Nobody said it was easy

It all starts when Stella's best friend Eleanor starts dating Louis the most popular guy on school, Stella starts getting abused by her boyfriend and as the best revenge after breaking up she kisses his best friends and stuff starts to happen that she never imagined.


2. The fall

It was a typical day - Monday
I woke up and got ready for school, Alexandro my driver toke me to school since I was really young to have my own car 
I got to school and I saw my best friend Eleanor, I'm not that popular but I guess I'm cool with that, no drama in my life but Eleanor is something else she's dating Louis one of the hottest and popular boys in this school beside his 2 best friends Harry and Niall, she's 16 and Louis 18, they've been dating for a while now. Like 5 months, yes 5months. We know its illegal but I mean who cares lol. I've always felt like kissing Harry and Niall like attraction, god they where hot! You just couldn't look at them in the eyes without blushing or staring in at them in a really dumb way and Harrys smile just takes me to another world but he'll never laid eyes on me, he's more of a one night stand kind of guys..he likes to sleep with everything that moves, and Niall oh Niall his so cutee! can I just marry him, I just can't...guess that's the effect they cause on girls lol but no 
Anyways I saw Eleanor and she was excited
Heeeey Eli bear - said hugging her
Omg you're not gonna believe what happen! - she said jumping up and down
Let me guess something to do with Louis - I said with a joke tone 
Yes! He asked me to the winter dance! AHHH! - she said so excited
Eleanor, why wouldn't guys are dating duhh! - I told her and she just did a funny face
I guess you're right but it was so exciting, I'm so excited! Who do you think will ask you out? - she said while locking my arm with hers 
I don't know if I'm gonna go, no one has invited me I don't know - I said with a sad tone, I really wanted someone to invite me 
Hey don't get like that winters dance is in 3 months...anything can happen in 3 months babe - she said hugging me 
I guess you're right, are you going to Marcus party on Friday? - I said excited
Of course I am, why wouldn't I? - she said as we made our way to class, unfortunately we weren't together but we saw each other on the hall and on lunch do it was good. But I did have English with her and Harry since there's English levels and I'm in 8 with them. Louis in 5th and Niall's in 7th . 
School went slow, I was so lucky I got to hang out with the cool kids..we were having a school meeting my class and some other one and Eleanor and I were sitting together yep she skipped class to be there lol but then Louis, Harry and Niall walk in and they had to go through our line to get to their seats so Louis was first and he poked me in the stomach and with that my leg went up and Harry was going through and he fell, god this is awkward omg.
I'm sorry I'm so so sorry - I said covering my mouth with my hands while he stood up 
I didn't know friends did that - he said with a sarcastic tone 
Omg I'm really sorry - I said so embarrassed
It's ok baby, don't worry - he said while walking away, Eleanor was just laughing she couldn't help it , this is so Eleanor she always laughs. Ones Harry left Niall whispered in my ear.
You didn't have to get all blushy love - he said in a sexy tone and then he kissed my cheek
Omg was this really happening? He kissed my cheek..I'm gonna die.

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