Nobody said it was easy

It all starts when Stella's best friend Eleanor starts dating Louis the most popular guy on school, Stella starts getting abused by her boyfriend and as the best revenge after breaking up she kisses his best friends and stuff starts to happen that she never imagined.


11. Don't know what to think

Stella's P.O.V

After that big fight with my dad, I never saw him again and didn't want to. It's been 5 months since Cody and I started dating, he has changed, he wasn't as sweet as he used to be, he's cold and he is hard, maybe his going through a rough time but I guess, I just don't know what to think. 

We where in a school break, If that's how you can call it, it was 2 week vacations, wait was sprink break vacation. Eleanor and Louis went to France, they are so cute! My brother came to spened this time with me, we've been catching up lately. It was Tuesday and Cody was suppost to come over at 6:OO pm but it was 7:OO pm and he wasn't got here so I texted Eleanor

Hey doll, how's paris? xx - Stels 

A few minutes later she answered, she took so long to answer but oh well she was with Louis

Heeey Stel, it's amazing..the effiel tower is increadible, wish you were heree! love ya :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx - Eleanor

Wow those we alot of xxxx Eleanor haha, let's go to Paris in summer, now i'll leave you to have more fun, take you, say hi to Lou <3 xx - Stels

As soon as I locked my iPhones screen the door rang


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