are too many girls about" He said smiling I could see he was still blushing slightly.

"I would love to go out with you tonight with you” I said smiling.

"Okay give me your phone" He said putting his hand out for it.

"Okay..." I said confused handing him my phone. He quickly typed something into it and then into his.

"Here you go. I’ll text you the details. I got to go the boys are looking for me" He said laughing looking at his phone.

"Okay have fun” I laughed.

"See you later” He said as he got up and practically ran out the door. I sighed. By that point Hannah and Emily began to walk over again.

"Hey, It’s kind of melted I didn't want to interrupt yous though. Who is he?" Emily said as she sat down.

"I really have no idea" I lied. Then my phone vibrated. I looked down to see I have a text.

'Can't wait for tonight. Where are you staying? I can tell you’re not from London - Nialler'

I smiled at my phone and quickly text back.

'I’m at the Oxford Street near Hyde Park ~ Bethany'

"I’ve never seen you react to a text like that before" Emily said taking a drink.

"That's almost 2 want to take these to go" Hannah said pointing to the door.

"Sure lets go" I said picking up my milkshake and we got up and walked out. I practically skipped to the park. Until my phone went off again i got another text from Niall .Now i was jumping.

'I'll pick you up at 7 at your hotel. Can't wait ~ Nialler'

"Seriously who is this guy and what has he does to mumsy" Hannah said trying to get my phone out of my hand.

"Just a guy" I lied again. I didn’t really lie though because he was just a guy ... A world famous guy.

"We are going out tonight and I need you help to me get ready" I said smiling.

"Let’s ditch the park and go shopping we need to get you ready" Emily said pulling my arm in the opposite direction.

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