Expect The Unexpected

I used to be Harry Styles bestfriend we used to do everything together until he left me. Now im in London on vacation with my two best friend and i manage to catch the eye of Mr Niall Horan and i got to meet Harry again but I found out he is still inlove with me. My life is Hell.



6. Harry the Trouble Maker


I woke up it what i was guessing about 8am and i could tell without opening my eyes that i wasnt in my bed. I moved slightly to find an arm wrapped around my waist. I turned on my other side to see Niall sound asleep. My first thought was how i got here and then i thought about the girls. They were going to kill me when i got back to the hotel. I remembered hearing Harry and Louis's conversation , watching Toy Story with Liam and Niall. Then the boys joined us to watch Twilight and that Louis bit Harry's neck which was hilarious but that's all i remember. I must have fell asleep while watching another movie. I must admit I didn't mind being in Nialls bed. Its nice. I turned around again so my back was facing him again. I slowly moved Niall's arm so i could get up. As soon as i got up i felt Niall grab my hand.

"Don't leave its cold now" I turned around to see niall pout.

"Ill be back in a minute i need to go get my phone and tell the girls im here" I whispered.

"Tell them later"he said pulling me back into bed.

"I will be two seconds and then ill be right back and ill stay there all day if you want" I said before planting a kiss on his cheek.

"Fine but ill hold you to that"He smirked.
I crept out the room and walked across the hall and into the living room to look for my phone. It wasnt here so I went to check the kitchen. I crept up the hall and into the kitchen to find Harry sitting with his back to the door. He turned around and smiled when he saw it was me.

"Its only 8.30 . Early Riser are we" Harry smirked

"I'm always up before 9 or else i feel like I've wasted the day" I smiled glancing around for my bag.

"So what are you doing up so early" I said walking to the counter where my bag was.

"Song idea i wanted to write down before i forgot"He shrugged.

"Oh can i hear it" I said flicking one of his curls and taking a seat next to him.

"Sure but first can i ask you for a favour" He said smiling his signature smile.

"Well that depends what it is" I said laughing slightly.

"I'm babysitting Lux on Thursday and i could really use some help I've never watched her on my own before. Would you like help me ?" Harry smiled.

"Sure id love to Harry i love children" I said almost jumping.

"Now you can hear the song if you like" Harry smirked.

"Yes please" I grinned

"ok" He said talking a breath

"He talks your hand I die a little
I watch your eyes and I'm in riddles 
Why cant you look at me like that
When you walk by I try to say it
But then i freeze and never do it 
My tongue gets tied the words get trapped.
I hear the beat of my heart getting louder 
Whenever I'm near you
But i see you with him Slow Dancing
Tearing me apart cos you don't see
When ever you kiss him 
I'm Breaking
Oh how i wish that was me" He stopped singing and looked up at me.

"That song is amazing I love it so much" I began to fangirl.

"How did you come up with that" I said smiling.

"Well there's this girl I like and I have liked her for a while now and I want to tell her that I think I love her but she has a boyfriend and it would break him and hes an awesome guy and totally deserves her. Should I still tell her?" Harry said looking down.

"Well you deserve to at least tell her how you feel but wait for the perfect time to tell her like when your alone just in case" I said smiling. I was basically telling him to tell me he loved me WHAT. I grabbed my bag and began to text Emily.

"Bethany i know you heard me and Louis conversation yesterday because we were still talking just before you walked in" Harry smirked.

"All i heard is that you were going to tell her that you love her thats it" I smiled before noticing that's what he said when i left.

"Oh okay then when do you think i should tell her" He said smirking.

"Next time yous are alone probably would be best." I shrugged. WHAT AM I DOING !! alarm bells went off in my head.

"Why when me and her are alone ?" Harry gave me a puzzled look.

"Because say she doesn't feel the same way you do you wouldn't feel as embarrassed.

"Smart thinking" Harry said laughing.We both started to laugh until the door opened.

"You said you would be two seconds so you could text Emily. Its been ten minutes I was extremely lonely" Niall said wrapping his arms around me.

"Sorry dud just stole her for some advice and Bethany i phoned Emily once you fell asleep" Harry shrugged again.

"Come back to bed please" Niall pouted while taking my hand.

