Nobody said it was easy

It all starts when Stella's best friend Eleanor starts dating Louis the most popular guy on school, Stella starts getting abused by her boyfriend and as the best revenge after breaking up she kisses his best friends and stuff starts to happen that she never imagined.


3. Long day

Nialls P.O.V 

We decided to skip class since it was science and we weren't that happy to go

Hey guys, Eleanor just texted me saying theres a school meeting and she's skipping class to be with Stella, wanna go? - he said looking at his phone

Yeah sure, why not? - Harry and I said at the same time

We got there and as we open the door, Eleanor and Stella looked at us, Stella blushed..Harry and I knew she felt something for us Eleanor let it out one day when we were sitting talking about her and it was pretty obvious she couldn't even look us in the eye without blushing.

We were walking through and we knew she was trying to avoid looking at us but then Harry felt and Stella was blushing like really red as a tomato so I decided to tease her, as Harry stood up and left I leaned to reach Stellas ear and told her - You didn't have to get all blushy love and gave her a cheek kiss her face turned more red..oh I loved this.

Stellas P.O.V

After been for like 2 hours in that room, finally the meeting was over, thank god..Eleanor fell asleep in my shoulder after I moved her a little she woke up and we walked out.

So you wanna talk about it? - asked Eleanor

Talk about what Eli Bear? - I Said playing dumb, I knew she wanted to talk about what happend with Niall

Don't play dumb on me ok, I know you to well..Stels and I know when you're lying or playing dumb - she said stopping me in the middle of the hall 

What's there to talk about Eleanor, it was just a cheek kiss, nothing else - I said starting to walk again and with that telling her that I don't wanna keep going with the subject

Ok, If you say so - She said walking behind me, after going to our classroom to get our stuff and walking to the gate to wait for Alexandro, I knew Eleanor wanted to say something, you could see it on her face

Just say it - I said while standing outside the gate

Really? - she asked excited

Yes - said giggling 

It was sooo cutee, you went all blushy when he kissed heart melted owwww, what if he likes you? OMG what if he asks you to the winter ball? AHHH - she said with a surprise shocked face

Omg Eleanor calm down, first it was just a cheek kiss like I said before and I don't think he likes me, I think he did it to tease me or something I don't know and Of course he won't ask me to winter ball he could ask someone better than me plus his a cool kid he won't probably go. - I said happy and sad at the same time, because it was true..Niall having feelings for me? We don't even talk..what's going on? Not possible

Well it was just my point of view don't get all mad at me and Nialls not doing that to tease you, amiga - she said going from happy to sad

No it's not's just that I don't wanna get my hopes up with something that will never happen understand? and yes he is, hes about that life Eleanor and you know it, him and Harry are those kind of guys that like to play with girls - I said in a mother tone 

Lucky me, Lou ain't about that life - she said while laughing we were talking so funny after 5 minutes of pure laugh, Alexandro got here and we took Eleanor home. The week went on very slow, nothing happen with Niall after that, it was friday and it was time for Marcus party...Eleanor and I decided to get ready together, so we were at my house 



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