Nobody said it was easy

It all starts when Stella's best friend Eleanor starts dating Louis the most popular guy on school, Stella starts getting abused by her boyfriend and as the best revenge after breaking up she kisses his best friends and stuff starts to happen that she never imagined.


5. Meeting him

An hour went by and we where the 5 of us where talking, Niall was all flirty with me but I won't fall wih him game, all of a sudden 2 boys..really hot boys aproched us..I asume that was Zack or Zayn the boy Eleanor talked about and I was right but he was with another friend I couldn´t really see..Zayn said Hi to everyone and it was my turn

Who is this lovely girl right here - He said grabbing my hand and kissing made me blush

I'm Stella, nice to meet you - I said while moved and then I looked at his..he had this bad boy look but sweet at the same time, he had blonde hair and green eyes and a beautiful smile just like Harrys

Hi, I'm Cody - he said kissing my cheek

Hi..I- I'm Stell..Stella - I said trying my best with my words breaking apart he was so hot I could stare at him all day, we sat down and started talking he was so nice, but I could feel Zayn staring at me 

So where you from - asked cody

I'm from NYC but moved here to Miami about  years ago when my parents got divorced - I said drinking whatever Eleanor gave me, wait..was it beer? Whatever

Oh I'm with your mom? - he asked while lighing up a cigar 

No, actually my brother stayed with my mom, they moved here too but never get to see them - I said exploring the room 

Oh so you live with your dad - he said handing the cigar out to Zayn

Well..kind of,his never home, I guess he doesn't care about me - I said while getting sad and he noticed

Hey don't get sad, lets go dancing - he said while helping me stand up and taking me dancing

Zayns P.O.V

As we walked into the party, we saw the boys with Eleanor and another girl, guess that's Stella, just like El told me..she was hot and pretty I should know her better but I guess Cody was a step a head from me cuz just as we got there he started chatting with her, I could see Niall was instered in her to since he couldnt stop looking at her, nah. probably im dreaming..niall aint about that life, I saw Stella get sad and thats when I saw Cody helping her up and taking her away from the table. I had that urge to see what they were going to do cuz probably Cody was gonna kiss her or end up hooking up with her but nah man, this ones his. 

Cody P.O.V 

As I saw Stella I didnt want anything else I just wanted her and get to know her better and I did..we started talking and she told me her dad didnt care about her and I saw her getting sad so I took her dancing, what better than dancing to cheer up 

Stellas P.O.V

He was so sweet and I was having a lot of fun, I guess you kind of get the impression that his a player but his actually sweet, by this time I haven't seen Eleanor where was she..she would be so happy if she saw me with Cody but oh well after dancing with him we went back to the table. Nobody was there, we order some was time to let goo,  and let the new Stel come out..maybe this was it, maybe Cody came to change my life, would I know that I met him 5 hours ago. Stella youre crazy but whatever, as we were drinking shots he got closer to me

Can I try something? - he said

Depends on what it is - I said in a playfuly tone

Well you'll find out if you say yes - he said getting closer

Ok, try it - as I said that, he kissed was like sparks it was like heaven..but then someone cuffed, I looked up and it was Eleanor with not such a happy face, who understood this girl. 

Mmm Stella I think we have to go..its 2 am - she sad mad not looking at Cody 

Oh shot, I forgot, I gotta go- I said standing up and so as Cody 

Wait no, the night is young - said grabbing my hand and turning me around to look at him 

But I gotta go, I'm really sorry - I said sad

Ok I'll go take you to your car - he said

No thanks, I'll take it from here, where fine - said Eleanor in a mean tone..WHATS WRONG WITH HER, I gave her mad face

ELEANOR, Yeah that'll be great.. - he said 

Fine, whatever - said Eleanor as we walked to the car and Alexandro was there waiting for us 

So this is it - I said, giving him a cheek kiss and started walking off but he hold my arm and turned me and gave a slow but magical kiss

Take it as if I am Cinderella and I'm leaving at 12 well in this case 2 becuase something will happen - I said laughing he did too

Can I at least have your number? so we can see each other again? - he said moving away a little

No, I have a better idea, how about when I get in the car your look at the car plates, write them down and search them and then my name will come up and my adress and probably my number too - I said screaming at him while walking off and getting in the car - he just laughed and as the car started moving I could see him getting his phone out and writting down the car plates, I giggled and turned to see not a happy Eleanor. 




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