Expect The Unexpected

I used to be Harry Styles bestfriend we used to do everything together until he left me. Now im in London on vacation with my two best friend and i manage to catch the eye of Mr Niall Horan and i got to meet Harry again but I found out he is still inlove with me. My life is Hell.



16. Sad , Beautiful Tragic

I went back to the apartment to find Harry and Niall already there.  I walked slowly into the apartment to find Harry already behind me. I looked around the familiar apartment and saw Louis peer out from the door.

"Hello magical people" Harry shouted from behind me.

"Harry you didn't leave me" Louis shouted running up the hall passing me and straight into Harry's arms.

"Louis please stop acting gay" A red-headed girl laughed walking out the living room. She was skinny and beautiful. She had sparkling blue eyes and was wearing the most perfect outfit. (http://www.polyvore.com/chelsea/set?id=51709534) 

"Why not” Louis whined.

"You have such an amazing arse you can’t be gay “She said walking up to him.

"I know right" Louis said putting his arm round her.

"Louis you’re cheating on me" Harry pouted.

"Harry your cheating on me" I said laughing.

"Since when did this start" Louis said raising his eyebrow.

"It didn’t" Harry said laughing.

"Well anyways" I turned to the red haired girl. "Hey I'm Bethany” I said smiling at her.

"Soon Styles" Harry coughed.

"What" Louis said looking serious for once? I growled at harry.

"Nothing" He said smiling.

"Hi I’m Chelsea" She said smiling.

"Chelsea is such a nice name" I said smiling.

"Aww thanks" She smiled.

"No problem" I smiled.

"You’re really pretty” She said smiling

"Thanks" I blushed cuddling into Harry. Louis gave me an ‘Are You Insane’ look.

"What about Niall" He whispered.

"What about him" I said looking down. I began to feel really sick and dizzy. I just wanted to lie down. My head was aching and my arms began to seem really heavy.

"Harry let go of me" I whispered trying to step away from him.  

"Why babe?" He said holding me tighter.

“I want to lie down” I pushed him away.

“Bethany you don’t look too good” Chelsea gasped. I felt my body get really heavy

"I feel really faint" I whispered.

"Bethany are you  ..." That’s all I heard before I gave into the darkness

Harry's POV 

"I feel really faint" She barely whispered gripping my arm tightly.

"Bethany are you  ..." Her grip dropped and she crashed to the floor.

"Phone an ambulance" I shouted as i pulling her into my arms.

"Dialling it now" The Chelsea girl said. I heard her talk on the phone as i just stared at Bethany's face. She looked so peaceful.

"Where is Emily" I said quietly.

"She left" Louis said looking down.

"What do you mean she left" I said through my teeth.

"She ran out crying” He said frowning.

"Why?" I said easing up slightly.

"Because she told her mum she was pregnant and her mum demanded she came home" Louis shrugged.

"Okay. Where's Chloe?" I said checking Bethany's pulse again.

"She’s with Zayn. Tonight was their date" Louis said smiling.

"Worst night to faint babe" I whispered to the limp Bethany in my arms. I smiled slightly.

"Ambulance should be here in five" Chelsea said kneeling next to me and Bethany.
"She's burning up" She said placing her hand on Bethany's forehead. 

"Ambulance is here" Louis said opening the door.

"I’ll go with her you stay here" I said getting up.

"Okay" Louis nodded walking over to Chelsea.

“Let the ambulance team through Harry” Chelsea said putting a hand on my shoulder.

“I’m scared” I whispered.

“I know” Chelsea hugged me.

“Is anyone coming with her?” The paramedic said.

“Me” I said quickly getting up. The ride was slow and full of worry. She just lay there. I need her. She can’t leave me.

3 Day's Later
Bethany’s POV

I woke up to a blinding light. I didnt know where I was or how i got here. I felt someone holding my hand and i scanned my brain for possiblities. Harry or Niall I guessed. I couldnt open my eyes. They felt too heavy. I heard someone talking but I didn’t know who.

