Expect The Unexpected

I used to be Harry Styles bestfriend we used to do everything together until he left me. Now im in London on vacation with my two best friend and i manage to catch the eye of Mr Niall Horan and i got to meet Harry again but I found out he is still inlove with me. My life is Hell.



7. Love Actually

"BETHANY" I heard harry shout.

"Yes" I sighed as i walked down the hall.

"Come on Lux is down stairs. Get ready for the most exhausting day ever" He said laughing.

"Boys" Harry shouted loudly. Louis ran down the hall and saluted me and Harry while Niall slowly walked down the hall with Liam and Zayn.

"Louis can you go get Lux she likes you" Harry said pointing to the door.

"Zayn can you go double check that we have the right milk for Lux" Zayn nodded and walked up the hall.

"Niall and Liam set up her play things in the living room and the cot in Nialls room its closer to the living room" Harry said shooing them."What will I do ?"I said laughing.

"You can do nothing at the moment and because you are a girl you have to help me look after lux" Harry said laughing.

"You are so sexist"I said pushing him slightly.

"All i heard in that conversation was you are so sex"Harry said winking at me.

"You wish" I said rolling my eyes. 

"Come on I'm so sexy" He said winking again.

"I just don't see it"I said laughing.

"Harry did you agree to Lux spending the night" Louis said carrying a small child and a huge bag.

"Yeah i forgot to say about that her mum and dad are out of town for a second honeymoon tonight" He said taking Lux out of Louis arms.

"Hello Lux are you staying with Uncle Harry and Auntie Bethany tonight. We will take good care of you"Harry said in a babyish voice.

"Looks as if I'm here again tonight. The girls are gonna kill me" I said sighing. 

"Just explain to them and you should be fine" Harry said taking Lux through to the living room. I walked in to find Harry and her sitting on the couch together. Harry would be an amazing father I thought to myself. 

"Can I hold her ?" I said walking over to the couch.

"Sure sit down and I'll give you her" Harry said patting the space next to him with his free arm.

"Sure" I said as I sat down. Harry slowly put Lux in my arms.

"Hello baby. You are so pretty" I cooed. I could see Harry smile.

"Your sleeping in Niall's room tonight and I'll check on you all the time" I said stroking her face. Lux began to open and close her mouth before laughing slightly.

"Oh that means she is hungry ill be back with her bottle don't move" Harry said before kissing Lux's forehead. 

"Hello Lux i really do like you. You are so lucky"I said in my baby voice.

"Hey" I looked up to see Niall walking into the living room.

"Hi finally got the cot up"I said laughing.

"Yeah" He said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Are you staying here tonight to help with Lux ?"He said quietly as he stroked Lux's head.

"I think so"I said looking up again.

"You can sleep with me... If you want"He said blushing.

"Thanks then i can keep a better eye on Lux" I said also blushing.

"Here you go Bethany" Harry said walking into the living room.

"Oh am i interrupting" He said stopping walking.

"Nope just talking about Lux" I said holding my hand out for the bottle. Harry handed it to me and then took his place next to me again draping his arm along the back of the chair. I saw Nialls look of jealousy 

"Don't worry Niall honey I'm all yours later" I said smiling at him.

"Ill hold you to that" He said laughing sitting in the other couch.

"Lux drink and then you can play on the floor"I said in a baby voice again. 

"Harry she wont drink" I said sounding a bit distressed.

"Here" Harry said leaning into me slightly. He wrapped his hand around my waist moving himself closer to me and held the bottle for Lux and surprisingly she drank. Harry got even closer until I heard Niall storm out.

"Take Lux I need to deal with this" I said getting up.

"No stay here he will be back soon" Harry said crossing his arms

"Fine ill take her with me" I said as I walked out the living room.


I walked into Nialls room and saw him sitting on the bed with his back to me and Lux. I slowly put Lux in her cot and walked around the bed so Niall was facing me.

"What is your problem" I asked crossing my arms.

"Is there something between you and Harry I should know about" He hissed.

" Seriously what kinda girl do you think i am"I almost shouted.

"Well i don't know seeing you've spent most of your time here with Harry" He spat.

"Niall I really like you why would i do something like that" I sighed. "I don't know" he shrugged "Fine whatever if you think I'm like that then fine. Im going home now. Goodbye Niall. Tell Harry im sorry" I said before slamming his bedroom door grabbing my bag from the hall and storming out of the apartment. I walked all the way back to my hotel and ran into my room as soon as i got in and got changed before the girls could comment.


"Bethany Babes what happened" Emily said wrapping her arms around me

"He thinks I'm some sort of a slut" I said crying softly.

"What happened ?" She said drying my eyes.

" I was babysitting with Harry and she wouldn't feed properly so Harry helped and Niall got jealous and stormed out we argued and now I'm here" I said sniffling.

"He's not worth it even if he is a sex god"Emily always knew how to make me laugh.

