Nobody said it was easy

It all starts when Stella's best friend Eleanor starts dating Louis the most popular guy on school, Stella starts getting abused by her boyfriend and as the best revenge after breaking up she kisses his best friends and stuff starts to happen that she never imagined.


4. Party time

As Eleanor and I were getting ready we talked about stuff

Stels, you know they will be really hot guys at that party, I want you to get some my friend - Said Eleanor while putting mascara

Omg Eleanor I'm 14! Maybs I'll meet someone tonight, but I don't think so I'm not pretty enough for guys - I said sad

Whaattt?? Are you craaazyyy? I will kill to have your body, you're really good for someone your age, you'll leave them speachless! And I hear Lous taking Zayn his really hot, maybe something can happen, who knows  - She said, I could really tell she was excited for her and for me, I've never had my first kiss, and this parties where those that you danced with a guy but you couldnt leave the party with kissing at least 5 guys, everyone got so drunk at this parties..It was actually my first party and I was scared. 

Omg Eleanor stop, if someting happens it will happen, lets give time its time...lets not rush things -I said

You what's your problem, I love you and all..but your so don't think you're pretty enough becuase Niall and Harry won't even look at you, who cares about them, theres more guys besides them, you're just afraid of been free afraid of what they say..thats youre problem - she said mad almost screaming at me

Eleanor calm down, maybe you're right, it's time to open my shell and let the bad Stella come out what can anyone say anyways, my dad doesn't care about me, it's march 25 and I haven't seen him since probably february - I said, Eleanor hugged me she know it was hard but I got over it, I knew my dad was alive because he puts money on my credit card every week and I obviously heard his every morning when he left if he ever got home and didn't hump every girl in the city. 

Don't say that babe, probably his just to busy with work - Eleanor said it to try to make me feel better but it never worked

Or busy humping someone - I said while a tear stream down my face

Ok, cheer up..let's not get all sad..its your first wild party..maybe you'll kiss someone today!! - she said so excited it made me laugh

Ok are you ready?, we're running late - I said while grabbing my phone and purse and walking out my room

Alexandro drove us, as we where around the corner I started regreating coud hear the music see people going in and out, as we got out of the car and enter the partty we where looking for Lou and the boys after looking for them for like 5 minutes since the place was packed we saw them and we went there, as usual Eleanor jumped at Louis and started kissing him like its been years since they saw eachother, I said Hi to Niall and Harry..god they looked hot. focus Stella.there not worth it. 



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