Nobody said it was easy

It all starts when Stella's best friend Eleanor starts dating Louis the most popular guy on school, Stella starts getting abused by her boyfriend and as the best revenge after breaking up she kisses his best friends and stuff starts to happen that she never imagined.


7. Phone call

After that big fight with Eleanor I didn't talk to her the whole weekend and I didn't wanted to, she should be supporting me in this but she's not. I haven't actually heard from anyone this weekend, so i've been all crawled up in my room doing nothing, I went shopping on Sunday..I bought clothes and the new iPhone 5 but out of that I didn't do much. 

Monday. School. Not cool. 

I woke up and did the same routine, I got to school and passed by Eleanor but she just looked at me and moved on, god this really hurts, I miss her. as I was walking to my classroom I bumped into Niall

OH sorry Niall, didn't see there - I said icking my books up

It's ok, don't worry - he said kissing my cheak and leaving

The day went slow, I got home and had lunch

I decided to do homework as I was walking to my room, my phone started ringing. I got it out and it was a un-known number so I picked up 

Hello? - I said siting in my bed

Hey Stels is Cody, remember me¨? - as soon as I heard that voice my day got so much better

Of course I remember you silly, I guess my plan worked - I said laughing

Yeah it did, I didn't know you could do this things, it's amazing what a car plate can have - he said

Yeah I know right, so what's up? - I said

Oh you know just here, chillin with Zayn which I don't know where he went, he was just here a second aaagoo, anyways I wanted to you knowww, invite you to you knoww - he said, you could tell he was nervous

Invite meee where cody? - I said playfully or more like a teasing him way

I wanted to invite you to the movies - he said so fast but I catched it

I will love to - I said so happy

Really? Oh great, I though you wouldnt and you have forgetten about me and you kno- he was saying but I cut him off

Me forgetten a really cute and hot guy? It never happens, trust me and why wouldn't I accept, we kicked it off pretty great I could say - I said so nicely

Oh great, so I'll pick you up tomorrow at 6? it's that great? - he said

Yeah that's great thank you, see ya tomorrow - I said hanging up 

Maybe he wasn't that bad after all, I don't know what Eleanor was talking about. 

I was so excited for my date I really wanted to tell Eleanor, oh yes eleanor we're not in good terms right now, I really need her. 

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