Expect The Unexpected

I used to be Harry Styles bestfriend we used to do everything together until he left me. Now im in London on vacation with my two best friend and i manage to catch the eye of Mr Niall Horan and i got to meet Harry again but I found out he is still inlove with me. My life is Hell.



17. Dark Encounter

Bethany's POV

Its been fourteen days since my best friend died. Its been thirteen days since I was legally the mother of Darcy Grace. We took Darcy home and settled her in. I didnt really want to talk to anyone but Harry or Darcy. I stayed in my room till today. Today was Emily's funeral. I dressed in my blackest dress and even bought Darcy a black dress which was extremely hard to find. I heard a knock at the door.

"Come In" I said quietly.

"Bethany are you okay ?" Chelsea said walking in and sitting on the end of bed.

"Ive been better" I sighed.

"Hows Darcy? She tried to make conversation.

"Look for yourself" I smiled as i pointed to her crib.

"Im allowed to see her" Chelsea said confused.

"Why not ?" I smiled.

"Oh Okay" She smiled walking over to Darcy's crib.

"Aww Bethany she's beautiful" I watched her everymove as she lent down and picked her up.

"She's so pretty" She cooed.

" I know" I smiled

"Are you sure you can go today" Chelsea said looking up from Darcy.

"I hope so" I whispered.

"You dont need to go babe. You and I could decorate the nursary down stairs" She smiled weakly.

"No I think that can be your room ... If you want it" I said taking Darcy out her arms.

"Really ?" She jumped.

"Yeah" I smiled.

"Thank you so much" She smiled.

"I take that as a yes" I said putiing Darcy down into her crib.

"Ofcourse" She said pulling me into a hug.

"Bethany are you ready to go ?"Harry said opening the door.

"Ofcourse" I sighed.

"Ill leave you's alone for now" Chelsea said closing the door.

"I was thinking maybe a winter engagement" Harry said wrapping his arms around my waist.

"What" I smiled as he kissed my neck.

"What about the 17th of January"He said turning me around so i was facing him.

"Harry what are the fan's gonna think. I mean i have been with Niall three times and im now apparntly  marrying you and Ive only known you's for like two weeks" I sighed.

"Technically we have known each other for 11 years" He smiled.

"And I did say one day that I would love to marry you" He smiled even more.

"I forgot you said that" I smiled walking over to the crib and picking up Darcy.

"She's ours" Those two words made my day.

"I know" I smiled.

"Lets go" He said taking Darcy.

"Sure" I sighed picking up Darcy's bag.

The funeral was short and quite small. It was only me, ,,Chelsea,Chloe, The Boys and mine and Emily's parents. I saw Niall looking at me alot but I just held Harry's hand and didn't respond. After the funeral everyone came to my newly done up flat for a drink. 

"Harry I havent seen you in ages" My mum said pulling Harry into a hug.

"Nice to see you Mrs Lyon" He smiled.

"You know you can call me Liz" She smiled.

"Hey mum" I smiled holding Darcy in one arm and holding Harry's hand in the other.

"Hello Bethany" She smiled.

"Is this her little girl ?" She cooed to Darcy.

"Yeah shes mine now" I smiled down at my beautiful baby girl.

"Can you handle a little girl Bethany" She said looking worried.

"Yes" I said through my teeth.

"If you say so" She muttered.

"Lets go Harry" I said pulling him away. 

"What was that about?" He whispered.

"She's just being her usual self" I sighed.

"She's not that bad" He said wrapping his arms around me.

"Yeah she is" I muttered moving out of Harry's grasp.

"Hey Bethany" Liam said smiling weakly at us.

"Are you okay Liam i know you liked Emily" I said pulling him into a hug.

"Ive been better. How are you ?" He sighed.

" Torn,Broken but kinda okay" I smiled.

"It will all be okay" He said looking down at Darcy.

"You want to hold her" I said bouncing her abit.

" Really ?" He said a genuine smile now.

"Yeah" I said handing him Darcy.

"She's tiny" He whispered.

"I know" I sighed.

"But she is beautiful" He cooed.

"Where's Niall?" I asked looking around.

"Upstairs but be careful" He said beginning to give me Darcy back.

"No can you babysit her for now"

"Of course" He said before taking Darcy to show Louis and Zayn. I walked to the door and wasstopped by Harry.

"Where are you going ?" He whispered into my ear.

"I'm going to get Darcy's toy" I lied.

"Most of them are here" He raised an eyebrow.

"I'm going to get the rest" 

"Ill help" He said opening the door.

"No its okay theres only like a few toys" I said smiling slightly.

"Fine" He huffed and walked away. I walked out before i could be stopped and I ran to the elevatorand into Niall Harry and Louis apartment.

"Niall" I said as I knocked on his door. It opened at my touch.

"Niall I'm Sorry" I said louder.

"For what ?" He said from behind me.

"For the whole thing with Harry" I said quieter.

"For almost having sex with him or for getting married to him"

"The first one" I sighed.

"I love you Bethany. We could have been happy" He said getting closer.

"I need to get Darcy's things" I said moving further back until I hit the wall.

"I'm sure it can wait a few minutes" 

"No it really cant" I was stuck. There was nowhere i could go.

"Niall why are you being like this. Where is the boy i met at Milkshake City" I gulped.

"I don't know" He sighed.

"I liked him" I said moving forward.

"He was kinda and loving" I said moving closer again.

"He's gone" Those two simple words shocked me.

"No he's not. He was perfect" 

"Well he's gone" 

"No he's not" I stood my ground.

"Yes he is Bethany" He shouted punching the air next to me.

"Why ?" I whispered backing against the wall again 

"Bethany I'm so sorry" He said kneeling down.

"Stay away" I whispered to afraid to get up.

"Bethany let me help you" He said offering me his hand.

"Okay" I whispered again. I didnt have the courage to get up.

"Bethany im sorry for scaring you" He said helping me up.

"I need to go" I said as tears rolled down my face. I walked down the stairs this time and out the complex.

I knew where i was going. I kept walking and walking until I reached the busiest flyover in town. I felt dizzy looking over the motorway watching the cars.
All i would have to do is jump and then it would all be over. I climbed onto the barrier and sat waiting for the courage to jump.

" really ?" A husky voice said. I turned around to see a tall black haired boy smiling at me.

"sure" I shrugged.

"How about we go for coffee and talk and if you still feel like this then ill bring you back too the bridge"

"Id rather jump" I said looking down at the cars.

"If you were gonna jump you would have by now"He laughed.

"So let me help you down"

"Okay" I sighed.

"Lets go" He offered me his hand. We didn't really talk until we got to the coffee shop.

"What would you like ?"

"Ill get it its fine" I smiled slightly.

"No its on me" He smiled back.

"Fine. Can I have a Latte please ?" I smiled.

"Of course" He turned to the server. "Can I have a white coffee and a Latte for the pretty lady" He smiled at me again. I smiled back obviously.

"Thanks" I blushed as he handed me my coffee.

"Im Jamie by the way" He smiled.

"Im Bethany"

"So whats up" He smiled...

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