"Bethany wake up" The mystery voice said.

"I’m trying" I thought to myself. Wow did I sound sarcastic. I used all my energy to open my eyes. They wouldn’t open.

“Honest to god” I said to myself. I tried again to open my eyes and they opened. Well they opened partially.

“Shut the curtains” I groaned.

"Bethany" I looked over to see Harry smiling at me. No offence to him but wow he looked terrible.

"Harry" I said in a groggy voice.

"Hello Mrs Styles I have been your Doctors for the three days you have been here" A tall male said smiling down at me.

"I’ve been asleep for three days" I said shocked.

"Yes. Your tests have come back and it seems like you have suffered from Dehydration “The Doctor said.

“Oh” was all that I said

“Don’t worry we have fixed it but would you be able to explain the scars on your wrists" He said raising his eyebrows.

“Bethany what is he talking about” Harry said worried.

"Don’t start" I said crossing my arms.

"Why shouldn’t I. I have every reason" He said pacing around the room.

"Harry" I sighed. "It’s nothing" I haven’t noticed but the doctor had left.

"Fine then. We Are Done" Harry said storming out.

"Bethany is everything okay?" Chelsea said bursting into the room.

"I think so" I sighed.

"Harrys just tired" She said stroking my arm.

“I guess so” I shrugged.

"Did Harry tell you about Emily" She said sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Emily well ... well she ... Im sorry Bethany" Was all she said.

"Chelsea tell me what happened" I said full of worry.

"She was found nearly dead yesterday not far from London. She died this morning" Chelsea said before pulling me into a hug.

"What?" My mind didn’t process what she said.

"Bethany I am so sorry" She kept repeating.

"Where is she?" I said getting up.

“Bethany don’t you can’t leave” She sighed.

"Please say this is a joke" I said opening the door. Emily was my best friend she couldn’t be dead.

"Bethany come back" I heard Chelsea say as I walked out the door.

"Emily" I shouted running through the corridor.

"Emily!!" I yelled before crashing against the wall.

"Emily" I whispered as I began to cry.

"Emily was more than six months pregnant. They managed to save her baby" Harry said leaning against the wall.

"Where is it” I said standing up.

"She’s in ICU. She looks just like her mother" Harry said sighing.

"She's a strong little girl" He said looking at me.

"Bethany how did you get those scars on your wrist"

"It was the past" I said looking down.

"Tell me what happened?" He said not taking his eyes off me.

"I got bullied. I couldnt take it" I sighed

"What’s her name" I said getting closer.

"You get to decide" He said looking me in the eye.

"She wanted her godmother to have her" Harry said smiling down at her.

"Can I hold her?" I said shakily.

"Okay but be careful she is fragile and you will need to take amazing care of her" He said taking my hand.

“I have to look after her myself” I whispered walking down the corridor

"What makes you think you will be doing it yourself?" He almost hissed.

"I just thought I would be" I said sighed looking over at him at him. We walked down in silence. He led me into a small room with a cot.

“That’s her” He said pointing over to the small cot. I walked over and peered into the cot. I saw the most beautiful girl in the cot she had beautiful blue eyes and light brown hair. She had the rosiest cheeks and she looked so innocent. I couldn’t help but notice the wires all over her.

“They are to help her breathe. She struggles sometimes” He frowned.

“How long till she doesn’t need the wires” I asked.

“About three weeks. Just so her lungs can mature” He frowned.

“Well, Darcy Emily I hope to take you home with me soon” I smiled down at her.

"You named her" He gasped.

"No we named her" I said smiling.

"Bethany do you really love me?" Harry said stepping closer.

"Yes Harry. I love you and I have since we were little" I smiled.

"Hello Darcy" He said wrapping his arms around me and placing his chin on my shoulder.

"Come on we need to sign the adoption forms" Harry said steering me towards the door.

"Welcome to the family Darcy Emily Styles" He whispered before shutting the door.


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