"I can't believe it though. I thought he liked me and i was his girlfriend" I said blubbering at the word girlfriend.

"WAS ?" Emily said

"Yeah as in past because if he thinks i'm a slut and if he doesn't believe me then he cannot have me"I said crossing my arms.

"So your the girl the directioners where talking about" Emily said laughing.

"Didn't you's just go public as well" She said taking out her I-Phone.

"Yeah I'll tweet now saying its over"I said taking out my phone i looked on my twitter to find loads of mentions addressed to me. The ones that stood out were the ones from the boys.

@HarroldStyles - @Beth_LouisNiall WHY AM I NOT IN YOUR NAME! 

@HarroldStyles - @Beth_LouisNiall Where Are You ?!? Im Worried Now ?

@Zayn_Malik - @Beth_LouisNiall Where Are You ?!? All Worried Now !

@Liam_Payner -@Beth_LouisNiall Come back Lux misses you :'(

@LouisTommo - Im marrying @Beth_LouisNiall for her pancakes.

@NiallerHoran - Yeah its true guys i love @Beth_LouisNiall Best Girlfriend Ever

"Oh My God" I said dropping my phone

"If your gonna end it tweet it now" Emily said handing me my phone again

" Should i ?" I said holding back new tears.

"I think you should if that's what you want" Emily said smiling.I took a deep breath and opened twitter.

@Beth_LouisNiall - Me and Niall are not together. Not explaining but honestly its not even worth the tears.

I hit sent when the door knocked. Chloe popped her head round. 

"There is someone here to talk to you Honey. If you don't want to then tough because he almost broke our door. I kept my eyes to the floor. I looked up and saw it was Harry and Lux. I smiled and wiped the remaining tears away from my cheeks.

"Hey are you ok" Harry said walking over with Lux sleeping in his arms.

"Lay her down on the bed and make sure she is comfy. I don't want a cranky baby"I laughed. Harry softly lay Lux down on the left side of the bed.

"So how are you" Harry said giving me a hug.

"Fine i think. Talked to Niall ?"I said shrugging.

"Nope he wont leave his room I went into get Lux who was crying her eyes out and he just sat there mumbling. Weird" Harry said smiling.

"Yeah that is kinda weird"I laughed.

"I have DVD's and all of Lux's stuff because if i dont bring everything everywhere her mum will kill me"He said laughing.

"Yey you and lux can stay tonight if yous want. Ill phone reception and ask for a cot" I said reaching for the phone. 

"They will be here with a travel cot in 30 minutes until then what do you want to do.

"FINDING NEMO" Harry jumped off the bed onto the floor to get the dvd out his bag. We watched the film till the cot arrived then we put Lux in and we lay in bed talking for a bit until we heard shouting and doors slamming. We both stayed quiet and Harry kept me close to him just in case. Then with a bang my door opened and there was a furious Niall.

"What is your status about ! I look like an idiot now !" He shouted.

"Dude quiet down we just got Lux to sleep" Harry said in a deep hoarse voice.

"Oh I'm sorry for interrupting your game of house with MY girlfriend" He yelled back.

"Have you seen my tweet I am your ex now." I said looking over at Lux.

"No you aren't your just being over dramatic. Harry isn't winning this time" He said anxiously.

"Well you boyfriend doesn't think that his girlfriend would cheat would he" I hissed.

"I think I'll leave yous to that" Harry said getting up.

"Niall go away you blew it" I said dismissively

"Look at me Bethany" I continued to stare at the wall.

"Look at me now" He said getting slightly annoyed.

"What ?" I said sighing.

"Your the first girlfriend I've had for 3 years so yeah I'm gonna be protective .I'm sorry but Harry always does it and its not fair" Niall actually looked upset.

"Have you been crying"I said trying not to sound like i care.

"No I don't cry" He said quietly. 

"Ok bye now i have to look after my little niece"I said waving. Niall grabbed my arm and pulled me up.

"Forgive me .Be my girlfriend! I could see myself growing old with you , marrying you and having kids with you. Don't end it before we have even started" Niall pleaded.

"i'll think about it"I dropped again.

"No Bethany its Yeah or No ! Decide now" Wow Niall was weird.

"I don't know ok. Yes i like you and your nice most of the time but what about the rest of the time i cant have you getting jealous over me and Harry's friendship."I sighed.

"I wont get jealous and i wont complain. Bethany im begging you please just give me this one last chance".

"Fine but we are doing this the way it should be. Im not staying over any more or going public till im ready and also we will go on a few dates and then ask me again if i want to be your girlfriend".

"Thank you Bethany you wont regret this" Niall said picking me up and twirling me.

"Now leave so me and Harry can have a girly night" I said shooing him out the room.

"Bethany I really do really like you" Niall said smiling".

"I really like you too and Ill see you soon Niall"I said smiling. Everything was falling into place ...

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