Expect The Unexpected

I used to be Harry Styles bestfriend we used to do everything together until he left me. Now im in London on vacation with my two best friend and i manage to catch the eye of Mr Niall Horan and i got to meet Harry again but I found out he is still inlove with me. My life is Hell.



8. Accidents Happen


"Harry come back Niall's left" There was no answer.

"Harry !" I shouted getting up. I walked out of my room to find Harry chatting up Emily.

"Emily hes off limits hes all mine and lux's" I said dragging Harry back. I dragged Harry back to room to see that Lux had woke up.

"Hey baby are you thirsty" I said dropping Harry's top and ran over to Lux.

"Ill get you a bottle"Harry said leaning down to the bag .He had changed clothes from earlier now he was wearing a white tee shirt and red chinos. Lux looked up at me and smiled.

"You know i want a little girl just like you but she will be called Grace or Darcy or Darcy Grace" I smiled at Lux.

"Your really good with her" Harry passed me the bottle.

"Really ?" I fed Lux her bottle and began to rock her back and forth.

"Yeah your a natural" Harry grinned. Maybe it was me being pissed of at Niall or just plain insanity but wow did Harry look hot.

"Bethany your staring at me"Harry smirked

"Oops sorry"I blushed. Harry came over and sat beside me.

"So whats happening with you and Niall"He said stroking Lux's hair as she drank from the bottle.

"I love him but he doesn't trust me" I shrugged.

"That's good then" He said looking down.

"What do you mean by that" I was taken back by what he said.

"Well now i wont feel guilty for telling you something. Can you go give Lux to Emily for a few minutes so we can talk" I just nodded and got up. I walked out the room not knowing what to expect. Was he going to tell me he liked me. I must act clueless.

"Emily can you watch Lux for five minutes me and Harry need to chat" I said as i walked down the hall with Lux falling asleep in my arms.

"Sure" She said holding her arms out. Lux startled abit but then relaxed and fell asleep again.

"Bethany you do realise Its now eight o'clock" She whispered.

"Oh My how time flies. Harry's gonna stay tonight with Lux i would leave her in the cot but Harry told me to bring her to you" I smiled and looked down at the baby now fast asleep in Emily's arms.

"Go talk to him then" Emily said laughing.

"Oh right sorry" I said before walking up the hall.

I opened the door to see Harry still sitting on the bed where i left him.

"So whats up" I said sitting next to him

" I don't know how to say it" Harry blushed

"Just say it pretend like I'm not here if that helps"

"Okay ... Well ... Bethany ... I've been in-love with you for 12 years" He blurted out. Act cool Bethany !!!

"If you were in-love with me why did you leave me"I blurted out without thinking. I quickly threw my hands over my mouth.

"I didn’t choose to move if I didn’t we would probably have got married and had children and we would be in love. When I left I couldn’t even say goodbye I was too heartbroken. I stayed inside for months and hid from everyone." He almost shouted.

" You should have said goodbye I loved you" I yelled holding back tears.

"Bethany honestly i've been in-love with you since the day i met you after my mum divorce. I missed you everyday. I cried for months when i left until my mum forced me to be social. I love you. I'm better than Niall i would never hurt you." He said getting closer.

"Prove it" I whispered and before i knew it his lips had crashed down on mine. Kissing Harry felt so right like I was meant to be with him. Harry leaned in more to deepen the kiss. I threw my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist but it was him that pulled away.

"Is that enough proof for you"He smirked

"Nope" I whispered pulling him in for another kiss. This time it was full scale making out. This time i was the one to pull away.

"We forgot about Lux" I said laughing.

"Emily is watching her she will be fine" Harry shrugged.

"Oh yeah i forget" I said lying down of the bed.

"I really do love you" Harry said lying on top of me.

"Harry this isn't right"I sighed

"I know babe but don't we just want this" He said between kissing my neck.

"I don't know Harry" I sighed.

"Bethany you know I can love you more than he can" He smirked.

"This is wrong" I said pushing him off.

"Bethany no" He said grabbing my wrist.

"What" I sighed.

"Don't leave" He whispered . I couldn't help but look at his curly mop-like hair or his shining blue eyes. I looked down his body I couldn't help but notice just how muscular his shoulders were, and how lush his lips looked..

"Okay" I whispered. He got closer and closer until there was almost no space left between us .He pulled me even closer closing the small gap. He leaned in and covered my mouth with his in a hungry kiss. I responded almost immediately. His mouth felt warm Our lips moved in unison as we both needed each other more.I felt his tongue run along my bottom lip wanting entrance. Our tongues danced as Harry hands roamed over my body. My hands tangled in his hair. I let out a small moan as he bit my lip softly.I felt his smirk on my lips.

Bethany Lux wants ... What The Hell" Emily stopped.

"I'm interrupting" She said as she began to walkeout the room..

"Emily please don't mention this to any one"I said quickly.

"You know I'd never do that"She smiled as she left.

"What are you gonna about Niall"Harry said pulling on his shirt.

"I don't know yet" I sat on the bed

"Lets go get Lux" He said kissing my neck. We walked out the room and into the living room to see Emily asleep with an awake Lux in her arms.

"Hey baby" I said taking her out Emily's arms. Lux smiled as I carried her back into my room. I placed her in the cot and sat on the bed.

"I'd love having a child" I said smiling

"I could make that happen" Harry winked

"Calm down little girl in the room" I laughed.

"SHHHH I think she's going to sleep again" Harry said lying down. Before we knew it she was asleep again.

"Don't tell anyone about what happened" I said quietly "Not even Louis"I added.

"Why not babe ?" He said pouting.

"Cos it can be our secret" I said smiling.

"Your ashamed aren't you"

"No its just Niall" I sighed

"Oh ok let go to sleep ok" Harry said pulling off his top.

"Wait I need jammies" I said getting up.

"Don't look" I said pulling off my top. I looked at Harry who was still looking.

"Babe I've seen it all no need to hide it from me" Harry winked.

"Don't act smart"I laughed

"You love it" He said as I climbed into bed."

"Goodnight Harry"I sighed.

What am i going to do ...

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