Expect The Unexpected

I used to be Harry Styles bestfriend we used to do everything together until he left me. Now im in London on vacation with my two best friend and i manage to catch the eye of Mr Niall Horan and i got to meet Harry again but I found out he is still inlove with me. My life is Hell.



13. Friends Forever ?

I knocked on the door of Harry's room. I needed to talk to him and I avoided it anymore I wouldn't do it.

"Come In"I heard faintly. Just like Niall he had his back to the wall but his room was trashed.

"May I suggest anger therapy" I said picking up his CD rack.

"Bethany" He gasped as he turned around.

"Oh My Gosh what happened to your face" I said running over to him.

"Thanks Bethany love you too" He laughed slightly.

"I meant your eye" I said touching it. He flinched.

"What Do You Think" He hissed.

"Did Niall do this to you" I gasped again.

"No Emily done it" He muttered.

"Never doubting her again" I said laughing.

"Not funny I have a worldwide fan base and if they see this they will freak" He protested.

"Yeah and I will tell them that you got beat up by a pregnant girl" I laughed

"Its not funny"He huffed.

"Yeah it is"



"Not" He said standing up.


"Really ?" He smirked.

"Yep" I smirked.

"Fine" He said before beginning to tickle me and i began laughing uncontrollably.

"Say that its not funny and ill stop"he said sitting on top of me.

"Never" I said between giggles.

"Fine i'll just have to continue"

"Fine Ill say it" I said and he got off me.

"Its not funny ... Its hilarious" I said laughing.

"wow its roasting in here Harry" I said taking off my hoodie.

"Bethany did I really do that" He said looking at my wrist. I didn't really know that to say.

"Bethany i am so sorry"He said sitting down.

"Its fine" I shrugged.

"No its not" He said with his head in his hands.

"Yeah it is" I said sitting next to him.

"Now I understand why you hate me"

"I don't hate you. Yeah you scare me but i don't hate you. I couldn't ever hate you" I said kneeling down in front of him.

"You should hate me" He said hiding his face.

"Don't cry Harry" I said removing his hands from his face to see his eyes red and a tear rolling down his check.

"Don't cry Harry" I repeated wiping away the tear.

"Bethany I am so sorry" He said looking at me.

"I know you are honey" I said smiling.

"Harry are you in here" I heard a pissed off Niall say.

"I need to hide" I whispered.

"The wardrobe" He whispered pointing to the wardrobe.

"Come in" He said as i shut the door.

"Harry stay away from her. I swear if I find out that you have gone near her I will honestly kill you"

"She can do whatever she wants"

"No she cant when it comes to you"

"You cant control her" He muttered.

"Yes I can. Just watch me" He said before slamming the door. I crawled out the wardrobe.

"What The Feck" I said pulling on the hoodie.

"He will be looking for you. You should go" He said dryly.

"Harry ignore him. Hes being a prick" I said crossing my arms.

"He's right though" He said sighing.

"No he is not. He cant stop me" I was pissed off now.

"But he can stop me Bethany" He said raising his voice.

"How ?" I said sitting down.

"Leaving One Direction , telling the fans or tweeting hate against me" He said playing with his hands.

"I hate that yous two fight" I sighed.

"I hate that your with him" He replied.

"At the moment I agree" I laughing. Its sounded really cold.

"Harry can you do me a favour ?" He said turning to face me,.

"That depends" I said raising an eyebrow.

"Kiss me"He whispered.

"I cant"

"Why not ? Isn't it what you want ?" He said standing up.

"Yeah but Niall" I said standing up too  being quite unsure.

"He wont know" He smirked.

"Well if you put it like that" I laughed. He leaned in and lightly kissed me.

"Better ?" I said grinning

"Nope" He smirked.

"Okay then" I said before his lips slowly pressing against mine again. He pulled away smiling.

"Better now" I smiled.

"Tease" He said laughing.

"I need to go I'll come see you later" I smiled.

"Ill hold you to that" He said laughing. I walking out of the flat and across to Liam's apartment. I just kinda let myself in and walking up the hall and into there living room to see all the boys except Harry obviously.

"Babe i was looking for you" Niall said before kissing me lightly.

"Sorry I was on the phone" I lied.

"To who ?" Emily questioned.

"Anne I'm going to pick up the keys to mine and Chloes flat" I smirked.

"Cool" She hissed.

"Chloe you coming" I said smiling.

"Sure" She said getting up.

"Can you drive I hate driving"She said turning to me."

"Bethany can drive ?"Niall raised an eyebrow.

"Oh i forgot she doesn't anymore there was an accident and since she hasn't drove a car" Chloe said sympathetically.

"Oh Okay" He said turning his attention back to the TV

Niall can we talk for a sec" I said quietly.

"Ohhh your in trouble" Louis said laughing.

"Be quiet" I smiled. Niall got up and took my hand and pretty much dragged me through to Liam's room.

"Yes ?" He said quite rudely.

"I heard you argue with Harry. You said you wouldn't" I said quietly.

"You said you would stay away from him" He replied.

"I felt guilty ! Whats your excuse ?" I shrugged.

"I don't need one" He shouted back

"Yeah you do" I yelled.

"Why then" He yelled so loud i jumped.

"Cause i said so you cant control me Niall" I said quietly.

"Didn't say i could" He said smugly.

