Nobody said it was easy

It all starts when Stella's best friend Eleanor starts dating Louis the most popular guy on school, Stella starts getting abused by her boyfriend and as the best revenge after breaking up she kisses his best friends and stuff starts to happen that she never imagined.


9. The date

Stella's P.O.V

I was just so excited, I just didn't know what to do, either go jump off a brigde just because I was so excited or I don't, I just really liked him and you know like the typical you just met him you can't like him, you don't even know him but I just felt that.

As SMS noise got me out of my thinking 

Hey babe, I'm on my way see you in 5 ~ Cody ´~ Omg 5 minutes calm down Stella come down

Ok, seeya in 5 :* -Stels- Shotttt I'm freaking outtttt...I mean we are just going to thwe movies but i mean is the movies what do yoy do in the movies with someone that you like? Nooo Stellaaa be like those girls that don t kiss in the first date. Im gonnna beee those girls, Im gonna make him want me more :P

Shoot the doorbell, calm down stella just walk down the stairs and open the door as calm as possible ok big time the time.

As I walked down I could see my maid opening the door, oh that bitch she was 25 you see why she never looks after me! she's 25! oh no she's giving my boyfriend the looks get down there fast as possible! - I'm probably gonna fall down the stairs with this excitement in me but oh that whore

I can take it from here Anastasia - I said giving her a mean look she just looked at me with a hate face, looked at cody with a Hello theeraah face and left- as she was walking away she was shaking her bum argh I just hate her.

He got out of the house and walked to the car, he had a mustang damn I love this cars 

Nice Ride - I said while he opened the door for me

You can ride it when ever you want - by that he gave me cheek kiss I melted I got into the car and he got into it to, we drove to the cinema, it was a quite car ride but it wasn't awkward, we got there and we bought the tickets and we sat to watch the movie, during the movie he didn't try anything other than holding my hand, I guess he's not that kind of boys that kiss in the first date, we got out and went to grab dinner at nandos

Did you like the movie - he asked me ones we where sitting ready to order

I did, I find Jacob really hot - I said teasing him

Oh really, well I find Bella super duper mega jumbo hot - oh damn she's just flawless  - he said getting back at me, I did got jealous but oh well

You don't stand a chance my friend, she's taken -  I said putting my hand in his shoulder

we just started laughing, we order and got down, we talked about stuff and people and things 

We were on our way back to my house as we pulled over, he got out and I guess to walk me to the door, what a gentlemaan I seriosuly don't see the bad in him

So this is the farest I come Cod- I said looking at him in the eyes- oh god those eyes focus stella focus

I guess so, I'll see ya again? - he asked me 

Of course, why don't you come tomorrow and we have lunch or something I'll invite Eleanor, Barbara and all of them - I said hugging him

Yeah, sure I'll bring Zayn and Liam - he said getting him car keys out

So, bye - I said

Wait..are you leaving with a proper goodbye - oh here it comes he wasnt a kiss

Haha I dont kiss on the first dates, amigo - I said looking at him he did a puppy face, oh god

Pretty please with cherry on top - he was just so cute, I guess I can make an excepting but oh god

I guess I can make an excepting - I said getting closer to him but as we were about to kiss my dad opened the door - My dad? what is he doing here shot I'm dead

Stella Anne Burnside, it's getting a little late, why don't you come in, don't want you to catch a cold - he said giving me the you're dead face

I guess so - I said sarcasticly what does he care anyway, he never cares - I gave Cody a cheek kiss an went in, we saw him leave and that's were the fight started. 





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