Expect The Unexpected

I used to be Harry Styles bestfriend we used to do everything together until he left me. Now im in London on vacation with my two best friend and i manage to catch the eye of Mr Niall Horan and i got to meet Harry again but I found out he is still inlove with me. My life is Hell.



15. Drama Lhama

"Well me and Harry ... Well we almost slept together but Emily came in" 

"Yous what" He said stiffening

"We broke up and I was upset. It meant nothing" I said looking down.

"Bethany why do this?" 

"Do what?" I said looking up.

"Pretend like you don’t like Harry" He said sighing.

"I don’t Niall. I love you I promise you" I said almost crying.

"Why don’t I believe you" He shrugged.

"How do I make you believe me?" I said moving closer.

"I don’t think you can" He sighed.

"Trust me Niall. I love you” I said almost crying.

"How do I know you won’t do it again?" He raised his voice.

"Because I really do love you Niall" I said as tears fell from my eyes.

"Since when" He scoffed.

"Since we began talk about baby names and looking after Lux. I realised then that I really did love you" I said crying.

"Why then?” He said calmly.

"Cause I remembered what you said about us being a family one day and I realised that that’s what I wanted" I said sniffling. I saw him faintly smile.

"I mean it you know. I would drop everything for you" I said quietly.

"Bethany I don't think I can trust you" He said sighing.

"Please Niall" I pouted as I said walking to the door.

"Where are you going" He said catching my arm.

"Home where I belong" I said shrugging him off. I didn’t want to be in London anymore. I wanted to go back to Glasgow and stay there forever.

"Bethany where are you going?" I turned around to see Emily standing with her arms crossed.

"Packing and going home" I said shrugging.

"What do you mean home Bethany?” She said raising an eyebrow.

"Home as in Glasgow" I sighed.


"Because I don’t want to be in London anymore" I said dryly.

"What about me and the baby?" Emily said caressing her stomach.

"Yous can survive you have Liam and Louis" I said opening the door.

"You’re not even gonna say goodbye" She said crossing her arms.

"Fine I’ll say goodbye" I said walking into the living room.

"Bye guys I’m leaving" I said waving my arm.

"Want me to come?" Chloe said getting up.

"No its fine" I said before walking out the door and quickly slammed the door of the flat.

"Goodbye Life" I whispered as I walked out the complex.


Emily's POV

"And you just let her go?" I shouted at Niall.

"She's allowed to go back to the hotel" He shouted back. God was he stupid.

"She isn’t going to the hotel. Well she is but not for long" I said sighing.

"What do you mean by that?" His eyebrows knitted together.

"She's gone home" I said the last part really slowly.

"I still don’t get it" He said looking honestly really confused.

"For God Sake" I sighed. "She's gone back to Glasgow. She didn’t want to be here and it’s entirely your fault" I said before bursting into tears.

"How is it my fault?" He said frowning.

"Niall I knew everything and I still didn’t judge her you did" I said crying.

"What she was the one that slept with Harry" He shouted.

"It was a mistake they made. She hated herself and him afterwards" I yelled back.

"What?" Louis said walking out the living room.

"Exactly" Liam said crossing his arms.

"He told her that it was a mistake. She almost gave him her V and then he told her that he took advantage of her and that he lied and he just wanted to sleep with her" I yelled.

"Who lied about what?" Harry appeared from his room.

"I don’t know Harry what could you possibly said to Bethany so she would sleep with you?" I said glaring at him.

"It wasn't a lie. I just said that so she would tell Niall" He said looking down.

"What was it then?" Niall said having to be held back by Zayn.

"I love her honestly I’ve been in love with her since the day i met her after my mum divorce. I missed her every day. I cried for months when I left until my mum forced me to be social. I love her. Im better than Niall i would never hurt her" Harry said looking at me. Nialls face quickly went red with anger.

"It’s true though. I wouldn't have let her walk out. If you loved her the way i do you would understand" He said to Niall.

"I Hate You" Niall said slamming the front door as he walked out.

"You really love her?" I said quietly.

"Yes I love her with all my heart" He replied quickly.

"Then go stop her"


Bethany's POV

I packed up all the boxes and took the money from the cabinet at the side of the bed.

"Do I need anything else" I said to myself.

"What about me?" I heard a husky voice say and i quickly turned to see Harry standing against the door.

"What are you doing here" I said between my teeth.

"Stopping you from being a coward"

"I live to be a coward" I sighed.

"Well i think i could change that" He said moving closer.

"How exactly" I said picking up a box.

"Think about it Bethany" He said taking the box out my hands.

"I know you love Niall but i am so much better for you" He said taking my hand.

"I can’t stay here" I said dropping my hand.

"Why?" He said looking hurt.

"I’m tearing the band apart" I said quietly.

"Marry me?" He said taking my hand again.

"What?" I said looking up confused.

"Marry Me?" He said smiling.

"Harry we can't"

"Why Not?" He said frowning.

"Because we are only seventeen and eighteen" I said laughing.

"Find I’ll make you a deal" He said dropping my hand and reaching inside his pocket and pulling out a black box.

"You wear the ring as promise rings till you are twenty-one and then it changes to an engagement ring" He said opening the box. I gasped.

"Isn’t that your grandmothers engagement ring ?" I said gasping.

"Yeah isn't it beautiful. It’s perfect thought a perfect ring for my perfect girl" He said smiling.

"I don’t know Harry" I said frowning.

"I thought you loved me?" I looked round to see Niall at the door.

"No Niall I do love you" I said as i felt the tears form in my eyes.

"That’s why you cheated on me with him" Niall said angrily.

"We broke up but Niall I’m in love with you" I sobbed.

"No no don’t cry" Niall said sympathetically. 

"I can’t help it" I sobbed even more.

"I’m sorry Bethany" He said walking over to me.

"Niall what me and Harry did was a mistake" I said drying my tears. "And If you don’t believe me then fine" I said before walking out the flat.


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