"Really ?" I raised an eyebrow.

"What ever Harry said was wrong" He shrugged.

"I was in the room" I said smirking.

"What The"

"Caught i think" I smirked.

"Whatever im through with this shit" He said walking towards the door.

"So what are we done or what ?" My eyes began to pool with tears.

"I honestly dont care Bethany" He sighed.

"Really ?" I said my voice full of hurt.

"I dont know" He sighed.

"Fine ill make this easier I am done with you " I screamed as I stormed out.

"Bethany" He said quietly.

"What" I screamed.

"Im sorry"

"Whatever"I said walking out the flat. I went the only place i could think of. Harry. I knocked on his door.

"Harry its me I need you" I said between tears.

"Harry" I said opening his door.

"Sorry babe i didn't hear you" He said pulling me in for a hug.

"What happened" He said pulling me down to sit on the bed.

"Me and Niall were arguing about you and he said that he was through with it and then said he doesn't know about me and him anymore so i said id make it easy for him and broke up with him" I said crying even more. He sighed.

"Bethany you need to fix this with him"He said pulling me into his arms again.

"I don't want to" I pouted.

"Even if yous are just friends you need to fix it"He frowned.

"Where is the Harry i want. The one that would hug me and tell me he's not worth it" I said standing up.

"He's here"He frowned again.

"No hes not" I said crying again

"Okay ill be him if you like" I nodded.

"Come here then" He said opening his arms.I crawled into his arms and we just lay on his bed.

"Sing to me" I said after a while.

"Okay what will i sing ?" He smiled.

"Anything" I replied putting my head on his chest.

"Okay" He said wrapping his arms around me.

"You know ill be your life
Your voice, your reason to be
My love, my heart is breathing for this
Moment in time ill find the words to say
Before you leave me today" He sang smiling down at me.

"Moments" I said smiling.

"Bethany Where Are You" I heard someone say.

"Your not hiding this time" Harry said staying where he was.

"Harry is Bethan- Found you" Chloe said smiling.

"Hey Chloe" I smiled weakly.

"Are you okay ?" She said sitting on the bottom of the bed.

"Better now" I smiled.

"What happened ? We heard shouting and then doors slamming and Niall stormed out the complex. We have no clue where he is" Chloe said the last part quietly.

"We broke up" I shrugged.

"Oh right want to go get the keys ?" She smiled.

"Sure" I said smiling.

"Can we go to B&Q to pick up paint ?"She smiled.

"Sure" I said getting up.

"Harry you coming ?"Chloe said walking towards the door.

"No thanks I'll stay here in case Niall gets back" He said lying down.

"Bye Harry"




As Bethany and Chloe left they talked about paint color which made me laugh. One of the many reasons why I love her. I walked out of my room to get a bottle of water when i found a very drunk Niall and a blond thing walking through the door.

"Dude where have you been" I said walking up to him.

"With Lana" He slurred pointing to the blond.

"My name is Lucy" She squeaked.

"What is that doing here" I spat.

"Her name is Lucy"

"But what about Bethany" I raised my voice.

"She broke up with me"He shrugged.

"But you love her" I said . I was so close to hitting him.

"Whats the point. Come on Lucy" He said trying to get past me.

"No Lucy is leaving now" I growled.

"No she isnt" He said grabbing her hand.

"What if Bethany saw you like this ?" I said as he walked up the hall. He froze.

"I don't care" He muttered.

"If you didn't then why are you drunk ?" I said smugly.

"Because I needed a drink"

"But why did you need that drink"I smiled.

"Cause I was upset"

"But why were you upset ?" I smirked. Finally we were getting somewhere.

"Because the girl i love broke up with me and its all your fault" He shouted.

"The first part was right the second part needs a little work" I smiled. Niall then through himself on me and began to punch me. The door opened just as Niall punched me in the stomach.

"What The Flack" It was Bethany and Chloe.

"Niall Get Off Him" She screamed. Niall didn't stop punching me.

"Niall Horan Get The Duck Off Him" She screamed. Niall finally got off me and stood up beside Lucy.

"A) What The Hell and B) Who is she" She said crossing her arms.

"She is just leaving" I said shooing her out the door.

"Call me later" The blond thing said.

"Don't count on it" I said shutting the door.

"Uncalled for" Niall said crossing his arms.

"Is he drunk" Bethany said pointing at Niall.

"Yeah I don't know how" I replied with a smile.

"ITS GOTTA BE YOOOOOOOOUUU" Niall sang quite loudly.

"Niall shut it" Bethany hissed.


"At least sing a different song" I said laughing.

"I CANT LOVE YOU MORE THAN THIS" He sang as he lay down on the floor.

"Niall you need to sleep to sober up" Chloe said helping him up.


"Bethany put him to bed" Chloe said pointing at Niall.

"Why me ?" She pouted.

"I'll do it "I smiled. " Niall Move" I said pushing him into his room.

"BEDTIME" He laughed.

"Night Niall" I sighed.

"Night Harry" He said laughing. I walked out the room to see Bethany and Chloe were gone.

"Harry help us paint the house" Bethany said jumping out at me.

"Bethany you are doing it yourself" Chloe said laughing.

"Ill help i don't mind" I said smiling.

"Thanks Harry" I saw her blush slightly. I know she loves Niall. Why cant she love me !

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