"Ok Bye Harry ill talk to you later k text me the details for Thursday" I said as i walked out the kitchen.

"Thursday ?" Niall said raising an eyebrow.

"I'm helping him babysit because hes useless" I said laughing

"oh ok" Niall said closing the door.

"its weird ive known you for a few days yet i feel like ive known you forever"I said smiling.

"I know" Niall said before kissing me. We were kissing for about 5 minutes till there was a knock at the door.

"Niall get up now you have to make breakfast today" Zayn shouted at the door.

"Give me about 5 minutes" Niall shouted back smirking. I laughed.

"No or else ill come in there" Zayn said while laughing.

"Come in all you want I'm still not moving" Niall said laughing even more.

"Come on ill help make breakfast for yous" I said getting up.

"Your amazing you know that" Niall said also getting up.I walked over to the door to see Zayn still standing there.

"Morning Zayn" I said laughing.

"Morning Bethany" He also laughed.

"You get morning and i get shouted at. This is unfair" Niall said taking my hand. We walked through to the kitchen to find Louis, Harry and Liam all sitting chatting.

"Morning boys" I said smiling.

"Morning Bethany" They said in unison.

"Right so what do yous want for breakfast"I said smiling.

"PANCAKES" Louis shouted.

"Scrambled Eggs please" Liam smiled.

"Pancakes too please" Harry winked at me.

"Can i get scrambled eggs too" Zayn said quietly

"Of course Zayn" i smiled putting up my hair

"What would you like Niall" I said planting a kiss on his cheek.

"Can i have pancakes too" He said smiling at me.

"Of course you can" I smiled.

"Thanks princess" He grinned.

"Yous can all go through to the living room and watch a DVD or something till i make breakfast" I smiled.

"Dibs on it being Grease" Louis said running down the hall.

"No" Harry and Liam said shouting while running.

"Zayn lets go stop them till they break my house" He said before kissing me.

"Just shout if you need me" he winked before leaving.
Making breakfast for 5 boys wasn't as hard as i thought. I could here them shouting sometimes and before i knew it i had made 3 plates of pancakes and 2 plates of scrambled eggs.

"Breakfast Boys" I shouted and then i heard Louis shout as he ran up the hall.

"Louis you act like you are 7 years old" I said handing him some pancakes.

"Why thanks you Bethany" He said talking a seat. The rest of the boys walking into the kitchen unlike Louis.

"Sorry about him. This is why we don't let him watch grease this early" Liam said laughing.

"These are amazing" Louis said laughing.

"Why thank you Louis" I said smiling.

"Niall if you don't marry her one day I will. These are amazing" Louis said laughing again.I blushed.

"You will have some serious competition then Lou" Harry said laughing.

"Oh so you'd marry me just for my amazing pancakes"I said smirking

"Pretty much"Harry and Louis said at the same time.

"Ill remember that" I said laughing.

"Love you really" Louis said. Once the boys finished there breakfasts we all went back through the the living room to finish watching grease. I sat with Niall and Louis which was a mistake because Louis did not shut up the whole time.

Princess can i talk to you for a second ?" Niall said standing up.

"Sure" I said raising an eyebrow and getting up. We walked down the hall and towards Niall's room.

"Whats up" I said as Niall closed the door.
"I was thinking maybe even though we have only been together for a day ... that we could go public"

"Yes Niall i would love to"I said smiling. Niall then leaned in my lips meeting his. He held on to me tighter and I wound my arm around his neck. His hands wrapped around my waist deepening the kiss until there was a knock at the door.

"Bethany Lux is coming over I need help" Harry said nervously

"Ill be out in a second"I said between kisses.

"No !!! I need help to baby-proof the place or Lux will be in danger"

"Ok then" I sighed slipping out of Nialls arms and walked towards the door.

Tweet it and tag me Beth_LouisNiall okay?"I said walking out.

"How long till she gets here"I said sighing.

"About 3 minutes" He said grinning.

"Great hide any small things" I said walking into the kitchen.

"The house is already baby-proofed me and Liam done it yesterday" Niall said putting his hands around my waist.

"Did you tweet it?" I said turning around.

"Yeah I hope everyone loves you like i do" Niall said before kissing me again.

"Lets go help Harry with Lux"I said laughing ....

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