Expect The Unexpected

I used to be Harry Styles bestfriend we used to do everything together until he left me. Now im in London on vacation with my two best friend and i manage to catch the eye of Mr Niall Horan and i got to meet Harry again but I found out he is still inlove with me. My life is Hell.



12. Rude Awakenings

Me , Emily and Chloe stayed the night with the boys. I slept in Niall's bed . I think Chloe and Zayn slept in Zayns bed next door (The boys live next door to each other) and Emily slept in Louis's bed. Lux's mum came and picked Lux up after Harry sobered up slightly

"BETHANY !!!!" Louis shouted again. Honestly can't he leave me alone and why shout hes right next to me.

"What" I said getting out of bed.

"I want pancakes" He said pouting.

"Do you often watch people sleep" I said crossing my arms.

"Nope" He said laughing.

"Why me then !"I said joining in with the laughing.

"Because you make the worlds best pancakes.Now move it before I pick you up" He said laughing.

"You wouldn't dare" I said glaring at him.

"Is that a dare" Louis smirked

"Lou-" I got interrupted by him lifting me and running into the kitchen.

"PUT ME DOWN"I giggled.

"Okay" He sighed. "Now cook woman" He said laughing.

"Fine but go wake up the others including next door" I said laughing.

"Fine but I get the most pancakes. Should I wake Harry ?" He said standing at the door.

"No . He must have a terrible hangover leave him be" I said quietly.

"Okay" He said skipping out the room. I turned up the radio and began to sing along.

"When She Was Mine
Everything Was Easy
Everything Was Simple
Never Felt So Good When She Was Mine
" I sang at the top of my voice.

"Singing again Bethany" Niall smirked leaning against the door.

"I really should stop sleeping here when I have a perfectly good house down stairs which i need to pick up the keys for today" I said smiling.

"Ill ask Harry to take you if you like" He said pulling me into his arms gently.

"Its fine i'll ask Chloe to drive me"

"Chloe can drive ?" He said raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah how else do you think i got down here. She prefers to walk every where though" I shrugged.

"Okay want me and the boys to help yous move" He said before kissing my head.

"Yeah im not letting Emily lift anything. Thanks Honey" I said before flipping one of the pancakes.

"I think me and the boys are going clubbing tonight you and the girls want to come" He said putting his arm round me.

"Yeah I would love too" I said smiling.

"BOYS ARE YOUS HERE" I shouted. I hear a chorus of yes and i heard them walk towards the kitchen.

"Where is Emily and Liam ?" I asked handing Louis his pancakes.

"Emily has morning sickness and Liam's helping" He sighed.

"Do you like her or something" I said giving Zayn a plate.

"Something" He said laughing.

"What ?" I said laughing

"You said do you like her or something i said something" He said smiling.

"You do like her don't lie" Zayn laughed.

"Be quiet you like Chloe" He glared at us.

"And Chloe is amazing and sexy" He shrugged.

"LaLaLaLa I don't want to hear this"I giggled while covering my ears. Niall, Louis and Zayn all laughed at me.

"Morning guys" Emily said skipping into the kitchen.

"Do you want something to eat honey" I said before giving her a hug.

"Yeah can I have pancakes and dolly mixtures please" I gave her a weird look.

"Guys do you have any dolly mixture ?"

"No but ill run out and get some" Louis said smiling at Emily.

"Cough obvious cough" I said before laughing again.

"Your a bitch Bethany" He said putting his jacket on.

"You love me really" I stuck out my tongue

"No I love your pancakes"

"Just go I'm hungry" Emily huffed.

"Fine" He said before running down the hall.

"Emily are you up for clubbing tonight ?" I said making more pancake mix.

"YEY" I saw her eyes light up.

"But you are not drinking my godchild will not be harmed" i said laughing.

"Stop being such a mum Bethany" She scowled.

"Sorry for looking out for you and your unborn child" I said grumpily.

"Ill skip thanks" She huffed.

"Whatever make your own pancakes then" I said walking out of the kitchen. I just happened to bump into Harry.

"Whoops sor-" I said before looking up. " Oh it's you"I said beginning to walk away.

"Bethany I'm so sorry I love you"He said grabbing my arm.

"Harry let me go" I said quietly trying to pull my arm away.

"Not until you listen to me" He said tightening his grip.

"You have 3 seconds until I start screaming. 1 ... 2...3" I said before screaming at the top of my lungs. Niall came running in.

"Whats up" He said looking concerned.

"He wont let go of me" I said pointing to my arm.

"Harry let go of her" He sighed.

"Not until she listens to me" He said tightening his grip again.

"OUCH HARRY"I shouted.

"Harry Let Go Now" Niall growled.

"Harry your hurting me" I whispered on the verge of breaking down.

"Im Bac- What The Hell" Louis said staring at us.

"He wont let me go" I said beginning to cry. Louis walked over to Harry.

"Let her go dude" He said grabbing Harry's other arm. Finally Harry let go. I ran straight into Nialls room and began to cry on the bed.

"Bethany are you okay ?" Niall said sitting down next to me.

"No Im not" I cried more.

"It will be okay"

"Im so sorry Niall" I said quietly.

"Its ok don't cry" He said before kissing my forehead.

"Im a horrible girlfriend and best friend" I said crying even more.

"No you arent . Emily wouldn't stop crying after you were arguing. She thought it was all her fault and you are the most amazing girlfriend ever" He said before leaning in to kiss me. It wasn't a 'I want you now' type of kiss it was more an 'I love you' type kiss

"I love you Niall" I said smiling slightly.

"You know i love you too Bethany"

"I know" I smiled

"Can i see your wrist ?" He said lifting up the arm of the hoodie.

"No" I said pulling my arm away quickly.

"Why not ?" He said raising an eyebrow.

"Because you will kill him" I muttered.

"I promise i wont" He said giving me puppy eyes.

"Okay" I said slowing lifting up the arm to revelmy wrist covered in blotches of bruises.

"What The Hell" He spat.

"You said you wouldn't" I said quickly.

"I didn't know it was that bad" He growled.

"Its fine really" I pulled my arm back.

"No Its Not"

"Ill stay away from him forever just please dont hurt him"I pleaded.

"Okay" He said calmly.

"I'm gonna go see Emily. Are we still going out tonight" I said leaning against the door frame.

"If your up to it" He said walking over too me.

"I would love to" I smiled.

"Okay" He smiled back before he gave me a quick kiss. I blushed.

"Your cute when you blush" Niall smiled.

"Thanks" I smiled.

"I love you" He whispered.

"I love you too Niall" I whispered back.

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