Expect The Unexpected

I used to be Harry Styles bestfriend we used to do everything together until he left me. Now im in London on vacation with my two best friend and i manage to catch the eye of Mr Niall Horan and i got to meet Harry again but I found out he is still inlove with me. My life is Hell.



19. Final Demands

The taxi ride was short and didnt give me time to think at all  and before i knew it me and Darcy were at the gates waiting on our plane. We were'nt going back to Glasgow. I have a friend who moved to America a few weeks before I left.  I looked at the clock. It was half three in the morning and my flight was at four. I walked with Darcy in my arms trying to get her to stop crying when i accidentally walked into someone. I looked up to see Jamie standing there.

"Jamie what are you doing here ?" I hissed.

"Well i was erm ...  i don't know" He shrugged.

"Truth now" I smiled slightly.

"Okay I saw you storm out so I followed you" He sighed. 

"Why ?" I said raising an eyebrow. 

"Because of the state i found you in last time" He said pulling me into a hug.

"Okay I wont judge" I smiled slightly.

"Are you going to tell me why you are leaving ?" He said gesturing to the tickets.

"Everything"I sighed.

"But is leaving the answer" He said taking my hand in his.

"Yes" I said pulling my hand back.

"But how long will you be gone" He said looking down.

"How long it takes"

"For what ?"

"Them to realize I'm poison" I said walking away. I cant believe i just walked away from everything.

"Is this really whats best Bethany" Jamie shouted. 

"Yeah" I said again as I walked away for the second time.

"Flight 203 to Ohio is boarding now"

"Lets go baby" I said to Darcy.


Harry's POV


I went back to Bethany's apartment after about an hour just to make sure she had calmed down. I opened the door slowly and walked around. I checked every room until I reached her bedroom and sighed with relief. She must be in here. I walked through the door and froze at the sight. Drawers and the cupboard were tipped out and spare clothes were every where. The white walls looked dull compared the the colour from the clothing. I saw a bit of paper on the bed addressed to me. I wanted to open it but I couldn't. I just ran upstairs and straight into the apartment. 

"Bethany Is Gone" I said panting from running

"What !" Niall looked up instantly.

"What are you talking about" Chloe said moving from Zayn's lap.

"Her rooms tipped and her and Darcys clothes are missing" I said sitting down.This was all my fault.

"Where would she go ?" Louis said putting his arm around Chelsea.

"Glasgow ?" Chloe asked.

"Nope she told me yesterday she hated her mother"I replied.

"Wait the only other one I can think about is Aria"

"Rachel lives where" Niall said looking up at Chloe

"Ohio so that means she might be at Heath-row" Chloe said getting up.

"Lets try there then" Niall said also getting up.

"I'll drive" Zayn said getting up.

"Me too " Louis said getting up also.

"Okay Harry and Chelsea go with Louis and Me Zayn Niall and Liam in Zayn's car" Chloe said clapping her hands at us. Walking down to the cars was silent and the only words said were goodbye.

"Harry you can sit in the back" I didnt notice but i was still holding the piece of paper as we began to drive I opened the letter.

Dear Harry ,

                    I never imagined we would end like this but I'm leaving forever. I love you but I'm not right for you. I'm poison Harry. I should never have went to Milkshake City that day and ruined your life's.So me and Darcy are leaving. I don't mean to take her away from you Harry. You were an amazing father to her and I thank you for that. I still remember that day when we where younger. We were sitting outside my house and I forced you to play with my doll house with me and even though I forced you to play you still told me it was the best day ever and when we first met i was such a stubborn girl but you broke that and made me normal. I didn't deserve you Harry . You have always been to good for me. My flights at four and don't try to stop me it wont work.

I love you. Let me go
Bethany xo 


"Her flight leaves in twenty minutes can you go any faster" I said panicking.

"We are going the speed limit Harry" Louis said sighing.

"Well go faster" I said frustrated.

" I cant" 

"Look the love of my life is about to leave to go to America with my child. I Need To Stop Her" I hissed.

"Fine ill go abit faster but if we get pulled over you are getting it"  Louis muttered.

"Thanks Louis" I smiled.




The rest of the drive was silent well until I saw the airport and began to freak out. Louis stopped right in front of the doors and I jumped out the car and ran in hopefully it wasn't to late. I ran so fast and kept running into people but the last person  I ran into I had to stop and talk too.

"Hey watch i -" He said looking up and seeing who I was.

"Harry" He whispered.

"Jamie i think your name is" I said doubtfully.

"What are you doing here ?" We both asked at the same time.

"Saving my fiance" I said sighing.

"Stopping my best friend from making a huge mistake" He said after me

" You's  were just friends" I said looking down.

"Yeah. I stopped her from killing herself and i was trying to stop her from moving to Ohio"

"So that was true" I sighed.

"Yeah" He said laughing slightly.

"Wait you thought me and Bethany were ... No of course not. Yeah she's beautiful but I have a girlfriend and she had you" He said laughing.

"Oh" Was all i could say.

"Go get her" He said before walking away.

"Thanks" I smiled before I started running again.

"When does the flight to Ohio leave" i asked the main desk.

"Ten minutes the boarding line is there" A blonde haired flight attendant said pointing to a huge crowd of people.

"Thank you" I said before running into the crowd of people. I ran right up to the front.

"Excuse me sir but you have to go back to the end of the line" The person at the counter said.

"Do you have a mega phone or a microphone?" I said breathlessly.

"Yes but I don't see how that -"

"Can I borrow it ?" I said standing on the desk and taking the megaphone.

"Has anyone seen Bethany Lyon. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and she is the most amazing person ever" I said as I looked through the crowd.

"Bethany don't do this. Please come back to me" I said looking through the crowd again. And thats when I saw her walking away from the crowd pushing Darcy in her stroller and i jumped off the table and ran to her.

"Don't do this" I said grabbing her wrist and slipped a box into her hand.

"Harry what ?" She said looking down.

"Its the ring" I said sheepishly. 

"Harry dont do this" She sighed placing the ring box on the top of the pram.

"I have to" She said continuing to walk.

"No you don't its your choice" I said catching up with her.

"Bethany" Niall said running up to her.

"Great now the both of you are here. Who's next ?" She said sarcastically

"Bethany don't leave. I wont bug you anymore. You and Harry can get married and I'll be there giving you away and we will all be happy but I love you Bethany don't ever forget that" Niall said grabbing her hand.

"I don't know what I want anymore" She sighed.

"Bethany time to choose " I sighed. 

"Its me or Niall" I said feeling tears in my eyes.

"And if i don't choose ?" She said crossing her arms.

" Then you will be tearing us apart" Niall said quietly.

"Niall you think i should choose to" She said looking hurt.

"Its for the best" He shrugged.

"Fine ... I choose ...neither of you's I cant believe you would make me choose" She said looking extremely hurt now.

"What ?" I said looking at her.

"Bethany you cant do this. We could be happy" I said. "Look my flight is leaving soon. I will be back in a few months for Chloe's eighteenth and until then here are the rules. No contacting me and Darcy. Don't mention me at all during interviews and the last rule is get over me" She said before walking off to the desk.

"Dude where is Bethany" Louis said running up to us.All i could do was point at the door.

"She's gone" Niall said quietly

"Yous didn't stop her" Zayn said putting his arm round Niall.

"She wouldn't let us" I said looking down. I looked down at the floor and saw the ringbox.

"She dumped me" I said bending down to pick it up.

"Oh Harry I'm so sorry" Chloe said pulling me into a hug.

"Lets just go" I said walking away.

Bethany left me and I might never see her again. My  heart is officially broken.

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